Top 10 Best USB Turntables with Pitch Control
for June 2023

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Vinyl records have made a comeback! The rich, warm sound that comes off the grooves on a record is just something that cannot be matched by digital media. As a result, many music enthusiasts have started collecting old records and purchasing new ones. If you are one of these people, then you know that the playing of a vinyl record is not as simple as popping a CD into a player. This is where USB turntables with pitch control come in - the perfect addition to any home audio setup. The USB turntable is a vinyl record player that can transfer the sound of vinyl onto your computer or digital device, allowing for easy playback and sharing online. Pitch control ensures that your music has the same tempo and rhythm as it would if it were played on a traditional turntable. These sleek and modern players are top of the line and are capable of playing all sizes of vinyl records.

The top ten best USB turntables with pitch control have been compiled, so that you can choose the perfect match for your listening needs. Each turntable has its own unique features, such as RCA output or USB connectivity, to make sure you get the most out of your listening experience. Many of these turntables have the ability to play at variable speeds and some are equipped with an automatic stop-start feature. In addition, the stylish black finish of these turntables makes them the perfect addition to any home audio and theater setup. Whether you are an experienced audiophile or are just starting out with vinyl records, these turntables are sure to take your listening experience to the next level.

The world of vinyl records is vast and fascinating, and these turntables with pitch control allow you to explore it fully. The products on this list have been carefully researched and reviewed to ensure that they meet the highest standards for audio quality and ease of use. Plus, the convenience of USB connectivity means that you can easily transfer your audio files to a digital format, allowing you to keep your beloved vinyl records in pristine condition. So, whether you are a die-hard vinyl enthusiast or just looking to start your first collection, investing in one of these USB turntables with pitch control is a surefire way to enhance your audio experience.


The 1byone Belt-Drive turntable looks unassuming, but it's surprisingly well made. It's got a sturdy plastic body, smooth belt drive, and decent-sounding built-in speakers that make it a surprisingly balanced, entertaining audio device. The pitch control is a welcome addition, which makes it easy to tailor the sound of records. The design also makes it easy to use as a phonograph, with the included RCA outputs, headphone output, and auxiliary input. Unfortunately, the belt-drive setup makes the turntable a bit noisy. But if you can ignore the occasional clicking and whirring, this turntable should satisfy casual record collectors, audiophiles, or anyone looking for a cheap alternative to other spinning turntables.

Numark TTi USB Turntable with Pitch Control & Universal Dock

Numark TTi USB Turntable with Control Pitch & Universal Dock

by Numark

Includes EZ Vinyl Converter software (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (Mac) for hassle-free recording

For years, the only option for record lovers with a PC was the Audio Technica AT-LP120USB, but that was a bulky, old-school device with barely any features. Now, USB turntables from companies like Numark and Crosley are making record playing on a computer as straightforward as playing tunes on a USB flash drive. The TTi is an attractive, easy-to-use USB turntable with pitch control and a 33- and 45-rpm mode. You can even customize the start button to display your record collection.

LP&No.1 Portable Bluetooth Turntable with USB Play and Recording,Suitcase 3 Speed Vinyl Record Player with Pitch Control,RCA Output and Aux Input,Black

LP&No.1 Portable Bluetooth Turntable USB with Play and Recording

by LP&No.1

USB PLAY&RECORDING PLAYERUnique Classic design Turntable with modern upgrades.It can directly plug in USB drive and play music.This USB turntable also could convert your vinyl to MP3 format through its USB port

I've found myself wanting to take a vinyl record player with me when I travel or spend time with friends. Unfortunately, most portable turntables are too desk-bound and inconvenient to use when there's not a flat surface. The LP&No.1 Portable Turntable, on the other hand, folds up and uses a belt to drive its record player, so it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The suitcase design makes it both compact and easy to pack, and the suitcase design also makes transport relatively easy. The belt drive to platter system makes for a clean, noise-free sound without unwanted vibrations. It's also surprisingly light (about 7.5 pounds). On the downside, the turntable lacks Bluetooth connectivity, and the built-in speaker isn't the best. However, the built-in phono preamp lets you skip the record player and use an external sound system.

