10 Best Trekking Poles
for May 2023

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Trekking, hiking, walking or even climbing mountains often requires a good quality set of poles or sticks to assist you in your journey. Trekking poles can be a lifesaver when it comes to increasing stability and reducing the strain and vibration on your joints. The best trekking poles in the Sports & Outdoors, Camping & Hiking Equipment category are designed to be collapsible, lightweight, and quick to assemble. They are made with high-quality materials like Aluminum and come equipped with adjustable straps and grips. These poles provide the required comfort and support, ensuring that you can go the extra mile with minimum effort. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, a set of trekking poles are a must-have item in your backpack.

From the products we’ve reviewed, the Foxelli trekking poles stand out as one of the best on the market. With an ultra-lightweight aluminum build and tungsten carbide tips, they are versatile and can handle a range of terrain and conditions. The natural cork grip and adjustable straps provide supreme comfort, while the collapsible design means they’re easy to store and carry. Plus, the thermoplastic rubber tips prevent the poles from being lost in mud or snow.

Another top-rated pole is the Black Diamond Women’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles. These poles boast a smooth, comfortable foam grip, which is perfect for extended use. The dual-density grip and ergonomic design are specially crafted for women’s hands. Additionally, they have a shock absorption feature which comes in handy for uneven terrains.

Overall, when looking for the best trekking poles, it is important to consider factors such as material, comfort, size, grip, and shock absorption. Investing in a sturdy and reliable set of poles can be the difference between an enjoyable hike and a grueling one. So, whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or someone looking to step up their hiking game, investing in one of the best trekking poles is a great idea.

Foxelli Aluminum Trekking Poles – Collapsible, Lightweight, Aluminum 7075 Hiking Poles, Walking & Running Sticks with Natural Cork Grips, Quick Locks, 4 Season/All Terrain Accessories and Carry Bag

Foxelli Aluminum Trekking – Poles Collapsible

by Foxelli
What We like

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Quick Lock Technology allows user to adjust poles length quickly and easily while firmly holding its position. Perfect fit for short or tall MEN, WOMEN & KIDS. Provides benefits to seniors and those carrying extra weight. Retractable from 24 to 55, this makes Foxelli walking poles one of the most versatile and compact in its class.

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Product Features

  • ALL TERRAIN, ALL CONDITIONS: From climbing Ice Mountains to an easy urban walk, heavy duty 4 season accessories and a tungsten carbide tip wont let you down. Thermoplastic rubber tips strongly attach to the staffs so they wont be lost in snow, mud or when snagged. CARRYING CASE INCLUDED!
  • MOVE FASTER & FURTHER WITH LESS EFFORT: Foxelli hiking poles are made from Ultralight Aluminum 7075 material. Weighs only 9.4 oz so it reduces arm fatigue allowing one to move quicker and go the extra mile while exerting less energy. Indestructible design will withstand the most challenging backpacking trips.
  • SUPREME COMFORT: Anti-Slip natural cork grips adjust to the hand, absorb sweat, and keep hands cool and dry during long distance hikes. Air ventilated, extra padded, adjustable wrist straps provide all day comfort. The extended foam sleeve has ridges and is made of soft EVA foam to easily handle switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain.
Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles, Black (Matte) , One Pair

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

by Montem
What We like

EASILY ADJUSTEDAdjustable quick locks allow you to QUICKLY & EASILY lengthen the poles from 24 to 53 in order to achieve the perfect height for your needs.

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Product Features

  • COMPACT & TRAVEL READYOur trekking poles pack up easily for storage in luggage, backpacks, and duffle bags. Montem hiking poles also come with easily storable rubber tip protectors, pole connectors, and mud baskets.
  • NEW IMPROVED MODEL!Strap up - Your trekking poles come with padded straps to ensure the most comfortable and ergonomic grip. Never worry about dropping your trekking poles again.
Real Nordic Walking Poles from SWIX of Norway. Life Time Warranty. 32 Lengths. #1 for Hiking, Trekking, Physical Therapy. Safer, Lighter, Stronger Than Cheap Flimsy Collapsible Poles from China

American Nordic Walking System Real Nordic Walking Poles from SWIX Norway. of Life Time Warranty. 32 Lengths. #1 for Hiking

by SWIX - Custom Made in Lillehammer, Norway exclusively for the American
What We like

Durable Carbide Metal Tips For The Trail, Grass, Beach, Sand Dunes, Snow & Ice - These Are The Best Poles For Use In The City, Out In The Country And Up In The Mountains.

