Top 10 Best Refractometer Honeys
for June 2023

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If you're a beekeeper or in the business of selling honey, you know the importance of accurately measuring the moisture content and sugar levels in your product. That's where a refractometer comes in handy. These pocket-sized instruments allow you to quickly and easily test the quality of your honey, syrup, or other liquid products. In this blog post, we've compiled a list of the top 10 best refractometer honeys available on the market today. From digital models to those that measure Brix levels, we'll cover a range of options to suit your needs. With these tools, you can ensure your honey is of the highest quality and meets the standards of your customers. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, a refractometer is an essential instrument for any honey producer or enthusiast. So without further ado, let's dive in and explore the fantastic world of refractometer honey testers!

Atago 4422 PAL-22S Digital Hand-Held Pocket Honey Refractometer

Atago 4422 PAL-22S Digital Pocket Hand-Held Honey Refractometer

by Atago
What We like

Durable, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resin body for use with salty samples; Ingress-Protection (IP)-65 rated for protection against dust and water jets

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Product Features

  • Handheld pocket refractometer for measuring the amount of moisture in honey between 12.0 to 30.0%, with a temperature range between 10.0 to 40.0 degrees C
  • Rectangular palm-sized shape (109 x 55 x 31mm), with prism housed in circular sample well
  • LED-illuminated digital display, with an external light interference (ELI) feature to alert of outside light interference
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for immediate and accurate calibration readings, regardless of ambient temperature
TRZ Refractometer Honey 10-32% Water Honey 58-90% Brix Sugar Baume for Beekeeping, Honey, Condensed Milk, Sugar Syrup, Fruit jam, Hamh Optics&Tools

TRZ Refractometer Honey 10-32% Water Honey Brix 58-90% Sugar Baume for Beekeeping

by Hamh Optics&Tools
What We like

Easy to use. Supports two calibration modes: The upper calibration line with 78.8% Brix is suitable for clove oil calibration solution and requires an additional standard test block: The lower calibration line consists of 65% Brix, a colorless and non-toxic calibration solution with a slight smell of clove oil. Do not need a test block, is more convenient and accurate.

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Product Features

  • Precision Measurement: Sharp dividing line (blue-white), good readability (daylight recognizable), adjustable eyepiece for sharpness adjustment
  • USE: It is suitable for measuring honey, condensed milk, vegetable oils, sugar syrup, fruit jam and molasses.
  • Measruing Range: Brix (sugar): 58-90%, Resolution: Brix (sugar): 0.2%, 10-32% water with 0.2% reading
  • Do not calibrate this refractometer with water.
3-in-1 Honey Refractometer Brix/Moisture/Baume Tester Meter ATC, Tri-Scale 58-90%/12-27%/38-43Be', Sugar Water Content Level Beekeeping Maple Syrup, Test Kit w/Calibration Oil & Block

Gain Express 3-in-1 Honey Brix/Moisture/Baume Refractometer Tester Meter ATC

by Gain Express Holdings Ltd.
What We like

Made with highest and finest quality of aluminum & rubber and comes with carrying case, easy to carry anytime anywhere

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Product Features

  • Wit Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) increase accuracy in testing
  • Accuracy: 0.5% Brix ; 0.25Be' (Baume) ; 0.5% Water
  • Measuring Range: 58-90%Brix ; 38-43 Be' (Baume) ; 12-27% Water
  • Comfortable non-slip handy designed
Ade Advanced Optics Brix Refractometer - High Measuring Range Honey tester 58%-90%. Beerkeeping, bees Tri-Scales

Ade Advanced Optics Brix Refractometer

by Ade Advanced Optics
What We like

Triple Scales. Range Brix: 58-90% Baume: 38-43Be' water: 10-33%For measurement of ethylene and propy

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Product Features

  • with Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Accuracy: Brix: +/-0.5% Baume: +/-0.5Be' water: +/-1%
  • Min.Div. Brix: 0.5% Baume: 0.5Be' water: 1%
Rhino Honey Digital Refractometer (0-90% Brix, 5-38%Water, 33-48Be', 1.3330-1.5177nD) with ATC, IP65

RHINO TECHNOLOGY Rhino Honey Refractometer Digital (0-90% Brix

What We like

Rhino Honey Digital Refractometers are particularly easy to use and very sturdy. The shell of the product is made of high-performance waterproof and shockproof material.

