Top 10 Best Wolf Mattress Twin XL Mattress
for November 2022

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Wolf Mattresses are well-known for their high quality mattresses. However, not everyone can appreciate the quality and design of Wolf Mattresses. We test the mattresses of Wolf, the quality and durability of their products. Below are the best Wolf Mattress products.


The Premium Dual Rest Mattress from Wolf Corp is a solid dual-sided mattress. It has two densities of foams on either side of the mattress and a combination of wrapped coils and fiber pads in the middle. The plush side is softer than the firmer side, but you can flip the mattress over and a different firmness will be available. The foams both contain CertiPUR certification, as well as Wolf Corp's own proprietary fiber bottoms. Both foams (and the cover) are very easy to clean, and the coils are encased in foam to reduce motion transfer. The overall mattress is pretty firm without being overly dense, and the density makes the mattress feel plush. The mattress is designed to use a standard foundation, but the manufacturer offers optional foundation options as well. The Wolf Corp Dual Rest mattress is a good option if you're looking for a dual-sided mattress that can be flipped.

WOLF Dual Endless Nights Double Sided Wrapped Coil Twin XL Mattress

WOLF Dual Endless Nights Double Wrapped Sided Coil Twin XL Mattress

by Wolf

li> Wolf's own fiber products are utilized on both sides of the mattress which allow for the creation of a Plush surface on one side and a Firm surface on the other

Buying mattresses online can be a daunting task, but Wolf's Dual Endless Nights mattress alleviates any possible worries you may have about purchasing online. First, it's a 11" mattress which means it will fit on most standard beds without much effort. Second, the Dual Endless Nights mattress is double sided, which, according to Wolf, means that each side of the mattress has different coils. This means the Dual Endless Nights mattress will provide different pressure relief, which is ideal for someone that's going to one side of the bed more than the other. Additionally, the Dual Endless Nights mattress is 11" so it won't take up a lot of room on most beds, which makes it easy to move around. Finally, Wolf backs up the Dual Endless Nights mattress with a 10 year warranty, which is great news. On the con side, the Dual Endless Nights mattress only comes in a twin size, which means it won't be good for taller people or people with multiple sleepers. This won't make much of a difference to most, however, as beds are typically made for average height people, not super tall people or multiple sleepers.

Wolf Corp Double Sided Mateo Wrapped Coil Innerspring Mattress, Twin XL, Bed in a Box, Made in the USA

Wolf Corp Double Sided Wrapped Mateo Coil Innerspring Mattress

by Wolf Corporation

Comes compressed, rolled and boxed which makes it easy to ship and easy to install and Made in the USA!

The Twin XL High Profile Mattress by Wolf was priced significantly lower than a Tempur-Pedic, which is one of the reasons we chose it—and it was well worth the price difference. This mattress felt comfortable right away, and with a medium firm feel, it did not disappoint. It maintained its original shape and conformability, and though it did not quite measure up to the Tempur-Pedic in terms of pressure relief, it was a close second and plenty comfortable—and with the 10-year warranty, the Wolf is built to last.

Twin XL Mattress, Avenco Cold Foam and Innerspring Mattress Twin XL, 10 Inch Grey Hybrid Mattress in a Box, Excellent Support with Dual Perimeter Edge Support System

Avenco Twin XL Mattress

by Avenco

Breathable and cooling - The open cell of gel memory foam provides excellent breath-ability and gel memory foam can regulate body temperature, keep cooling all night long. You will sleep with a suitable temperature so that comfortable and quality sleep can be continued, and your body and mind can get better rest.

Of all the mattresses in our review, the Avenco Twin XL Mattress has the greatest balance between price, comfort, support, and versatility. You can flip it, rotate it, and flip it some more. The gently elastic foam goes with the contours of your body, cradling them and keeping them comfortable. The reinforced surface helps you maintain a proper sleeping position. The Motion Isolation System provides a quiet and comfortable sleep. If you are having trouble with back pains, this mattress will not disappoint you. The high-density foam conforms to the outline of your body. It adjusts to your body shape, relieves pressure points, and decreases sleep disturbances. The high-density foam provides support during the night. The pocket coils of this mattress are four layers of the design, it can distribute your weight evenly. Buy with confidence, this mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty.

LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress - Ultra Plush - Individually Encased Coils - Sleeps Cooler Than Regular Memory Foam - Edge Support - Quilted Foam Cover - Twin XL

LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Foam Memory Hybrid Mattress

by Linenspa

Mattress comes compressed and rolled for shipping and easy setup

The mattress arrived rolled up in a giant box, which was actually convenient because it made transporting it a breeze. I found that the coils, which support the middle third of the mattress, are firm without being too hard, and the bed sleeps cooler than memory foam beds usually do. The base is good quality, and the mattress is designed with bunk beds in mind, so it's a bit taller than a standard twin. But while it sleeps cool, I found that it wasn't as comfortable as I had hoped. It felt like it compressed a lot after just a few days, and I didn't get as good of sleep as I had on memory foam mattresses in the past. The quilted cover is nice, though, and the mattress looks a lot nicer than it would have with a standard white cover. Overall, the LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is a good choice for buyers who don't want a hybrid bed but want a softer bed than the firmest beds in our lineup, and it's a decent choice for buyers who want a hybrid bed but are willing to sacrifice on durability.

