10 Best Soap Dishes with Drain
for May 2023

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Keeping soap clean and dry is essential to maintaining its longevity and preventing waste. Soap dishes with a drain are a perfect solution to keep your soap dry, ensuring it lasts longer, and stays free from germs and bacteria. A well-designed soap dish can make a significant difference in your bathroom, shower, kitchen, or any area where soap is used. The best soap dishes come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, but what they have in common is the ability to drain water away from your soap, keeping it clean and dry. They are perfect for people who want to extend the life of their soap, reduce clutter, and enhance the look of their decor. In this post, we will explore the top 10 soap dishes with drain available on the market today. We will dive into the benefits, features, and cost of each dish to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best dish for your home. We will also share how they make a great health saver as they prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on your soap, making them both safe and non-toxic. Let's take a closer look at these soap dishes with drain and see how they can transform your soap storage into a functional, efficient, and beautiful addition to your home, bath, and shower.

TOPSKY 2-Pack Soap Dish with Drain, Soap Holder, Soap Saver, Easy Cleaning, Dry, Stop Mushy Soap (Green)

TOPSKY 2-Pack Soap Dish with Drain

by Topsky
What We like

Note: No lid/cover for this soap container. This soap holder has two levels, the top container being removable, easy to take it apart to clean.

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Product Features

  • Perfect size: soap case size is 5.1" x 3.7" x 1.1", and the slotted part is high enough that soap does't sit in water and get mushy, extends the life of your soap. Perfect for bathroom and sink.
  • Maximizes the life of your soap: Slotted design can exactly let soap drain and dry naturally, which will preserve the life of your luxury soap. And the underneath container will keep back the water, not leaks onto the surface beneath it, keep your sink surface dry.
  • Made with durable plastic: Even when dropped, they don't break or crack like the cheap plastic ones you can get from dollar stores.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic - Our soap holder is zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is important these days with an increasing number of people having allergies and sensitivities - our soap dish is not just a soap container but a health saver too.
mDesign Metal 2-Piece Soap Dish Tray with Drainage Grid and Holder for Kitchen Sink Countertops to Store Soap, Sponges, Scrubbers - Rust Resistant - Bronze

mDesign Metal 2-Piece Soap Dish Tray with Drainage Grid and for Holder Kitchen Sink Countertops to Store Soap, Sponges, Scrubbers

by MetroDecor
What We like

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong steel wire with a durable rust-resistant finish; Easy Care - Wipe clean with damp cloth

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Product Features

  • SUPERIOR DRAINAGE: The gridded wire insert promotes air circulation, allowing bar soap, sponges, brushes and scrubbers to quickly air dry; The base tray catches excess water keeping kitchen counters and sinks clean, dry and soap scum free; Tray is easy to empty and clean; Holds most sizes of bar soap, hand-made soaps, scrub brushes, brillo pads, vegetable brushes and more
  • THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Measures 4" x 5.7" x .8" high
  • DRY COUNTERS: Raised outer edges keep water contained and off of kitchen counters; Gridded tray keeps bar soap and sponges raised for quicker and more complete drying in between uses; When soap is dry simply remove the gridded tray and empty excess water into the kitchen sink for hassle free clean up
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This superior quality, slim design soap dish fits nicely on kitchen, bathroom, laundry and utility sink countertops - even when space is limited; Slippery soaps stay conveniently in place, and dry quickly and more completely to save soap and money; Great for kitchens in campers, RVs, apartments, condos and more
SUBEKYU Wooden Soap Dishes for Bathroom/Shower, Bar Soap Holder with Self Draining Tray, Natural Waterfall Drain Soap Saver, Set of 2, Teak

SUBEKYU Wooden Soap for Dishes Bathroom/Shower

What We like

[Anti-slip Design]: 2 non-slip feet to fix and raise increase slope to speed water flow up.

