Top 10 Towel Clips for Beach Chair
for March 2023

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Towel clips are an essential beach accessory. They're useful for securing a towel to a lounge chair or towel rack, and for hanging wet towels to dry. They're also great for hanging pool toys, towels and sunscreen.

Towel clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including simple clips, clips with hooks, clips with rings and clips with magnets. The clips with rings and clips with magnets are the best ones for the beach, while clips with hooks and clips with magnets are more suited to indoor use.

We test towel clips for performance, including ease of installation and use, and for durability. We also evaluate aesthetics, such as how attractive the clips look, as well as how easily they attach to a lounge chair.

Here are the best towel clips for beach chairs:

Beach Towel Clips, ECROCY Towel Clips for Chairs on Cruise, 8 Pack Large Clips Clamps,Clothes Pegs,Beach Towel Holder to Keep Your Towel from Blowing Away,Heavy Duty and in Bright Colors

ECROCY Beach Towel Clips


Heavy duty large clothes pins made of durable plastic with zinc galvanized steel - rust resistant

Boardwalk Blue and Red are both great colors, and we liked that they come in different shapes and sizes. The round design fits well with lounge chairs, but you can also use it to secure towels to picnic baskets and other larger items. The clips have wide jaws, and we liked that they are designed to grip wrap towels around chairs without slipping. The clamp is sturdy, and we weren't able to bend the jaws much before proving too cumbersome to use. The clamp could be a little shorter, though, as it's a bit long to be useful for chairs that are worn, damaged or have low armrests. The clamp is made of plastic, so if you plan to leave it on an active chair for a long time, it will likely discolor your chair. Overall, these are practical towel clips that work well, and we liked that they came in bright colors, so they're easy to spot at the beach.

ESFUN 16 Pack Beach Towel Clips Chair Clips Towel Holder for Pool Chairs on Cruise-Jumbo Size,Plastic Clothes Pegs Hanging Clip Clamps to Keep Your Towel from Blowing Away,Fashion Bright Color

ESFUN 16 Pack Beach Towel Clips Chair Clips Holder Towel for Pool Chairs on Cruise-Jumbo Size


Dimension: 4.7 inch in length, Can be opened up to 2.7 inch. Securely hold your items to the frame. Light weight and durable,great for everyday use home or travel

These beach towel clips are sturdy, durable, and rust resistant. They're also lightweight, so they won't weigh down your towel or chair. The clips are large, so they won't damage your chair. The bright colors make them easy to spot, and they clip easily to your chair, even if they don't line up perfectly. The clips are a bit bulky, however, and they won't fit under most beach chairs. The handle on the clips is also a bit bulky, and the clips are slightly angled, so they don't clip perfectly to a chair. The clips are a little too wide to fit under a rail, but you can use them to clip a damp towel to a rail.

Towel Bands (4 Pack) - The Better Towel Chair Clips Option for Beach, Pool & Cruise Chairs

Cruise On Towel Bands (4 Pack)

by Cruise On

Lounge pool side in comfort knowing our towel holder is constantly battling the wind... and winning

The towel bands are a great alternative to towel clamps for cruise passengers. They're easier to carry, take up less space in your luggage (well, 4 of them still take up space), and they hold a lot - ours held our towels, toiletries, and sunscreen. The bands are durable and don't break. The quality is also comparable to towel clamps, which tend to be more expensive. The bands clamp securely, but not tightly, and they're easy to unclip. They come in a pack of 4, which is handy if you're traveling with others. The bands fold up easily, and because they're natural latex, they don't rust. They're also waterproof, so they don't stain your towels like metal clamps can.


The Ilyever clips are attractive, simple, and durable. The clips have rounded jaws that securely hold your towel to chairs with rounded edges. The clips are large enough to hold towels up to 2.7 inches in width and 12 inches long. The clips attach easily to your chair or lounge chair by using small metal clips, and they won't damage your chair's upholstery. The clips are comfortable to hold, and they don't scratch your skin when you use them. They hold your towel in place well enough that you won't have to worry about it blowing away, but they still allow you to easily remove it or re-clip it to a different chair. These clips are a good choice if you have a lot of beach towels that you're using on your cruise. They're also a good choice if you want a towel clip that won't damage a lounge chair's upholstery or that you can easily remove.

C&H Solutions 2 Pack Set Pair of Flip Flops Beach Towel Clips Jumbo Size for Beach Chair, Cruise Beach Patio, Pool Accessories, Household Close Snacks Clip, Baby Stroller

C&H Solutions 2 Pack Set Pair of Flip Beach Flops Towel Clips Jumbo Size for Beach Chair

by C&H Solutions

Beach towel clip is perfect for summer days and can be used on PATIO, POOL & BEACH when youre on vacation!

These clips are simple, but very useful. They're great for stuffing in a backpack or purse, and the clips are perfect for keeping a beach towel tightly fastened to a chair or cooler. The clips are well-made and durable, and the clips are larger than many other beach towel clips we tested. The clips are also useful around the house. The clips fit in our fridge and closet, and can be clipped to other items, such as pet food bags, baby stroller handles, and dog leashes. The clips are versatile enough to use anywhere, and the price is right.