USB Bluetooth Record Player with Stereo Speakers,3 Speed Briefcase Turntable with USB Play&Encoding, Pitch Control and RCA Output&Aux Input,Black

VInYL MUSIC ON USB Bluetooth Player Record with Stereo Speakers


VARIOUS OUTPUT OPTIONS: RCA audio output helps you connect to the bigger external amplifier or other surround sound speakers.Headphone jack allows for private listening( An audio cable needed)

The USB turntable comes with a USB drive that lets you listen to some of your vinyl collection digitally. It's no Plextor or Music Hall, but it's a good stopgap solution until you're in the market for a dedicated audio DAC. The turntable comes equipped with full-range stereo speakers, which sounded good in our tests. The USB input is a cool bonus feature, as is the ability to convert your vinyl records to MP3s via USB. If it's retro styling you like, be warned: This turntable's slick, modern exterior belies the fact that it is basically a stodgy old briefcase with a turntable inside. All around, though, this is a fine choice for those who want a cheap, easy way to play vinyl records for casual listening without having to use a streaming service.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Direct-Drive Turntable (Analog & USB), Silver, Hi-Fidelity, Plays 33 -1/3, 45, and 78 RPM Records, Convert Vinyl to Digital, Anti-Skate Control, Variable Pitch Control

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Direct-Drive (Analog Turntable & USB)

by audio-technica

Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier for phono- or line-level output

Audio-Technica's AT-LP12XUSB will satisfy those who want a simple, affordable turntable that plays both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records. This belt-driven model has a low price tag, but it does have a small sound stage, so make sure to buy a decent bookshelf speaker. The tonearm assembly uses a slanted S-shaped arm that swings freely on its bearings. The AT-LP12XUSB also has an auto start/stop function that automatically begins and stops the record at the end of the side. But the platter only rotates at 33 RPM, so it's limited to playing records with less than 1 minute of music. Some users may find this model to be underpowered for vinyl records at 78 RPM, so if you plan to buy only 45 and 33 RPM records, we recommend spending a bit more on Audio-Technica's AT-LP60USB. If you're after a belt-drive turntable with more features, we recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP3.

EAHKGmh Record Player with Built-in Speakers 3 Speed Briefcase Turntable with USB Play Encoding Pitch Control and RCA Output Aux Input

EAHKGmh Record Player with Built-in Speakers 3 Speed Briefcase Turntable USB with Play Encoding Pitch Control and RCA Output Aux Input


Built-in Stereo Speakers: The record player comes with built-in stereo speakers, you can enjoy crystal clear sound quality with even the oldest bands. The belt-drive design isolates the platter from motor vibrations, it can increased clarity and high-fidelity audio.

The EAHKGmh is a record player that does everything right, especially for its phenomenal $30 price tag. It's small and light enough to tote into work, and the 3-speed design lets you play with all three types of vinyl records. The built-in speakers sound great, and the built-in Bluetooth receiver lets you stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer. It's also a cinch to use for USB playback and USB encoding, and it has a headphone jack for private listening. It even has a USB Flash Drive port, so you can listen to your MP3 files directly from the turntable. The EAHKGmh is more than 20% cheaper than our top overall pick, the EZ Vinyl LP, but it's essentially the same product: solid, reliable, and cheap. It even comes with a free turntable mat, a cleaning brush, and a dust cover. The only drawback is that it's not as easy to set up and record from as the EZ Vinyl LP, but we found everything else to be nearly identical.

TechPlay Commander, 3 Speed Turntable w/ Pitch Control, CD Player, Amplifier W/ VU Meter, Bluetooth and USB Recording

TECH-PLAY TechPlay Commander

by Tech-Play

Powerful amplifier with treble and base control. Built-in radio, VU meters and LCD display with blue backlight.