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Product Features

  • Quality 1-Piece Walking Poles From SWIX And EXEL. These Walking Poles Are Made In Real Ski Pole Factories And Are Not Cheap Flimsy Twist/Flip-Locking Collapsible Poles From China. SWIX And EXEL Walking Poles Have REAL Nordic Straps - Not Cheap Loop Straps, Velcro Slings Or No Straps At All. Don't get scammed!
  • The Only Walking Poles On Amazon That Are Custom Fit To Your Height. Please Click On Customize Now (Top Right Of This Page When Ready To Order). These 1-Piece Walking Poles Are Tough Enough For Athletes, Fitness Walking, Hiking And Trekking Making Them The Logical And Safest Choice For Seniors And Individuals With Balance Issues too. These Walking Poles Are The Most Durable, Most Dependable And Most User-Friendly Available In The USA.
  • Beware Of Twist-Locking and Telescoping Poles That Rattle, Vibrate And Collapse Unexpectedly. Fact: 100% Of The Collapsible Poles On Amazon Are Made In China. Athletes Destroy Collapsible Poles + Seniors And Individuals With Balance Issues Should NEVER Be Sold Collapsible Poles. If you see collapsible poles that come with a free nylon sack it means they are 100% made in China.
  • These #1 Rated Walking Poles Include Removable Nordic Walking Rubber Tips/Asphalt Paws For Hard Surfaces - Pavement,Cement, Indoor & Outdoor Tracks, In The Mall, Carpet, Tile, ......... These Are The Best Poles For Use In The City, On Pavement, For Those In Physical Therapy, For Athletes, Hikers, Fitness Walkers, ........
TheFitLife Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – Collapsible and Telescopic Walking Sticks with Natural Cork Handle and Extended EVA Grips, Lightweight Nordic Hiking Poles for Backpacking Camping (Blue)

TheFitLife Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles – Collapsible and Telescopic Sticks Walking with Natural Cork Handle and Extended EVA Grips

by TheFitLife
What We like

Ease of use, one sizes fit all: The flip lock technique is more reliable and allows you to extend the poles from 24" (62 cm) all the way to 53" (135 cm) quickly when using, and then collapse the poles to original length for storage. With the measuring scale on the walking poles, you can easily get the ideal length you want. The bonus free water-proof carrying bag allows you to easily pack and carry the poles. Perfect fit no matter how short or tall, men or women, adult, seniors, kids, children.

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Product Features

  • Satisfy your thirst for adventure: Youll feel 100% satisfaction from the moment you received the trekking poles. They come with a carrying bag and a full set of rubber accessories for trekking, hiking, camping, nordic walking, snowshoeing, mountaineering and backpacking, etc. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the durability, portability, versatility and high quality of our trekking poles.
  • Comfortable handles allow you to go further: Ergonomic anti-slip natural cork grip handle precisely accommodate your palm, absorb sweat and keep your hands comfortable throughout your hike. The adjustable wrist straps with allow trekking poles to hang from your wrists during a particularly steep scramble, and the extended EVA foam sleeves offer you one more option in switchbacks or abrupt changes in terrain.
  • Built for your rhythm: Whether walking on flat ground, uphill or downhill, TheFitLife walking poles can help you to establish and maintain a consistent rhythm, increase your average speed, rest your arms and get you further on the trail. Made of shock absorbent, high quality 100% carbon fiber, incredibly sturdy and durable so that they can reduce compressive impact on knees, legs, ankles and feet and absorb any noise.
  • Ultra light, a great helper on any adventure: Only weights 0.44lbs(0.2kg) per pole, lightweight but great for maintaining balance in difficult terrain such as during river crossings, on tree root-strewn trails, slippery bog bridges, countryside or backpacking trails. Bonus free rubber tips accessories significantly increase the traction on slippery surfaces like mud, snow, and loose rock. When not in use, simply put them in the bonus free carrying bag or your backpack, no barrier at all.
TAC9ER Ultralight Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles with Straps - Foldable Collapsible Walking Sticks for Hiking, Skiing, Camping, Walking, Backpacking, Snowshoeing