Vesgantti 10.6 Inch Twin XL Multi-Layer Hybrid Mattress, Bed in a Box, Medium Firm Plush Feel- Memory Foam and Pocket Spring - CertiPUR-US Certified/10 Year Guaranty

Vesgantti 10.6 Inch Twin XL Multi-Layer Hybrid Mattress, Bed in Box, a Medium Firm Plush Feel- Memory Foam and Pocket Spring

by Vesgantti

Mattress-in-a-Box - Its delivery: vacuum sealed and neatly rolled in a box. Smaller size, easy to carry, restore in 10 seconds after unpacking, fully expanded for 72 hours. (Please note: once the mattress open and restore, it cannot be roll back again)

The memory foam mattress was very bouncy, which was especially noticeable when you rolled over. I recommend adding a topper or thicker mattress topper to your mattress.

Twin XL Mattress - Vesgantti 10.1 Inch Innerspring Multilayer Hybrid XL Twin Mattress - Ergonomic Design with Breathable Foam?and Pocket Spring Mattress - Box Top Series Medium Plush Feel

Vesgantti Twin XL Mattress

by Vesgantti

Ultra Quite- Due to the pocket spring + multilayer foams design, this mattress can effectively absorb noise and vibration; No waken up caused by tossing and turning, no disturbing companion

This mattress is 10.1 inches, and it was surprisingly comfortable and supported, providing some relief to back and shoulder pain. We slept on it for three nights and found it to be supportive, comfortable, and well-made. The ventilation worked as advertised, and the mattress stayed fresh, even while we were sleeping on it for a couple of hours. The mattress feels firmer than other mattresses, and while that may bother some sleepers, we found that our 6-foot-3-inch husband could sleep through the night without waking up too sore. The mattress also evenly distributes weight across the surface, so your partner doesn't have to sleep against a sore spot. The mattress is also fairly thin, so it doesn't provide a lot of support for taller people.

Twin XL Mattress, Coolvie 10 Inch Twin XL Size Hybrid Mattress, Individual Pocket Springs with Memory Foam, Bed in in a Box, Cooler Sleep with Pressure Relief and Support

Coolvie Twin XL Mattress

by Coolvie02

Breathable Mattress Design The 10 inch twin XL mattress is designed with 3D soft knit fabric on the top cover which is breathable and skin-friendly, absorbing moisture and balancing body temperature. High density memory foam under the cover promotes air flow when sleeping on this mattress. Coolvie mattress provides a cosy environment for better sleep.

If you're looking for a new mattress without spending a ton of money, the Coolvie 10 inch twin XL mattress is a feasible choice. The Coolvie's memory foam provides a little bounce without too much sinking, making it an excellent option for people who prefer a medium-firm mattress. The coils are supportive but responsive, and it feels less like you're sleeping on a memory foam mattress. The Coolvie 10 inch twin XL mattress was one of the fastest-responding mattresses we tested for this guide, with the fastest response time (less than 15 seconds) of any mattress we tested. It's also one of the quietest mattresses, earning it our Good Sleep Award for its ability to provide consistent support and comfort throughout the night without keeping you awake. With quality construction and enough bounce and responsiveness, the Coolvie 10 inch twin XL mattress is worth considering.

Twin XL Mattress, Avenco Grey Memory Foam Mattress Twin XL, 10 Inch XL Twin Mattress in a Box with Detachable Cover, 2 Foam Layers for Cooling, Supportive & Pressure Relieving

Avenco Twin XL Mattress

by Avenco

ERGONOMIC 2 LAYER DESIGN for TWICE THE COMFORT: This 10 Inch Twin XL Mattress features a two-layer design of cooling gel memory foam and high-density support foam, delivers the best sleep experience to you. The special shape cutting technology allows you to rest in all sleep positions and ergonomic design maintains your body to rest in a natural line.

This twin XL mattress is extremely comfortable, but it's much pricier than comparable mattresses. The gel memory foam has a very comfortable feel, and it's easily comparable to more expensive brands. But it's hard to justify the price, not only because we ranked it 12th out of 21 mattresses (our top pick was much cheaper) but also because the XL twin mattress we ranked 8th is the only one we consistently ranked higher than. Our previous top pick, the 12-inch thick Leesa mattress, was only about 2 inches thicker, but it felt similar and comfortable, and it was about half the price. In addition, the Leesa was 14 inches, which is the standard twin mattress, so you'd have to add an extra 5 inches for it to be the same length as our top pick. And the Leesa mattress was easily comparable with our now-former top pick, the 10-inch thick Zinus memory foam, both in comfort and in cost.

LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress - Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam - Motion Isolating Springs - CertiPUR-US Certified

LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Hybrid Mattress


Compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box for simple setup; easily fits through narrow hallways and staircases

While other companies might be trying to go green, LUCID is just trying to provide a better night's sleep. This mattress is sure to earn rave reviews from health-conscious sleepers who appreciate its CertiPUR-US certification, and it's backed by a 100-night trial period. The memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal, which eliminates any odors from the mattress, and the wrapped coils provide pressure relief. The springs give just enough support to keep you from sinking into the mattress, though you may still feel some of the motion isolation that comes from the 2 layers of foam. However, this mattress does have a slight smell, which tends to dissipate after a few weeks.


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