10 Best Rear Tine Rototillers
for May 2023

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A high-quality rear tine rototiller is an essential tool in any patio, lawn & garden enthusiast's toolkit. These machines come equipped with tines mounted behind the engine, enhancing stability and providing excellent traction while cultivating the soil. With superior features, including large, durable wheels, adjustable tine depth, and ergonomic handles, these earth-shaking rototillers offer superior performance in preparing soil for planting. Among the many brands in the market, Earthquake is undoubtedly a top contender as they produce some of the best rear tine tillers in the market. Whether you're looking to improve your backyard or taking your gardening to the next level, a rear tine rototiller is an excellent investment. In this comprehensive list, we will review the top 10 best rear tine rototillers on the market. We'll discuss their features in detail, including engine size, tine adjustments, and ease of use, among other features. In addition, we'll delve into replacement parts and accessories to help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect cultivator for your garden needs. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting in gardening, keep reading to find the perfect rototiller that will take your lawn and garden to the next level!

Earthquake 15683 Hiller-Furrower Kit for Earthquake Rear Tine Rototillers

Earthquake 15683 Hiller-Furrower Kit Earthquake for Rear Tine Rototillers

by Ardisam, Inc.
What We like

DURABLE- Built to last materials ensure quality performance for many seasons to come

proven part Complete Rebuild Kit Rear Tine Tiller Tines Replaces Ariens 129359, Troy Bilt 1901118 10802

proven part Complete Rebuild Kit Rear Tiller Tine Tines Replaces Ariens 129359

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New Air Filter fits MTD 951-10794 951-14262 for RotoTiller Rear Tine Tiller + Free ebook (Lawn You Dream of)

New Air Filter fits MTD 951-10794 951-14262 for RotoTiller Tine Rear Tiller + Free ebook (Lawn You Dream of)

by Lawn mower new repl parts
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951-10794, 951-14262

Lawn Mower Parts GW-9618 / GW-9618099/921-04031 Set of 4 Axle Tine Oil Seals Rear for Troy Bilt Horse Fits Rototillers 9618 9621 + (Free Two E-Books)

Lawn Mower Parts GW-9618

by Lawn Mower Parts
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If you have any questions about this item or model, serial number, please ask question to us @@We strive to provide the best service. We value our customers. Also we will send you an ebooks within 48 hours after the purchase. First book - Professional Lawn Care For Your HomeBy You and Second ebook - Mowing and Trimming Safety.

Drive Belt for Troy-Bilt Horse Rear Tine Tiller (GW-9245)

Aftermarket Drive Belt for Troy-Bilt Rear Horse Tine Tiller (GW-9245)

by AfterMarket
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Specifications: * Length:22 1/2" * Width:1/2"

EARTHQUAKE 31285 Pioneer Dual-Direction Rear Tiller, 4-Cycle Viper Engine, Standard and Counter Rotating Tines, Instant Reverse Airless Wheels, Independent Grip Handles, 5-Year Warranty, Red/Black

EARTHQUAKE 31285 Pioneer Rear Dual-Direction Tiller

by Ardisam, Inc.
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EFFICIENT AND MANEUVERABLE: The transmission on the Pioneer is so efficient that it is able to accomplish equal work to larger tillers while offering the user more control. Designed for performance, the Pioneer uses a lighter and quieter engine that is right-sized for the job reducing the weight and offering a smoother, less noisy and more balanced experience during operation.

EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller, Red

EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Tine Rear Tiller

by Ardisam, Inc.
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COMPACT POWER- The 212CC Viper Engine delivers incredible sod-busting power in a compact frame which makes the Victory easy to handle without sacrificing performance. Counter rotating tines spin in the opposite direction of the self-propelled drive wheels providing the right combination of opposing forces to attack previously untilled ground with confidence.

Gas Garden Tiller Rototiller Cultivator Yard 52CC Front Tine Tool 2-Cycle Viper Engine

TFCFL Gas Garden Tiller Rototiller Cultivator Yard Front 52CC Tine Tool 2-Cycle Viper Engine

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Ideal for DIY or professional landscapers this tiller features 4 blades with 16 teeth and a high powered engine.