TAC9ER Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Adjustable Poles with Straps

What We like

ADJUSTABLE - The poles break down into three sections, making it easy to assemble. Upgraded quick flip-locks make it effortless to adjust the height of the poles from 115 cm to 135 cm or according to your preferred height and terrain, perfect for hills, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing.

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Product Features

  • ULTRA-LIGHT - Our durable, lightweight carbon fiber aluminum trekking poles weigh just 7.4 ounces each, that's less than half a pound! Made from strong aircraft-grade aluminum, strong enough to withstand uneven terrain and the demands of thru-hikes and long trails, while being one of the lightest poles on the market.
  • EASY TO PACK - Measuring 14.5" when collapsed, the compact folding design makes these walking sticks easy to store in your backpacking gear without a problem.
ayamaya Trekking Poles Lightweight Aluminum 7075 Hiking Walking Sticks, Adjustable Collapsible Shock Absorbing Quick & Twist Lock Combination Trecking Pole with Cork Grip Outdoor Gifts for Men Women

ayamaya Trekking Poles Lightweight 7075 Aluminum Hiking Walking Sticks

What We like

[Combination Lock System with Built-in Anti-shock Spring More Comfort] This style of trekking poles use combination lock system, combine quick lock and twist lock, twist lock area with built in anti-shock spring, which can reduce damage from the impact force, allowing you to move quicker and faster while exerting less energy.

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Product Features

  • [Height Ranging from 25- 53 In, Fit For Most People] Trekking poles with clear scale and stop tips on it, can be extended from 25inches from 53inches. When not in use, these are easy to collapse, small and light enough to be stored within your backpack. They work for a wide range of different heights, including both short & tall MEN, WOMEN & even KIDS! Please be careful not to exceedSTOP.
  • [Strong Tungsten Tips & Multi Essential Accessories] The trekking poles included heavy-duty accessories and tungsten carbide tips will not let you down, whatever the terrain or the season may be. Thermoplastic rubber tips & baskets strongly attach to the trekking sticks, so you can forget about losing them on snowy or muddy trails. A carrying case and a carrying clip are both included for easy, convenient storage and transportation.
  • [7075 Alloy Aluminum Material Lightweight & Durable] This style of trekking pole made of Aircraft Grade 7075 aluminum, can withstand more force. Much more durable & lightweight than 6061 aluminum pole. Each pole weighs only 0.27kg/9.5oz. Cheaper than carbon fiber pole. Suitable for people who have lower budget but want a high quality poles.
  • [Ergonomic Cork Grip with Extended Eva Foam Grip & Adjust Wrist Strap] Hiking sticks built with cork handles, mold to the shape of your hand. Absorb sweat and moisture and will keep your hands cool and dry in both hot and cold temperatures. With extended EVA foam sleeves, will aid you during switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain. The padded, fully adjustable, breathable wrist straps make sure that you dont accidentally drop your poles, and provide you with the maximum comfort.
vvhu Walking Sticks -2 Pack Trekking Poles -7075 Aluminum,Collapsible,Adjustable,Quick Locks,Lightweight, Antishock for Men or Women to Trekking,Hiking,Camping, Mountaineering - 3 Colors Options(Red)

vvhu Walking Sticks -2 Pack Trekking Poles -7075 Aluminum,Collapsible,Adjustable,Quick Antishock Locks,Lightweight, for Men or Women to Trekking,Hiking,Camping, Mountaineering

What We like

Adjust Length External quick lock , adjust the appropriate length between 110cm (43) and 130cm (51) quickly and easily on this trekking sticks for comfortable walking. the length adjustment is perfect for short or tall men,women,kids.

