10 Best Washdown Pumps
for May 2023

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When it comes to maintaining your watercraft or cleaning off after a long day of outdoor activities, having the right washdown pump is essential. Whether you need to clean a large deck or simply wash down your equipment, a quality pump can make all the difference. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which pump is the right choice for your needs. In this post, we will be discussing the 10 best washdown pumps related to Sports & Outdoors that you should consider. We will be looking at the GPM (gallons per minute) and PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings, as well as the features and benefits of each pump. From Jabsco's Hotshot Series to the latest automatic washdown pumps, this guide will cover everything you need to know before purchasing a pump. Whether you're a marine enthusiast, a fisherman, or someone who loves to spend quality time in the great outdoors, this guide will help you find the perfect pump to keep your equipment and watercraft clean and well-maintained. So if you're looking for a reliable and efficient washdown pump that can handle your needs, keep reading to find out more!

Happybuy RV Water Pump 5.3 GPM 5.5 Gallons Per Minute 12V Water Pump Automatic 70 PSI Diaphragm Pump with 25 Foot Coiled Hose Washdown Pumps for Boats Caravan Rv Marine Yacht

Happybuy RV Water Pump 5.3 GPM 5.5 Gallons Per Minute 12V Water Pump Automatic 70 Diaphragm PSI Pump with 25 Foot Coiled Hose Washdown Pumps for Boats Caravan Rv Marine Yacht

by Happybuy
What We like

[WIDE APPLICATION] ~ The 12v water pump is designed for intermittent use with a duty cycle of 30 minutes and is suitable for fresh or salt water. Ideal for cleaning boats, fish tanks, anchor chains, beacon stations and boats. It can also be used to clean ships, RVs and leisure decks.

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Product Features

  • [MAIN PARAMETER] ~ Voltage: 12V DC ; Flow Capacity: 5.5 Gallons Per Minute ; Water Pressure: 70 PSI (4.8 bar) ; Nozzle Open Pressure: 55 PSI (3.8 bar) ; Hose Outlets: Suits 1/2" Diam Hose ; Twin Core Wire ; Current Draw: 17.2 Amp (Max 20 Amp) ; Duty Cycle: 30 mins ; Accessories: 1 x Trigger Nozzle with Quick Connect, 1 x Quick Connect Adaptor, 1 x UV-protected 25' Coiled Hose, 2 x NPT Connectors with 1/2" Straight Barb, 1 x Universal Saltwater Filter/Straine.
  • [EASY CONNECTING] ~ Externally threaded port pump heads are available in a variety of sizes and mounting styles for easy connection to any outlet. The threaded connection of the water pipe is made of high quality brass and the filter can be removed for cleaning.
  • [SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE] ~ The self-priming 12V pump is equipped with an automatic pressure switch control that automatically opens and closes when you open and close the nozzle. In addition, the pump has built-in thermal overload protection, and when the motor overheats, the pump will automatically stop running. Once the temperature has dropped to an acceptable range, the pump will automatically restart.
  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] ~ The main body of the 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is one-piece, tightly sealed and durable. A high-powered motor with a waterproof cover and a sealed pressure switch ensure that the pump operates in harsh environments. Rubber mounting feet reduce noise and prevent corrosion.
SHURFLO Problaster Ii 4.0 Washdown Pump, 12v

SHURFLO Problaster Ii 4.0 Washdown Pump

by Shurflo
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Product Features

  • Shurflo
SEAFLO 33 Series Washdown Deck Wash Pump KIT 12v 70 PSI 3.0 GPM for Rv Boat Marine Yacht with All New Heavy Duty Pressure Switch

SEAFLO 33 Series Washdown Deck Wash Pump KIT 12v 70 PSI 3.0 for GPM Rv Boat Marine Yacht with All New Heavy Duty Pressure Switch

What We like

Professional grade pump - Ideal for cleaning boats, fish boxes, anchor wells, dinghies and caravans

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Product Features

  • Voltage: 12V DC; 3.0 Gallons per minute
  • All New Heavy Duty Pressure Switch
  • Water Pressure 70 psi
Jabsco 32900-0092 ParMax 4.0 GPM Washdown Pump - 12VDC 60 PSI with 25 ft. hose coil

Jabsco 32900-0092 ParMax GPM 4.0 Washdown Pump

by Jabsco
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Corrosion resistant

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Product Features

  • Dry running capability
  • Self priming up to 10 feet
  • No accumulator Tank Required
  • Smooth running
Flojet 04305144A Deck Washdown Pump, 3.5 GPM, 40 PSI, 12 Volt

Flojet 04305144A Deck Washdown Pump

by FloJet
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Product Features

  • Package length: 39.878 cm
  • Package width: 11.938 cm
  • Package height: 10.668 cm
Jabsco 32605-0092 Marine ParMax 4.0 GPM Washdown Pump Kit, 60 PSI, 12 Volt

Jabsco 32605-0092 Marine ParMax GPM 4.0 Washdown Pump Kit

by Jabsco
What We like

Compact 3 chamber design for greater pumping efficiency

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Product Features

  • Corrosion resistant, sealed motor, ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protection Standards)
  • Amp Draw: 9 amp @ 10 psi (0.7 bar), Fuse Size: 12 amp
  • Includes Pumpgard intake strainer, pressure nozzle and port fittings
Jabsco HotShot Series Automatic Washdown Pump - 6.0GPM - 70psi - 12VDC

