10 Best Stunt Kites
for June 2023

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Kite flying has always been a fascinating activity for kids and adults alike. However, with the evolution of technology, kite flying has become more than just a leisure activity. Stunt kites are the new-age kites that have become popular among people who want to take it up as a sport or enjoy the thrill of flying a kite that can perform advanced tricks. These kites come with dual lines and are designed to achieve flight and stability in winds ranging from 6-31 mph. The parafoil design of these stunt kites helps them fill with air during flight, resulting in a wing shape that improves their performance.

If you're looking for some fun outdoor activity, then investing in a stunt kite could be the perfect choice for you. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced kite flyer, these kites offer immense value and maximum performance. From beach outings, backyard fun to professional competitions, stunt kites have a wide range of applications. With these kites, you can enjoy flying your kite for hours or compete with friends to showcase your skills.

These kites are incredibly versatile, and you can pull off advanced tricks like loops, dives, and stalls with ease. The best part is that these kites require almost no assembly, and they are easy to use, making them great for young and old alike. They can make a perfect gift for your kids who can learn to fly them in no time. So if you're looking for an exciting outdoor activity that can provide you with hours of fun, then the world of sport kites is waiting for you to explore.

In this blog post, we have curated a list of the 10 best stunt kites available in the market. Our list includes kites with various features like different line lengths, sizes, designs, and shapes, making it easier for you to choose one that best suits your needs. So, whether you're a seasoned kite flyer or a beginner looking to take the first steps in kite flying, our list has something for everyone.

HQ Kites Symphony Beach III 1.3 Stunt Kite 51 Inch Dual - Line Sport Kite, Color: Rainbow - Active Outdoor Fun for Ages 8 and Up

HQ Kites Symphony Beach III Stunt 1.3 Kite 51 Inch Dual

by HQ Kites
What We like

LET'S GO PLAY: HQ has been the premier provider of sporting, power and single line kites for over 20 years; providing the best in high quality design in the world. We make windy days fun for everyone!

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Product Features

  • PERFORMANCE & SIMPLICITY: Adults will love it, and kids ages 8 and older can handle this sport kite with ease. This style is a great intro into the world of soft foils and has no parts to assemble or lose.
  • STUNT FOR FUN: Popular for beginners, this tough and forgiving dual line sport kite is an excellent value for the money. Present advanced tricks & have tons of fun whether you are looking for speed or pull.
  • DETAILS: Stunt foils sport kites fill with air during flight to form a wing shape to achieve flight & stability. Includes: Kite, winder, straps & line. Made from Rip Stop Polyester. Operates in 6-31 mph wind.
  • LAWN, BEACH & BACKYARD FUN: Sport Kite flying is a popular & social activity enjoyed by boys, girls, young & old alike. Help your children learn to fly, or treat yourself and feel like a kid again!
paleonEarth Dual-line Stunt Kite with 90 Inch Wingspan and Monarch-Inspired Printed Sail

paleonEarth Dual-line Stunt Kite with 90 Wingspan Inch and Monarch-Inspired Printed Sail

by Paleon Limited
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ZHUOYUE Stunt Kite Dual Line 51inch Wingspan Professional Sport Kites for Outdoor Activities

ZHUOYUE Stunt Kite Dual Line 51inch Professional Wingspan Sport Kites for Outdoor Activities

What We like

Easy To FlyThe professional design makes this stunt kite easy flying,responsive and fast, and very stable for beginners. you can have hours of fun with it.

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Product Features

  • Unique And ExquisiteEach pattern is neatly stitched. Use it in any open place, from the beach to the park, your dual line kite is a beautiful and unique kite.
  • Portable: Zhuoyue stunt kite is 20 inches high and 51 inches wide. It can be folded into a 17x6 inch bag, which is very portable and can travel with you anywhere .
  • Durable Frame: We uses a tear-resistant nylon fabric and a sturdy fiberglass rod to form a durable frame, so the kite has excellent stability in flight.
2.5m Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Kites Soft Stunt Kite for Beach Blue,red,green,yellow Color with Flying Tool

HENGDA KITE 2.5m Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Soft Kites Stunt Kite for Beach Blue

by Hengda kite
What We like

Designed with fashion pattern, it is beautiful and classic

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Product Features

  • Easy to fly?carry and convenient to use
  • It is suitable for flying level 3 wind,It flies steadily in the breeze
  • Perfect Trainer Kite Power to your children
  • Made of Polyester materials, it has high quality and fine workmanship
Babyeden Large Dual Line Stunt Kite, 84 Inch Wide Entry-Level Sport Kite for Adults and Teenagers