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Product Features

  • Handle and Wrist Strap Our hiking sticks designed hand conforming grips and soft EVA handle, it has a strong sweat absorption function for very comfortable walking. Adjustable padded wrist strap to help grip the trekking pole, adjust to comfortable length at any time to prevent wrist wear.
  • Portable and Parts Folding trekking poles, with a storage size of 36cm(14), can be folded and stored anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient to carry around. And this foldable trekking pole comes with various tip rubber sleeves to protect the tip, which not only reduces tip wear, but also provides better elasticity and friction.
  • High Quality VVHU trekking pole is made of 7075 aluminum. It is lightweight and strong. The weight is 250g(8.8oz) for 1 pole, which can greatly reduce arm fatigue, so that people can move faster. The hiking poles can serve as a support and balance to bear a certain amount of power so that the hiker or climber consumes less energy.
Naturehike Collapsible Carbon Fiber Pole,Ultralight Z Trekking Pole for Walking and Hiking,Lightweight Quick Lock Hiking Stick with Bag(blue130cm)

Naturehike Collapsible Carbon Fiber Pole

by Naturehike
What We like

PROVIDING THE ULTIMATE COMFORT: With the ergonomic EVA foam handle & adjustable wrist straps which can provide more support. Sweat-absorbent, more comfortable and sturdy than cork handle. wrist straps make sure that you don't accidentally drop your poles, and provide you with the maximum comfort throughout the day.

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Product Features

  • QUICK LOCK & COMPACT: The poles can be assembled in seconds. Improved design with a 4-Subsection collapsible design. With a simple pull, it can be quickly locked. The 110cm/120cm/130cm pole can collapse down to a portable 14.2 "/15"/15.7".Fitting into a backpack or any suitcase. Ready to go when you are.
  • GREAT HELPER FOR EVERYONE: There are three size choices. Choose the sizes that best fit you - 110cm (5'2"- 5'5"), 120cm (5'5" - 5'7") or 130cm(5'7" - 5'9") pole. Perfect fit for short or tall men, women, and kids. It is incredibly sturdy and durable so that they can reduce the compressive impact on knees, legs, ankles, and feet. A good companion for traveling.
  • A GREAT COMPANY ON ANY ADVENTURE: Youll feel 100% satisfaction from the moment you received the trekking poles. They come with a carrying bag and an extra accessory. Suitable for trekking, hiking, camping, nordic walking, snowshoeing, mountaineering, and backpacking. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the durability, portability, versatility and high quality of our trekking poles.
  • ULTRALIGHT & DURABLE: 100% carbon fiber. Light than a mobile phone. Trek-Z trekking poles are made from carbon fiber material, which is known for its incredible lightness. The small/middle/large size pole weighs only 5.3/5.6/6.0 ounces. They are very light and thinner than most, but strong enough for your needs. They can well withstand pressure and impact from all kinds of occasions.
PEAKWALK Lightweight Trekking Poles, 2Pack Aluminum 7075 Adjustable Hiking Sticks, Strong and Antishock Telescoping Walking Sticks Quick Adjust Locks and Cork Grip Hiking Poles, Blue

PEAKWALK Lightweight Trekking Poles

What We like

Lightweight: Trekking Poles are made of lightweight 7057 aluminum weighing in at approximately 12.4 ounces per pole (with Trekking Poles Tips), allowing you to move quicker and faster while exerting less energy.

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Product Features

  • Comfortable: The Adjustable Hiking Sticks with ergonomic cork grips handles are comfy to use in both hot and cold temperatures. The Cork Grip Hiking Poles are moisture-wicking, keeping your hands firmly in place while wicking away sweat and curtailing vibrations as your climb.
  • Antishock: Trekking Poles for Hunting with the high-quality 7057 aviation aluminum material is strong enough to withstand the pressure and the impact of any terrain to reduce damage from the impact force.
  • Adjustable: When you're wearing gloves or trekking in wet conditions thanks to its lever-locks,the Adjustable Hiking Poles can adjust from 26"-54" to accommodate a wide range of different heights adventurers of all sizes, perfect Walking Sticks for Women and Children.
XMmux Adjustable Ultralight Trekking Poles 1 Pair -Aluminum Cork Grip Hiking Poles - Shock Absorbent Quick Locks 350lbs Capacity Walking & Running Sticks with Carry Bag for Men Women (Alue Rose)