Jabsco HotShot Series Washdown Automatic Pump

by Jabsco
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Jabsco Hotshot Washdown Pump, 24V, 5 GPM, 70 Psi 82505-0094, Hotshot Washdown Pump, 24V, 5 GPM, 70 Psi

Jabsco Hotshot Washdown Pump

by Flow Control, LLC
What We like

Ergonomically designed spray nozzle provides powerful and accurate Fire power with every shot

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Product Features

  • Improved noise dampening rubber feet significantly minimize vibration when mounted against hard surfaces
  • Sealed switch and co-molded diaphragm eliminates leak paths, extending the life of the pump by up to 50%
  • Quick-disconnect ports allow for adjustability and ease of installation
Marpac Washdown Pump WASH Down Pump 5GPM 1013251-107M

Marpac Washdown Pump WASH Pump Down 5GPM 1013251-107M

by Marpac
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FloJet 04325143A Heavy Duty Automatic Deck Washdown Pump, 4.5 GPM, 40 PSI, 12 Volt, 6 Amp , Black

FloJet 04325143A Heavy Duty Deck Automatic Washdown Pump

by FloJet
What We like

Quick-connect plug-in ports for easy installation

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Product Features

  • Four-piston design delivers higher flow rates, pressure switch control to run pump only as needed
  • Models meet U.S.C.G. electric standards, thermally protected
  • Soft, noise absorbing mounts, corrosion resistant materials
  • Self-priming diaphragm pump up to 2.4m vertical lift, dry running

Washdown pumps have been a staple in boating and marine industries for many years, dating back to the early 1900s. These pumps have come a long way since then and are now an essential tool for boat owners to keep their vessels clean and functional.

1900s-1920s: During this time period, washdown pumps were manually operated using either a hand pump or a bucket. These were primitive methods and took a lot of physical effort to operate. The introduction of gasoline engines in boats signaled the beginning of an era of more effective washdown pumps.

1930s-1940s: The development of electric washdown pumps and better materials like bronze, aluminum and steel made it possible for boat owners to clean their vessels more effectively and with much less effort. Sailors could now have access to fresh water with the simple switch of a button, rather than laborious manual pumps.

1950s-1960s: The advent of hydraulics in the marine industry gave rise to high-powered, hydraulic washdown pumps. These new pumps were incredibly effective and versatile, with the ability to work in any boat environment.

1970s-1980s: Plumbing technology has been a breakthrough in this period, and portable electric washdown pumps became a popular choice for smaller vessels. These new pumps are not only convenient and efficient but are also much more portable and mobile.

1990s-2000s: The rise of renewable forms of energy and advanced electronic systems allowed for the development of new solar-powered washdown pumps. These pumps are incredibly efficient and eco-friendly, taking advantage of the sun’s energy to provide sustainable cleaning options.

2010s-today: The introduction of self-priming washdown pumps further improved the ability of boaters to quickly and easily clean their boats. Modern washdown pumps are now equipped with automatic pressure switches, thermal overload protection, and high-quality materials like ABS engineering plastic and stainless steel.

Washdown pumps have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the early 1900s. They have undergone numerous technological advances, making them more efficient, powerful, and eco-friendly. Today, these pumps are an essential tool for boat owners to keep their vessels clean and functional.

The product described above, a 12V DC water pump, has been designed with several key choices that affect the user experience beyond what the manufacturer says.

Firstly, the pump has a flow capacity of 5.5 gallons per minute and a water pressure of 70 PSI, which is a high pressure and flow rate that makes it suitable for a variety of tasks such as watering plants, cleaning vehicles, and washing pets. This high flow rate can provide a faster and more efficient cleaning experience for the user, which can save time and improve their overall satisfaction with the product.

Additionally, the pump has a duty cycle of 30 minutes, which means that it can operate for a continuous period of up to 30 minutes before it needs to be turned off to cool down. This limitation could be frustrating for users who need to use the pump for longer periods of time, and may lead to a negative user experience if they are unaware of this limitation.

The pump also comes with a UV-protected coiled hose and a universal saltwater filter/strainer, which can be useful for users who need to use the pump in marine environments or in areas with a lot of debris. The filter can be easily removed for cleaning, which can save the user time and effort.

Ultimately, the design choices made by the manufacturer in designing the pump can have a significant impact on the user's experience. While the high flow rate and pressure can be a positive, the limited duty cycle could lead to frustration for some users. The inclusion of a UV-protected hose and filter could improve the usefulness of the pump in certain environments, while also providing a potential benefit for the user.

FAQ About washdown pumps

Q. Can a washdown pump be used with a livewell?

A. Yes, a washdown pump can be used with a livewell. In fact, it is a common practice to use a washdown pump to fill and circulate the water in the livewell, especially in boats that do not have a built-in livewell system.

Q. What is the use of a washdown pump?

A. The main use of a washdown pump is to provide pressurized water for cleaning and rinsing purposes. It is often used on boats, RVs, and outdoor settings to wash down decks, hulls, fishing gear, and other equipment.

Q. What is a washdown pump?

A. A washdown pump is a type of electric pump that is designed to supply pressurized water for cleaning and rinsing purposes. It typically comes with a trigger nozzle, a hose, and various fittings that allow easy connection to a hose outlet or water source.

Q. What is a washdown pump on a boat?

A. A washdown pump on a boat is a high-pressure water pump that is used to clean and rinse the deck, hull, fishing gear, and other equipment on board. It is typically installed below deck or in a compartment and can be controlled from a switch or a trigger nozzle on the deck. It is an essential tool for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of a boat.


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