Acea 10 Pack Beach Towel Clips, 4.7 Inch Jumbo Stainless Steel Pool Towel Clips, Clothespins Suitable for Beach Chairs, Lounge Chairs and clotheslines, Prevent Your Towel from Being Blown Away

Acea 10 Pack Beach Towel Clips


Widely used ACEA beach clips can be used to clip towels, wet clothes, quilts, blankets and curtains. Ultra strong clamping force effectively prevents being blown away by the wind. Suitable for beaches, swimming pools, clotheslines, cruise ships, etc.

The Acea beach towel clips are a sturdy, well-made set of clips that can hold towels of all sizes. They're ideal for keeping towels in place while swimming or at the beach, and they're also great for drying wet laundry. They're also nice because they don't leave marks on clothes or towels, and they don't snag on fabric. The clips are big enough to be used on lounge chairs and beach chairs, too, which is perfect for keeping towels from blowing away. However, the clips do have a tendency to bend easily and break if you apply too much force, so it's best to use clips on lightweight towels. The clips aren't very theft-resistant, so they're best for towels that you plan to use on the beach or by the pool.

UPMCT Clothes Pins, Beach Towel Clips for Beach Chairs, Fashion Bright Colors Beach Towel Clip Clamps for Outdoor, Indoor (Multi/B-8 Pack)

UPMCT Clothes Pins


APPEARANCEWith bright, fashion colors, these beach towel clips can be easily found even fallen in the grass. Easy looking design adds to the fun of your holiday.

The UPMCT clothes pins are handy little clips that can quickly transform any towel into a beach towel. The clips are made of a durable material that can easily withstand wind, rain, and sand. The clips are small, which is ideal if you want to clip them to your beach chair's rail. We like the bright colors, too, as they add a splash of color to your beach chair. The removable clip is easy to use, and the attachment point is strong, so it won't fall off when in use. The clip is flexible, so it can hold 2 towels simultaneously. However, if you are planning to use several clips, we recommend securing them with strong tape to prevent slippage. The clip's design makes it unsuitable for tying up heavy objects, so we recommend that you use thicker towels for this.

HAZOULEN Beach Towel Clips for Beach Chair or Pool Loungers, 8 Pack

HAZOULEN Beach Towel Clips for Chair Beach or Pool Loungers

Made of durable plastic with zinc galvanized steel, no rust

This set of clips is inexpensive, lightweight, and pretty durable. The clips are made of plastic, so they're not as sturdy as some metal clips, but they're still plenty strong enough to hold the towels in place on a sandy beach. They're also pretty versatile: The clips can be opened to 3 inches, so they're wide enough for big towels. The clips are also easy to clip on and off, and they work great on lounge chairs, beach chairs, and even pool lounge chairs, as long as the chairs have some kind of strap or loop to hold the towels. The clips are a little wider than most beach towels, but they grip your towel well enough that they don't slip off. The clips are colorful, so they're easy to spot on the beach, and they clean up easily if you accidentally drop one of them in the surf.

Beach Towel Clips Jumbo Size for Beach Chairs/Pool Lounges/Cruise Plastic Towel Clamp Clip Holder-Keep Your Towel,Clothes,Quilt,Blanket from Blowing Away,Bright Colors Clothes Lines(8 Pack)

IELEK Beach Towel Clips Jumbo Size for Beach Lounges/Cruise Chairs/Pool Plastic Towel Clamp Clip Holder-Keep Your Towel

by Ielek Official

MULTI-PURPOSE - Jumbo size makes the towel clips versatile.Ideal for secure towels on windy pool deck,hanging swimsuits,quilt,clothes,even better for childrens building blanket forts,etc.

These jumbo towel clips are ideal for use on a cruise, on a sailboat, or for drying off after a day at the beach. They're also great for keeping your picnic blanket or sheets in place on a camping trip. The clips are sturdy and well made, with pretty wide mouths that open wide, allowing you to clip towels, clothes, blankets, quilts, sheets, and more. They also hold lots of weight, making them perfect for holding boat cushions and blankets. The clips are bright, cheerful colors, and they're also attractive enough to use as decorative bookends for books or magazines. The clips can also be used to hold children's toys, like dolls or stuffed animals, in a playroom or nursery, or they can be used to hang a lantern in the foyer or on a porch. The clips are well made, strong, and simple but attractive enough to use as decorative bookends for books or magazines.

Dreecy 4 Pieces Flamingo Beach Towel Clips Flamingo Chair Holders Portable Parrot Towel Holders for Holiday Pool or Patio

Dreecy 4 Pieces Flamingo Beach Towel Clips Flamingo Chair Portable Holders Parrot Towel Holders for Holiday Pool or Patio

by Dreecy

Multi-purpose: these towel clips perfect for clamping your towel on beach chair , pool longue chair, close snacks, pet food and bags;also great for clamping quilt, sheet, curtain or clothes to keep them from blowing away in a windy day

The Dreecy 4 Pieces Flamingo Beach Towel Clips Flamingo Chair Holders Portable Parrot Towel Holders for Holiday Pool or Patio offers sturdy construction, and is plenty large enough to hold a large beach towel. The clips are sturdy enough to hold your towels securely, but they aren't too heavy, so they're easy to move around. The flamingo design adds a little fun to the standard beach chair, and the plastic is sturdy and easy to clean. The clips would be good for indoor use, too, as they are best for holding thicker towels, but they aren't large enough to justify carrying them indoors.


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