Babyeden Large Dual Line Stunt Kite

by kaixuan
What We like

This trick kite features a huge wingspan (84 Inch), so it can be launched easily in the breeze, flight stable, perfect for novices

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Product Features

  • Note: Avoiding crash by releasing the string before the kite knocks to the ground.
  • Fiberglass and 210T durable Polyester Fabric ensure kites have a nicely balanced performance, which means you can learn new tricks safely
  • Designed for new pilots, a lager 2 string kite is easier to be operated than a small stunt kite and have more fun than single line kites, come with kite, 164 feet line with handles, a storage bag
  • The giant kite can be folded and put into a 35'x5' bag and assembled in 5 minutes, which means you can start flying at any time
Prism Kite Technology Nexus 2.0 Graphite Dual-line Stunt Kite

Prism Kite Technology Nexus Graphite 2.0 Dual-line Stunt Kite

by Prism Kite Technology
What We like

Rugged carbon fiber frame, durable sail and nicely balanced performance so you can learn fast and challenge yourself with basic tricks

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Product Features

  • Our best all-around 2-liner for pilots on the go
  • Includes everything you need to fly: 65 x 90# low-stretch Dyneema flying lines with wrist straps, winder, instructions, and travel sleeve
  • Small enough to throw in a suitcase or the trunk of your car, big enough for real-kite performance and tricks
  • Stands 32 tall with a 64 wingspan, packs down to 30 x 4 x 2.5
In the Breeze Tie Dye 62 Inch Sport Kite - Dual Line Stunt Parafoil - Includes Braided Kite Line and Bag - Easy to Fly

In the Breeze Tie Dye 62 Inch Sport Kite

by In The Breeze
What We like

2 line Sport Kite with applique design with printed tie dye fabric; Includes a fabric loop for kite laundry

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Product Features

  • No assembly required, just connect kite lines and go!
  • Recommended Wind Range: 6 to 25 MPH
  • Made with weather resistant rip stop fabric
  • 100LB x 80 foot Braided Kite line on Winder with Straps & Tie Dye Kite Bag
Hengda Kite-Delta stunt kite for Kids and Adults,70-Inch outdoor sports,Beach and Fun sport kite

Hengda Kite-Delta stunt kite Kids for and Adults

by Weifang Hengda Kite
What We like

Fast and quick-turning for extra excitement in stronger winds. Pack comes with a kite line!

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Product Features

  • Made in the International Kite Capital - WeifangShandong,China.Our company is the Weifang kite Industry Association governing units.
  • Size:180cm/70.8inchX83cm/32inch
  • Unlike most cheapest kites for adults, our kite is made of strong rod that's sturdy, thus keeping the kite shaped correctly. Even when dropped on the ground, the frame won't break, so the kite will suffer no damage! It can be assembled within minutes!
  • Flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults. Use it any open area, from beaches to parks, and enjoy spending quality time with your family.
Hengda Kite 2m Dual Line Stunt Parafoil Kites with Flying Tool

Hengda Kite 2m Dual Line Parafoil Stunt Kites with Flying Tool

by Weifang Hengda Kite
What We like

Designed with fashion pattern, it is beautiful and classic

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Product Features

  • Perfect Trainer Kite Power to your children
  • It is suitable for flying level 3 wind,It flies steadily in the breeze
  • Made of Polyester materials, it has high quality and fine workmanship
  • Easy to flycarry and convenient to use
Besra Huge 74inch Dual Line Parachute Stunt Kite with Flying Tools 1.9m Power Parafoil Kitesurfing Training Kites Outdoor Fun Sports (Blue)

Besra Huge 74inch Dual Line Parachute Stunt Kite with Flying 1.9m Tools Power Parafoil Kitesurfing Training Kites Outdoor Fun Sports (Blue)

by tianzhang
What We like

Designed with fashion pattern,it's easy to fly and classic

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Product Features

  • Come with professional flying tools , level wind 3-5 can take off.It's very beautiful and dynamic in the sky
  • Size :74inch
  • This colorful kite is made by the high quality materials , very strong and durable
  • Easy to carry and convenient to use

Stunt kites, also known as sports kites or trick kites, have come a long way from their humble beginnings. These kites were created for the purpose of performing aerobatic tricks and stunts in the sky.

Early History:

Kites have been around for centuries and have been used for a variety of purposes, from military communications to scientific research. However, it wasn't until the 1970s that kites began to be used for recreational purposes. This is when stunt kites were invented.