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Product Features

  • [Automatic Drainage]: Smooth slopes design helps water flow smoothly into the sink.
  • [Wide Application]: Apply to shower/bathroom/kitchen countertop to keep soap dry and clean.
  • [Awesome Teak]: Each natural wood makes unique grain with is eco-friendly and plastic-free.
  • [Waterproof/Anti-mildew]: Waterproof coating on the surface to prevent mildew.
Endoto Soap Holder, Leaf-Shape Soap Dish Case with Drain, Not Punched Soap Saver Box, Stop Mushy Soap for Shower Bathroom Kitchen (2 Pack, Green&Brown)

Endoto Soap Holder

by Endoto
What We like

Easy to CleanMade of ABS material. Not easily deformed and very easy to clean.

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Product Features

  • Multi-FunctionThis package includes 2 Pack soap holder. You can put soap in the soap holder or put other small objects such as sponges and brushes.
  • Better than Ordinary Soap Bar HolderOur soap holder allows water to flow directly from the diversion port into the sink. Dries the soap more easily and reduce waste.
  • Creative Leaf ShapeOur soap holder adopts the leaf-shape hollow design to make the shower soap holder more beautiful and practical.
Soap Dish Holder Leaf Shape - Self Draining Soap Dish for Bar Soap, Decorative Plastic Soap Saver, Soap Dish with Suction Cup for Shower Bathroom Kitchen Sink(Not Punched) (Purple Red)

Nepfaivy Soap Dish Leaf Holder Shape

by Nepfaivy
What We like

Multi-Purpose Soap Holder: The soap dish with drainage can hold bar soap, sponges, dish brushes, razors and more. It's also easy to clean and perfect for bathroom, kitchen, shower, laundry room, or mudroom. It will look great in any home!

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Product Features

  • Easy To Install: This soap dish has three silicone suction cups on the bottom of the tray, it can be firmly fixed on the table. The plastic soap dish is easy to install, you don't need punch holes, and it has strong adhesion to keep the soap holder stable.
  • Leaf Soap Dish: Our Soap Dish is different from the ordinary soap holder, we adopt the leaf shape design, which makes water flows down naturally and keeps the soap dry all the time. And it also as a cute decoration adds art to your life.
  • Draining Soap Dish: The hollow gaps can let water drain down to the bottom and the raised triangle in the middle prevents soap from sliding off. This soap holder both avoids the soap becoming soggy and mushy and keeps the sink tidy.
Luvan Soap Dishes Holder for Bathroom with Drain,Detachable for Easy Cleaning,Made of Food-Grade ABS Plastic,BPA-Free,Keep Soap Dry and Clean,No More Mushy Soap,Easy to Clean (Set of 3)

Luvan Soap Dishes Holder Bathroom for with Drain

by Luvan
What We like

Dual-layer design, detachable for easy cleaning and also easy to assemble.

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Product Features

  • Made of food-grade ABS plastic;BPA Free
  • Slotted design for water draining,to keep soap bar dry and un-mushy,Ventilated for quick drying,and also with non-slip feet.
  • 12.5*8.5*2cm,Perfectly fits all soap bars.
Nepfaivy Soap Dish with Drain, Bar Soap Holder Waterfall, Self Draining Soap Dishes for Bathroom, Plastic Soap Saver for Shower, Soap Tray with Suction Cup for Kitchen Bathtub Countertop(2 Pack)

Nepfaivy Soap Dish with Drain

by Nepfaivy
What We like

Premium Quality and Multi-purpose These soap holders are made of high-quality thickened PP material instead of cheap fragile material. It's non-toxic and won't rust, fits perfectly next to the kitchen (sponge/brush holders) and bathroom ( soap dishes for bar soap) sink, etc. Soap savers size are 5.1" x 3.3" x 1.3".

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Product Features

  • Draining Soap Dish Waterfall The slanted soap dish allows soapy water to drain naturally to keep soap dry, unlike many wood or bamboo soap dishes that go mouldy later on. Soap dish with drain just cross the sink and water can flow directly into the sink to keep your soap dishes dry and sink surface tidy.
  • Non Slip Soap Dish Holder Self-draining groove channels allow airflow to circulate quickly under the soap and can drain excess water into the sink. And the protruding points of soap dish waterfall can prevent soap from sliding into the sink, lift soap away from sitting in water and getting mushy.
  • Strong Adhesion Soap Holder 2 suction cups on the bottom has strong adsorption force, they can keep bar soap holder from moving or falling into the sink. Even when you grab and return the soap, soap dish holder will stay in place.
simpletome Soap Dish with Drain Keep Dry Ceramic + Better Anti-Rust 316 Stainless Steel

