UX Strategies That Improve The Online Casino Experience

UX Strategies That Improve The Online Casino Experience

If you’ve ever visited or indeed played at an online casino you’ll have probably noticed one thing, that they seem overly focused on attracting new customers to sign up and deposit. They do this in a number of ways, but the most popular method is to offer new players the chance to take advantage of huge promotions that see them handed a wad of bonus cash and often a helping of free spins too.

Now, this is all well and good, but you need a bit more in order to actually retain players and this has seen online casinos turn to user experience (UX) in an attempt to hang onto customers, especially with competition so rife within the industry. By getting the UX of the online casino’s website and the mobile app spot on, an operator has a great chance of increasing their customer retention levels while also managing to reduce customer churn which is common within the industry. So it is no accident that successful online casino brands employ a great deal of resource in this area of its business.

One of the first strategies to be implemented is to declutter the home or landing page. With the focus having been on recruiting new players this area had become awash with promotions, bonuses and showcasing the games available to play on the site. What players want, especially existing ones, is simplicity. They want to be able to navigate from the landing page to the games they want to play with minimal fuss and this has now been taken onboard by many operators.

With the customers being the ones that an operator is trying to please, listening to their feedback has become vital in improving the UX. By engaging with customers and finding out what they like and what they dislike in terms of the design, layout and navigation, it will allow for tweaks to be made that ensure a better overall experience. An online casino could go as far as allowing users to be involved in testing stages for them, so they can really hit the ground running.

The above applies more so to online casino websites operated from a desktop, but they do also apply to mobile casino apps too which are on the rise and are now fast becoming the preferred way to enjoy online casino gaming. If people are gaming on the go so to speak, they’ll likely have less time to spend navigating through menus to find what they’re looking for, and this is where simplicity and a clutter free landing page is integral. You only have to check out the Unibet app to get an appreciation of how this is achieved.

A search function or personalisation options may also be key when it comes to improving UX on a casino app. This would allow a player to be able to access the game or service they want in a matter of seconds and would reduce the need to trawl through menus. The key to a great user experience these days is keeping things simple, speed, listening to your customers and being flexible in order to constantly improve things.

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