XMmux Adjustable Ultralight Trekking Poles 1 -Aluminum Pair Cork Grip Hiking Poles

What We like

BEST TREKKING POLE on AMAZON -- [Shaft]: Heat-treated Aluminum, Lightweight & Ultra Strong; [Cork Grip]: Features 80% Natural Ground Cork Material Absorbs Sweat; [Wrist Straps]: Breathable Material Efficiently Wickean Moisture and Dry Fast; [Carbide Flextips]: Durable Rubber Material Provide Secure Hold on a Wide Variety of Terrain and Surfaces; [Accessories] Carry bag + 8 Replacement Pole Tips in 4 Unique Shapes..From Pole to Accessories, ALL ARE MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY.

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Product Features

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST -- Quick Locking System, Reliable Length Adjustments, even when You're Wearing Gloves. Perfect Fit for Short to Tall MEN, WOMEN & KIDS. Adjustable Using Length from 25 to 55, Perfect Fit for Kids(even Shorter than 100cm) to Tall MEN, WOMEN(even taller over 200cm).
  • EXTRA COMFORT -- Ultralight Weights 9oz. Anti-slip Natural Cork Grips Absorbs Sweat, can Keeps Hand Cool and Dry for Over Hours Use even in Wet Weather Long Distance Hike. Upgrade Adjustbale Nylon Wrist Strapps features Good Ventilation. The Extended Foam Sleeve Has Ridges and is Made of quality Soft EVA Foam to Easily Handle Switchbacks and Abrupt Changes in Terrain.
  • ALL TERRAIN, ALL CONDITIONS -- From Hardcore Climbing Ice Mountains to a Short Jogging Walk, Xmmux Heavy Duty 4 Seasons Trekking Poles wont Let you Down. Combines with 8 pcs of Quality Solid Rubber tips, Switched in ALL TERRAIN ALL CONDITIONS Makes sure Outstanding Performance, Last Through Years of Adventure and can be Easily Replaced in the Field When It's Time. CARRYING CASE INCLUDED!

Trekking poles, also known as hiking poles or walking sticks, have been used by humans for centuries to aid in walking, hiking, and climbing. In fact, the earliest known use of trekking poles dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, where they were used by pharaohs and their officials for support while walking.

Throughout history, trekking poles have been created from a variety of materials, including wood, bone, and metal. In the Middle Ages, hiking staffs made from wood were particularly popular among pilgrims journeying to holy sites across Europe. These staffs were often decorated with carvings, religious symbols, and even metal spikes to help with grip and provide additional support.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, hiking and mountaineering became a popular recreational activity among Europeans, particularly in Switzerland and the surrounding Alps. This led to an increase in demand for trekking poles that were both lightweight and sturdy enough to handle rugged terrain. The first modern trekking poles were created during this time, made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and titanium.

As hiking and mountaineering continued to grow in popularity throughout the 20th century, trekking poles became an essential piece of equipment for serious hikers and climbers. Trekking poles were used not only for support and balance, but also to reduce the impact on knees and other joints during long hikes and climbs.

Today, trekking poles are widely used by hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers all over the world. They come in a variety of lengths, materials, and designs to suit different needs and preferences. Some poles even come with built-in features such as shock absorbers or adjustable wrist straps for added comfort and support.

Despite advances in technology and design, the basic purpose of trekking poles remains the same: to provide support and balance during long hikes and climbs, reduce strain on the body, and make it easier to tackle steep, difficult terrain. Whether you're walking through the backcountry or scaling a sheer rock face, trekking poles have become an indispensable part of the modern hiking and mountaineering experience.

As an expert in the camping & hiking equipment niche, I can identify several key decision-making factors that potential customers should consider before purchasing the product mentioned. These factors include all-terrain capabilities, weight, durability, comfort, and accessories.