simpletome Soap Dish with Drain Keep Dry + Ceramic Better Anti-Rust 316 Stainless Steel

by simpletome
What We like

Textured glossy ceramic, looks very good, stylish and simple modern style

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Product Features

  • With 316 stainless steel draining board (MUCH better anti-rust performance than SUS304), keep the soap dry, keep the table clean and tidy
  • Measures 5.5inch/14cm long, 3.94inch/10cm wide, 1.1inch/2.8cm tall, fit for almost all soap base
  • Perforated to prevent water from pooling, very easy to clean with water
  • Handmade, fragile, please DO NOT FALL or IMPACT and keep away from children
MINXICAI Soap Dish with Drain,Silicone Soap Holder Drainer Stand Saver Tray Case for Shower/Bathroom/Kitchen/Counter Top, Easy Cleaning, Dry, Stop Mushy Soap (3 Pack, Gray+White+Green)

MINXICAI Soap Dish with Drain

What We like

[Minimalist Style]: It looks minimalist/Modern/stylish, which fits any color theme of the bathroom. Perfect Dimension: 5.6*3.5*1 inch

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Product Features

  • [Premium Silicone,Non-Toxic]: This soap dish is made of high-quality silicone, which is great texture/eco-friendly/flexible/non-toxic. This silicone soap dish will not rust or break for long term use.
  • [Widely Compatible]: Work great in the shower/ bathroom/ bathtub/ counter top/ kitchen and more. For soap/ keys/ glasses/ dish washing sponge and more.
  • [Easy to Clean and Anti-slip]: Because of the flexible feature of silicone, any corner is very easy to clean. The anti-slip silicone salient points provide plenty of friction, the soap dish doesn't fall into the sink and neither does the soap.
  • [Automatic Drainage]: Drainage design can drain water quickly, keep clean & dry in your bathroom vanity countertop/ kitchen. Put it on the edge of your bathroom or kitchen sink or bathtub.
Kouik 4Pcs Soap Dish, Bar Soap Holder Case with Drain Holes, Silicone Soap Tray Saver Sponge Holder Scrubber Drainer Soap Dishes for Bathroom Shower Kitchen Sink Bathtub

Kouik 4Pcs Soap Dish

What We like

Kouik flower draining soap dish is made of high quality silicone which is safe and non-toxic. With flexible and soft design, this soap holder is easy to use and clean.

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Product Features

  • Package include: 4PCS of Soap dishes(2Grey+2White).
  • Raised bumps design and 5 drainage holes at bottom draw excess water away from soap and keeps the soap elevate. The petal-shaped design prevents the soap from slipping off the soap tray.
  • Product size: Bottom diameter2.7inch. Petal diameter:5inch.
  • Mufti-functional household kitchen tool, this soap case can be used as sponges holder. Perfect soap case utensils holder for bathroom,kitchen,bath tube and counter top. Holds soaps,sponges, faces brushes etc..

Soap dishes with drain have been an essential item in bathrooms for centuries. The earliest known use of soap was by the Babylonians around 2800 BC, and soap dishes were invented soon after.

During the Roman Empire, soap was used extensively, and soap dishes became an elegant addition to any bathroom. These soap dishes were made of stone, and they often had intricate designs carved into them. The drain was simply a hole in the center of the dish that allowed water to drain away from the soap.

In the Middle Ages, soap dishes were still mainly made of stone, but some were also made of wood or metal. These soap dishes were often hung on the wall to conserve space, and the drain was a small groove carved into the dish that allowed water to flow away from the soap.

In the 19th Century, soap became more widely available and affordable, and soap dishes began to be made of ceramics. These soap dishes were often ornate, with floral patterns or other designs painted on them. The drain was a small hole or series of holes that allowed water to flow away from the soap.

In the 20th Century, soap dishes with drain became more standardized, and they were made available in a variety of materials, including plastic and metal. The drain was often a series of slots or holes that allowed water to drain away from the soap.