The TechPlay Commander is a solidly built turntable that, in addition to being portable, also happens to provide a good audio experience and a full-band performance with its amp and built-in speaker. The Commander's playback controls are basic, but there's a pitch control knob, a strobe dot indicator for the speed, and a Bluetooth and auxiliary input for connecting external audio sources. The inclusion of a pitch control is a nice touch, as is the fact that you can mix different music sources during playback, as the unit includes both a USB port and a 3.5mm auxiliary input, so you can hook up any device with an audio output. Some people might find the lack of RCA inputs a bit of a limitation, as there isn't much you can do if you only have one input source. But overall, the Commander is a fun turntable that sounds great.

Gemini TT-1100USB Professional Audio Manual Belt-Drive Classic USB Connectivity DJ Turntable with Adjustable Counter Weight and Anti-Skating Controls

Gemini TT-1100USB Professional Audio Manual Belt-Drive Classic USB Connectivity Turntable DJ with Adjustable Counter Weight and Anti-Skating Controls

by Gemini Industries, Inc.

TRUST GEMINI, AN INDUSTRY LEADER: History Has Always Been An Important Part Of The Gemini Culture. Since 1974, We've Provided Innovative Products For DJs, Musicians, Sound Contractors and Professional Installers Around The Globe. This Is What Drives Us As An Industry Leader Is DJ and Audio Equipment

The Gemini TT-1100USB is a very solid entry-level turntable. It's easy to set up, sounds good, and comes at a decent price. Whether you have scratch records, CDs, MP3s, or vinyl records, you can plug this turntable into your computer and play music without any conversion issues. Like our other budget pick, the Gemini TT-1100S, it has a manual belt-drive system, but a simple-minded one. But if you're hoping to rip your own vinyl to MP3s, or if you want to listen to vinyl records on your computer, the TT-1100USB does it all. The platter is heavy and is solidly constructed, and the tone arm is well-designed and provides a lot of skip-resistant support. The TT-1100USB is also IPX4 splash resistant, so it's well protected from the elements. The rubber feet on the TT-1100USB make it stable on uneven surfaces, and the tone arm can be raised or lowered, so it's adjustable, too. Finally, our only complaint is that a USB port isn't included with the turntable, so if you have a laptop and plan to use the TT-1100USB, you'll need to purchase a USB hub for around $10.


The Victrola Pro USB Record Player brings a nostalgic spin to CD players and MP3 players. While there are plenty of modern options on the market, the Victrola is a throwback to the golden days of vinyl, complete with a built-in headphone jack. The Victrola Pro comes outfitted with a built-in microphone, so you can play vinyl records stored in MP3 format, as well as records stored on a USB drive. The turntable can play 33 1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl records, and it supports USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The Victrola Pro has a standard headphone jack, a USB port, and an RCA input, all of which can be used to connect the device to an external device, such as a music player, a phone, tablet, or computer. This makes it a great option for people who have a collection of vinyl records, but want to play them from the comfort of their living room sofa.

Crosley DJ100 Direct Drive DJ Turntable with Built-in Preamp and RCA/USB Outputs, Silver

Crosley DJ100 Direct Drive DJ Turntable Built-in with Preamp and RCA/USB Outputs

by Crosley

Easily switch speeds, adjust pitch, disengage or reverse the motor with easy-to-access controls

This turntable has obviously been designed for portable use, but its sturdy construction and high-quality playback make it a valuable addition to any home DJ setup, too. The direct-drive motor is lightweight and durable, and you don't have to endure a lot of jitter when switching tracks. The outputs are standard RCA, and the USB outputs on the built-in preamp are large enough to plug in a USB-optical drive. The built-in preamp sounds surprisingly good, too, for a portable turntable, with a decent amount of bass and tight, well-defined highs and clear midrange. The sound quality is a lot better than we expected, especially given its modest price tag. The aluminum tonearm is a nice touch, though it's a little on the short side and isn't as deep as we'd like. The DJ100's controls are very easy to use, and the lightweight aluminum body is an attractive design. Its price is significantly lower than that of several competitors, but the Crosley DJ100 does have one notable downside: The $20 we paid for it at Best Buy was $10 less than the price listed on Crosley's website.