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Product Features

  • Products are the small size with a beautiful appearance, easy to use, fast and stable response.
  • This model has an automatic temperature compensation feature which increases measurement precision which is performed at 32 - 104F (0 - 40C) instead of 68F (20C).
  • RHINO Honey Refractometer can be used to measure of sugar content, Baume, refractive index and water concentration, as well as high sugar related liquids, such as high sugar content, honey, jellies, jams, and syrups, to help monitor and control sugar concentration in foods and drinks.
AMTAST Digital Brix Refractometer Sugar Juice Honey Beer Brix Refractometer Cutting Fluid Sugar Testing Meter Range 0-53%

AMTAST Digital Brix Refractometer Sugar Juice Honey Beer Refractometer Brix Cutting Fluid Sugar Testing Meter Range 0-53%

What We like

Designed to measure the refractive index of a solution

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Product Features

  • IP65 water resistant.
  • Can be cleaned under running water
  • Calibrate with distilled or tap water
  • Only 2 to 3 sample drope are required for a reading in 2 to 3 seconds
MISCO BKPR-1 Palm Abbe Digital Handheld Refractometer, Honey Scale, Moisture Content

MISCO Refractometer MISCO BKPR-1 Abbe Palm Digital Handheld Refractometer

by MISCO Refractometer
What We like

Easy to use: one button to take readings, one button to cycle through menu options

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Product Features

  • MISCO OPTICAL-ENGINE Technology: Sapphire Optics, High Definition 1,024 Element Detector Array
  • Protective rugged rubber armor jacket; Made in the USA
  • Automatically calibrates itself to water; Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Stainless Steel Sample Well, Protective Evaporation Cover, Large 24-Character LCD, Display Backlight
Honey Refractometer for Honey Moisture, Brix and Baume, 58-92% Brix Scale Range Honey Moisture Tester,Ideal for Honey, Maple Syrup, and Molasses, Bee Keeping Supplies

Hakeeta Honey Refractometer Honey for Moisture

by Hakeeta
What We like

Soft and flexible eyepiece for added comfort.

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Product Features

  • 58%92% wort concentration, 0.5 scale.
  • Compact design with rubber handle.
  • Durable aluminum body, durable and can use for a long time.
  • Adjust the focus by twisting the handle.
HLIGHT Auto Digital Refractometer Rechargeable Sugar Meter Hydrometer for Honey Grape Wine Fruit Beer Medicine Sugar Brix Concentration

HLIGHT Auto Digital Refractometer Rechargeable Sugar Meter Hydrometer for Grape Honey Wine Fruit Beer Medicine Sugar Brix Concentration

What We like

Handheld Auto Digital Refractometer Rechargeable Sugar Meter Hydrometer for Honey Grape Wine Fruit Beer Medicine Sugar 0-32% 0-55% Brix Concentration Tester

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Product Features

  • Has been engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of handheld laser rangefinders, environmental measuring instruments and non-destructive testing instruments for many years. The brand covers all industries such as hardware tools, instruments, surveying and mapping, home improvement and building materials.
  • After each product is developed, it will go through a long period of test and adjustment. Each product is born after thousands of trials, pondering, debugging and trimming. Sndway always adheres to the concept of taking users first, creating more products that can change the measurement method for users.
Digital Refractometer for Honey Digital Honey Refractometer Honey Digital Refractometer Brix Refractometer Digital Brix 0-90.0% Measurement High Accuracy (Brix)0.2% Automatic Temperature Compensation

IMSBJLHLJMARYMJ Digital Refractometer for Honey Digital Honey Refractometer Honey Digital Refractometer Refractometer Brix Digital Brix 0-90.0% Measurement High Accuracy (Brix)0.2% Automatic Temperature Compensation

by IMS Inc
What We like

Portable and Exquisite, Low Price, Low power consumption, Anti-loss design, High accurate sensor.

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Product Features

  • High-performance waterproof and anti-shock material Low power consumption-one No. 7 battery
  • Requires only a few drops of sample Measurement in 2 seconds
  • High Accuracy (Brix) 0.2% with Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Using linear CMOS sensor with high precision and great repeatability

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes through different mediums, and this phenomenon has been studied for centuries. In the 17th century, the Dutch scientist Willebrord Snellius discovered the fundamental law of refraction, which states that the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is constant for any given two materials.

In the late 19th century, Ernst Abbe developed an instrument called the refractometer, which measures the refractive index of a substance. This device quickly became essential in many fields, including the food industry.

Honey has been used as a sweetener and medicinal substance for thousands of years. Its unique properties make it an excellent candidate for the application of the refractometer. Honey contains water, sugars, and other substances like pollen and wax, all of which affect its refractive index.

In the early 20th century, researchers began using refractometers to determine the quality and authenticity of honey. They discovered that the amount of moisture in honey affects its refractive index, and that by measuring this index, they could determine the honey's moisture content.