Today, soap dishes with drain are an essential part of any bathroom. They come in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, and they are an affordable way to keep your soap dry and extend its life. Whether you prefer a classic stone dish or a modern plastic design, there is a soap dish with drain out there that will fit your needs.

Key decision-making factors:

1. Size and dimensions - 5.1" x 3.7" x 1.1"

2. Slotted design to preserve soap life

3. Underneath container to keep sink surface dry

4. Durable plastic construction

5. Safe and Non-Toxic material

1. Size and dimensions:

The size and dimensions of a soap case are important factors for buyers to consider. The product description mentions that the soap case is 5.1" x 3.7" x 1.1", which makes it a perfect size for bathroom and sink use. This means that it is not too big or too small to fit in most bathroom spaces. The size also makes it easy to handle and use, especially for those with smaller hands. Moreover, this size provides enough space for soap to remain dry, preventing it from getting mushy and wasting away.

2. Slotted design to preserve soap life:

Another key factor mentioned in the product description is the slotted design of the soap case. The slots enable soap to drain and dry naturally, maximizing the life of the soap. When soap sits in water, it becomes soft and can wear down quickly, causing you to use more soap or replace it sooner. The slotted design of this soap case allows the soap to dry out and remain hard, which extends the life of the soap and saves you money in the long run.

3. Underneath container to keep sink surface dry:

A feature that many buyers look for in a soap case is an underneath container to collect water so that it does not leak onto the sink surface. The product description mentions that this soap case has an underneath container that will keep back the water and prevent leaks. This feature not only keeps your sink surface dry but also prevents the formation of soap scum and other unsightly residues that can form from soap and water.

4. Durable plastic construction:

The material that the soap case is made of is also an essential factor for buyers to consider. The product description emphasizes that this soap case is made of durable plastic, which means that it will not break or crack easily if dropped. This is an important feature to have in a soap case since it is something that is handled frequently, and accidents can happen. The durability of this soap case ensures that it will last a long time and will not need to be replaced frequently.

5. Safe and Non-Toxic material:

Finally, the safety and non-toxicity of the soap case are important factors to consider, especially for those who have allergies or sensitivities. The product description mentions that this soap case is zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which means that it does not emit any harmful chemicals or toxins that can be harmful to health. This is a crucial feature to have in a soap case since it is something that comes into contact with skin frequently. The safe and non-toxic material of this soap case ensures that it will not cause any harm, even to those with sensitivities.

In conclusion, the size and dimensions, slotted design, underneath container, durable plastic, and safe and non-toxic material are all essential key factors that make this soap case a great product for buyers to consider. These features ensure that it will be functional, long-lasting, and safe to use, providing buyers with a product that they can trust and rely on.

FAQ About soap dishes with drain

1. Which type of soap dish is best?

The best type of soap dish depends on personal preference and the specific use case. However, some factors to consider are durability, ease of cleaning, and the ability to properly drain water so that the soap doesn't get mushy. Soap dishes made of durable materials such as glass, ceramic, or stainless steel are popular choices.

2. Are wooden soap dishes better than plastic?

It depends on the quality of the wooden soap dish and the type of plastic used. Some wooden soap dishes are better quality and more hygienic than plastic soap dishes, as they don't leach any chemicals into the soap. Wooden soap dishes also look more elegant and can complement bathroom decor. However, some plastic soap dishes are durable and easy to clean, making them a convenient option for everyday use.

3. What is the best material for a soap saver?

The best material for a soap saver is one that allows the soap to properly dry and drain, maximizing the life of the soap. Some popular materials for soap savers include silicone, bamboo, and natural loofah. These materials have a non-slip surface and allow air to circulate around the soap, keeping it dry and hygienic.

4. How do you keep soap from sticking to soap dishes?

To prevent soap from sticking to soap dishes, it's essential to regularly clean the dish and remove any soap residue. You can also try lining the soap dish with a small piece of paper or plastic wrap to prevent the soap from sticking. Another option is to place a soap saver in the soap dish, which can help prevent sticking and prolong the life of your soap.


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