Stunt kites were invented by two brothers, Bill and Randy Ellison, in 1972. They created the first dual-line kite, which allowed for greater control over the kite's movements. This control made it possible to perform tricks and stunts in the sky, such as dives, loops, and spins.


Stunt kites quickly gained popularity and became a favorite pastime for kite enthusiasts. Manufacturers started creating a variety of designs and shapes, each with its own unique capabilities and characteristics. People began to form clubs and organizations dedicated to the sport of stunt kite flying.


In 1986, the first international stunt kite competition was held in the United States. Since then, many countries have held their own competitions, with competitors showcasing their skills and talents in front of judges and spectators. Competitions have categories based on the kite's size, design, and skill level required to perform the tricks.


Over time, advancements have been made in the materials and construction of stunt kites, making them more durable and easier to control. Modern sport kites now use lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber and nylon, to increase their maneuverability and precision.


Stunt kites have come a long way since their invention in the 1970s. They have become a favorite pastime for people of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professional competitors. The sport of stunt kite flying continues to evolve, with new designs and tricks being invented all the time.

1. Material Choice: The kite is made from Rip Stop Polyester, which is a lightweight, durable, and resistant to tearing fabric. This material choice ensures that the kite can endure rough handling, thus creating a longer lifespan for the product. It also makes the kite more lightweight and easy to handle, which is favorable for both adults and children.

2. Dual Line Control: The kite is equipped with dual control lines that provide the user with more control over the kite's movement, allowing for advanced tricks and maneuvers. This design choice enables users, even beginners, to enjoy kite flying with ease.

3. Ready-to-Fly Design: The kite has a no-assembly-required design, which is an excellent choice for beginners and children. It eliminates the stress and time involved in assembling parts, making it easy to fly, and convenient to use.

4. Flight and Stability: The kite's design enables it to fill with air during flight, forming a wing shape that ensures stability and achieving flight. This design choice makes it possible for the user to fly the kite even in moderate to high wind speeds.

Beyond what the manufacturer says, the design choices of the kite significantly affect the user experience. For example, the material choice and dual line control make it easy for users to handle the kite with limited knowledge, while the ready-to-fly design eliminates the need for assembly. Additionally, the stability feature enables users to control the kite during flight, enhancing the user's overall experience.

FAQ About stunt kites

Q: What are the best stunt kites?

A: The best stunt kites are the ones that offer good performance and stability while performing tricks in the air. Some of the popular brands that offer great stunt kites include Prism Kites, HQ Kites, and Premier Kites.

Q: What is the most successful kite?

A: The most successful kite is the Diamond kite, which was invented in China over 2,000 years ago. The Diamond kite is still popular today due to its simple design, easy assembly, and ease of flight.

Q: What is the hardest kite to fly?

A: The hardest kite to fly is the quad-line kite. Unlike traditional dual-line kites, quad-line kites have four lines that control each corner of the kite, allowing for more complex maneuvers and tricks in the air. Quad-line kites require more skill and practice to fly successfully, making them the most challenging to master.

Q: What is the best kite to fly on the beach?

A: The best kite to fly on the beach is a delta kite. Delta kites are perfect for beach flying as they are lightweight and easy to assemble. They also have a large surface area, which makes them stable in stronger winds commonly found on the beach.


Q: What are some factors to consider when buying a stunt kite?

A: When buying a stunt kite, it is important to consider factors such as kite size, wind range, and the skill level required to fly the kite. Some other important factors to consider include build quality, durability, and ease of assembly.

Q: Can anyone fly a stunt kite, or is it only for experienced kite flyers?

A: Stunt kiting can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their prior experience. However, it is important to choose a kite that matches your skill level and to start with simple maneuvers before trying more complex tricks.

Q: Can stunt kites be flown indoors?

A: Yes, some mini and micro-sized stunt kites can be flown indoors in large open spaces such as gymnasiums or warehouses. However, stunt kites are designed to be flown outdoors in open spaces with plenty of wind.

Q: How do I care for my stunt kite?

A: To care for your stunt kite, it is recommended to store it in a dry and cool environment. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and moisture as this can damage the kite's materials. Additionally, always clean your kite after each use to ensure its longevity.

Q: Can I fly my kite in any weather conditions?

A: Stunt kites are designed to be flown in a specific wind range, usually between 5-20 mph. Avoid flying your kite in rainy or stormy weather as it can damage your kite and be dangerous. Always check the weather conditions before heading out to fly your kite.


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