All-Terrain Capabilities: One of the essential factors in a hiking pole is its ability to handle different types of terrain. The Foxelli hiking poles are designed to be used in all conditions, from climbing ice mountains to an easy urban walk. The heavy-duty four-season accessories and tungsten carbide tip of these hiking poles ensure a firm grip and prevent the poles from slipping in varying terrain conditions. The thermoplastic rubber tips add extra grip on the staffs, reducing the possibility of snagging or loss when walking in snow, mud or other challenging environments.

Weight: The weight of hiking poles can make a significant difference in a hiker's overall performance. The Foxelli hiking poles are created from Ultralight Aluminum 7075 material, which only weighs 9.4 oz., making them light enough to reduce arm fatigue during long treks. The lightweight design of these hiking poles allows hikers to move faster and further with less effort.

Durability: Durability is an essential factor to consider when purchasing hiking poles. The Foxelli hiking poles are built to be indestructible for the most challenging backpacking trips. These hiking poles can withstand heavy use in rugged terrain due to the heavy-duty 4 season accessories and hardened tungsten carbide tip.

Comfort: Comfort is critical in choosing the right hiking poles, as no one wants to experience arm fatigue or blisters while hiking. The Foxelli hiking poles offer supreme comfort with their anti-slip cork grips, which adjust to the hand's shape, absorb sweat, and keep hands cool and dry during long-distance hikes. The air-ventilated, extra-padded, adjustable wrist straps provide all-day comfort, preventing the hiking poles from slipping or putting undue pressure on wrists. The extended foam sleeve, with its ridges and soft EVA foam, can easily handle switchbacks and abrupt changes in terrain, providing extra comfort during long hikes.

Accessories: The accessories that come with the hiking poles can be an essential factor to consider when purchasing them. The Foxelli hiking poles come with a carrying case included, making it easy to transport when not in use. This carrying case is essential to protect the hiking poles from damage while traveling or when not in use.

In summary, the Foxelli hiking poles offer outstanding all-terrain capabilities, a lightweight design, and durability for backpacking trips. The comfort they provide is superb, with anti-slip natural cork grips, adjustable wrist straps, and an extended foam sleeve. Additionally, the included carrying case ensures the hiking poles are protected during transportation. Considering the key decision-making factors, the Foxelli hiking poles are an excellent investment for anyone who enjoys hiking and camping.

FAQ About trekking poles

1. What brand is best for hiking poles?

There are several brands that produce quality hiking poles such as Black Diamond, Leki, and Foxelli. However, the best brand for you will depend on your needs and preferences. It is recommended to do research on the different brands, read customer reviews, and compare features before making a purchase.

2. Are more expensive trekking poles worth it?

More expensive trekking poles often come with extra features such as shock absorption, adjustable height, and durable materials. These features can make a significant difference in comfort and performance on long hikes. However, if you only plan on using your poles for shorter, less intense hikes, a cheaper option may suffice.

3. Are Leki trekking poles worth it?

Leki is a highly reputable brand that produces durable and reliable trekking poles. While their poles may be more expensive than some other brands, they come with features such as shock absorption, adjustable height, and ergonomic grips. If these features are important to you and you plan on using your poles frequently, it may be worth investing in Leki trekking poles.

4. What is the difference between hiking poles and trekking poles?

The terms hiking poles and trekking poles are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two. Hiking poles are typically shorter and more lightweight, designed for shorter hikes with less intense terrain. Trekking poles are longer and more heavy-duty, designed for longer hikes with more difficult terrain. However, many people use the terms interchangeably and the features and benefits of each may vary depending on the individual product.

And more, for serious hikers, having the right gear can make all the difference. When it comes to trekking poles, Foxelli has come up with a game changer; a pair of poles that are versatile, durable, and comfortable. These poles are the ultimate all-season accessories for any type of terrain. Don't believe us? Check out the rave reviews in Best Trekking Poles of 2023 and The 6 Best Trekking Poles of 2023 | Tested by GearLab, where Foxelli hiking poles have been tested by experts and declared the best in 2023. Featuring a combination of ultra-light aluminum, thermoplastic rubber tips, and adjustable wrist straps, it's no wonder so many hikers have converted to Foxelli's poles. Say goodbye to arm fatigue, slipping grips, and lost tips, and say hello to limitless hiking possibilities with Foxelli.


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