USB Turntables - A great way to listen to vinyl records

USB turntables with pitch control allow music lovers to enjoy their favorite vinyl records while benefiting from the convenience and versatility of modern technology. They have become increasingly popular over the years, and their history is an exciting one, full of technological advancements and innovations that have shaped the way we listen to music today.

The first USB turntables with pitch control were introduced in the early 2000s as a response to the growing demand for vinyl records. Vinyl records had once fallen out of favor, but music enthusiasts had started to rediscover their appeal. However, as digital music took over, there was a need for a way to transfer vinyl records into digital formats so that they could be enjoyed in a more accessible and convenient manner.

USB turntables with pitch control provided the perfect solution. They made it possible to convert vinyl records into digital files by connecting the turntable to a computer via USB. They also offered the added benefit of pitch control, which allowed DJs and musicians to adjust the speed of the turntable and create new remixes and mashups.

One of the early pioneers of USB turntables with pitch control was Stanton Magnetics. They introduced their T.55 USB turntable in 2006, which was designed specifically for DJs and offered a high level of precision and control. The turntable was also equipped with a USB port and came with software that allowed users to easily record and edit their vinyl records.

Other companies soon followed suit, and a wide range of USB turntables with pitch control were introduced to the market. These turntables ranged from entry-level models with basic features to high-end models with advanced features, such as adjustable torque and anti-skate control.

In recent years, USB turntables with pitch control have continued to evolve and improve. Manufacturers have introduced new technologies, such as direct drive motors and advanced tonearms, which have improved the accuracy and sound quality of these turntables.

Overall, USB turntables with pitch control have played a significant role in the resurgence of vinyl records, and they continue to be a popular choice for music lovers and DJs alike. With their ability to combine the convenience of digital technology with the warm, authentic sound of vinyl records, they offer the best of both worlds.

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FAQ About usb turntables with pitch control

Q: Do you need pitch control on a turntable?

A: Pitch control on a turntable is not necessary for all users. However, for DJs or those who are interested in beatmatching and mixing music, pitch control is essential. It allows for minute adjustments to the speed of the turntable, which can be crucial for matching the beats of two different songs.

Q: What is the best direct drive turntable with USB?

A: The best direct drive turntable with USB will depend on individual preferences and needs. Some popular options include the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB, the Pioneer PLX-500, and the Denon DJ VL12 Prime. Each of these models has its own unique features, and buyers should consider factors such as price, style, and compatibility with different software programs before making a decision.

Q: What is pitch control on a turntable?

A: Pitch control on a turntable is a feature that allows for adjustment of the speed at which records are played. This is usually done using a pitch fader or knob that allows for precise changes to the pitch in percentage increments. It is a critical feature for DJs and those who want to match beats across different records.

Q: Why would you want a USB on a turntable?

A: USB connectivity on a turntable allows for easy digitization of vinyl records. This is particularly useful for those who want to listen to their records on a computer or mobile device or create digital copies for storage or sharing. USB connectivity also allows for easier integration with digital DJ software and other music production tools.

One more thing before you hit that "add to cart" button: consider getting a USB turntable with pitch controls! These innovative devices allow you to fine-tune the speed and pitch of your vinyl records for the perfect listening experience. If you're not sure where to start, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of the 10 Best USB Turntables with Pitch Controls of 2023 (10 Best Usb Turntable With Pitch Controls of 2023). And for even more options, our roundup of the Best USB Turntables of 2023 (Best USB turntables 2023: affordable and talented vinyl- ...) is a must-read for music lovers on a budget. So, whether you're a serious audiophile or just starting to explore the world of vinyl, investing in a USB turntable with pitch controls can take your music listening to the next level.


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