Refractometers quickly became the go-to tool for honey analysis. In the 1930s, the U.S. Department of Agriculture published a pamphlet called "The Refractive Index of Honey," which included a table of refractive index values that corresponded to different levels of moisture content.

Today, handheld pocket refractometers are widely used in the honey industry. They can measure the amount of moisture in honey with a range of 12.0 to 30.0%, with a temperature range between 10.0 to 40.0 degrees C. The rectangular palm-sized device has a prism housed in a circular sample well and an LED-illuminated digital display, with an external light interference (ELI) feature to alert of outside light interference. The automatic temperature compensation (ATC) enables immediate and accurate calibration readings, regardless of the ambient temperature.

In conclusion, refractometers have a rich history of helping us better understand the physical properties of substances like honey. They continue to be an essential tool for the honey industry, enabling us to analyze and ensure the quality of this sweet and nutritious food.

1. Measurement Range: The refractometer's measurement range is critical in determining its suitability for measuring the amount of moisture in honey. In this case, the refractometer has a range of 12.0 to 30.0%, which means it can accurately measure moisture content within this range. A narrow measurement range can limit the refractometer's usefulness and require the purchase of additional instruments. Therefore, a wide measurement range is essential for increasing the applicability of the device.

2. Temperature Range: The temperature range of a refractometer is just as crucial as its measurement range. The refractometer must operate within a range they can handle without losing accuracy. The temperature range for this handheld pocket refractometer is between 10.0 to 40.0 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is wide enough to accommodate most honey-making environments. Temperature variation in honey production means that the refractometer must be calibrated to take into account the current temperature, making this a crucial feature in providing accurate measurements.

3. Size and Design: The size and design of a refractometer are equally essential, mainly because of its portability and ease of use. A compact and lightweight design is preferable, and this refractometer's rectangular palm-sized shape (109 x 55 x 31mm), makes it easy to carry in a pocket or a bag. Its circular sample well also enhances sample placement and reduces sample spillage. Its design should also include durable and sturdy materials that can withstand multiple uses in different environments.

4. Display: The refractometer's display is vital in providing measurements and ensuring that the user can read them accurately. In this case, the device features a LED-illuminated digital display. The digital display guarantees high visibility, even in dimly lit conditions. The refractometer must also have an external light interference (ELI) feature, which alerts the user of any interference from outside light.

5. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): The ATC feature is an essential decision-making factor, mainly because it ensures accurate calibration readings. This feature enables the refractometer to read the temperature and adjust the measurement accordingly to provide accurate readings regardless of the ambient temperature, ensuring consistent and reliable results with every measurement.

Overall, these decision-making factors have an impact on the quality of the refractometer. The above factors are critical in ensuring that the refractometer can perform optimally in challenging environments, and provide accurate and reliable measurements. Investing in a refractometer with all these key features is essential, especially for users who require a digital tool to measure moisture content in honey.

FAQ About refractometer honeys

1. Who is the manufacturer of honey refractometer?

There are various manufacturers of honey refractometers available in the market. Some of the well-known brands include Atago, Vee Gee Scientific, and MISCO. It is important to choose a reputable brand when purchasing a refractometer to ensure accuracy and reliability.

2. How do you calibrate a refractometer for honey?

To calibrate a refractometer for honey, it is important to use a honey reference standard with a known water percentage. The standard should be the same temperature as the honey being tested. Place a small sample of the honey reference standard on the prism, close the daylight plate, and look through the eyepiece. Adjust the calibration screw to align the scale with the correct reading. Repeat this process with the honey sample being tested to ensure accurate readings.

3. What is the price of refractometer for honey?

The price of a refractometer for honey can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality. Prices can range from $30 for a basic handheld model to over $700 for more advanced laboratory-grade instruments. It is important to consider the specific requirements and budget before purchasing a refractometer.

4. What is the best honey water percentage?

The ideal water percentage in honey is between 17 to 18.6%. Honey with a water content above 20% is considered unstable and can ferment or spoil. However, the specific water percentage of honey can vary depending on factors such as the region, climate, and time of harvest. Honey producers typically aim for a moisture content in this range to ensure high quality and long shelf life.

One more thing: If you're a beekeeper or just love honey and want to measure its moisture content accurately, you need a refractometer. It's a handy and essential tool for ensuring the quality and purity of honey. But don't just settle for any refractometer. Check out our list of the best ones available in 2023, including the top-rated models from leading brands. Whether you're on a tight budget or willing to splurge, we've got you covered. So, head over to our blog post and read our in-depth reviews and buying guide to find the perfect refractometer for your honey testing needs. Looking For The Best Refractometer For Honey? Here Are 8 and Top 8 Best Honey Refractometers for Beekeepers (2023)


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