MONIPA Mini Garden Tiller Cultivator Gas Engine Tine Rototiller Machine 2-Stroke Single Cylinder, 52CC Air-Cooled Soil Cultivator Lawn Rotavator Farm Plant Garden Yard Tilling Tool Petrol Engine

MONIPA Mini Garden Tiller Cultivator Gas Tine Engine Rototiller Machine 2-Stroke Single Cylinder

What We like

Easy to Move & Control The two sturdy wheels make it easy to manoeuver making it easy for anyone to use. Comfortable ergonomic handle, Lightweight, easy to operate.

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Grey

Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch Corded 13.5-Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator

by American
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Lightweight, easy to operate, and convenient to store.Tine length:16 inch

Rear tine rototillers are a modern gardening marvel that have revolutionized the way home gardeners cultivate their own crops. As a person with a science degree in history, I can tell you that these tillers have a fascinating history that dates back to the early 20th century.

The earliest rototillers were actually front tine tillers, which were first developed in the 1930s. These machines were designed to till the soil in a forward direction, using a set of horizontally rotating tines to break up clods and prepare soil for planting. While these early front tine tillers were a great improvement over manual tilling methods, they could be difficult to maneuver and control, especially in tight spaces.

It wasn't until the 1950s that the rear tine rototiller was invented, which marked a major breakthrough in tiller technology. The rear tine design moved the tines to the back of the machine, which allowed for greater control and maneuverability. This design also made it easier to till in tight or confined spaces, such as garden beds or near fence lines.

Over the years, rear tine rototillers have continued to evolve and improve, incorporating new features such as adjustable tine depth, multiple speeds, and variable tine widths. Today's modern tillers are more efficient and powerful than ever before, making gardening a breeze for homeowners and small farmers alike.

One of the greatest benefits of using a rear tine rototiller is that it helps to loosen soil and make it more receptive to planting. By breaking up clods and aerating the soil, you create a healthier growing environment for your plants. This method is far easier and more efficient than traditional tilling methods, which can be back-breaking work.

Overall, the history of rear tine rototillers is a testament to human ingenuity and the quest for easier, more efficient ways of doing things. These machines have made gardening accessible to people of all skill levels, allowing more people to enjoy the fruits of their labor in their own backyard gardens.

The key design choices for the hill and furrow attachment for rear tine tillers include its convenience, versatility, and ease of adjustment. Firstly, the attachment is designed to be convenient for users as it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions for easy assembly. This feature saves users time and effort that would have been spent trying to figure out how to assemble the attachment. Additionally, its compatibility with different models of rear tine tillers makes it versatile and appeals to a wider range of potential customers.

One of the significant benefits of the hill and furrow attachment is its ability to adjust the size of hills with a tool-free system. This feature provides flexibility to users to make quick adjustments without the need for additional tools, improving productivity and efficiency. By allowing for easy adjustments, the attachment promotes the creation of consistently sized hills across the garden, resulting in even planting conditions and a high-quality yield.

Therefore, these design choices have a significant effect on the users of the product. By being convenient and versatile, users can save time and effort and can use the attachment with the tiller model of their choice, making it more accessible. Furthermore, by providing easy adjustments, users can create a more efficient and consistently planted garden. Overall, the design choices made for the hill and furrow attachment aim to make gardening a more comfortable and productive experience for users.

FAQ About rear tine rototillers

Q: What is the most reliable rear tine tiller?

A: The most reliable rear tine tiller will depend on various factors, including the brand, model, and usage. However, some of the most reliable brands of rear tine tillers include Troy-Bilt, Honda, Husqvarna, and Cub Cadet. These brands are known for their durability, efficiency, and ease of use.

Q: What rear tine tillers are made in the USA?

A: Several rear tine tillers are made in the USA, including Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and DR Power. These brands manufacture their products in the USA and focus on quality, reliability, and efficiency. Other brands such as Honda, Husqvarna, and Southland may have some of their products made in the USA, but they also have manufacturing centers in other countries.

Q: What is the most powerful tiller?

A: The most powerful tiller will depend on factors such as the engine size, depth of tilling, and soil type. Some of the most powerful tillers include the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP Rear Tine Tiller, Honda FRC800 Rear Tine Tiller, and Husqvarna CRT900L Dual rotating Rear Tine Tiller. These models are equipped with high horsepower engines, large tilling widths, and adjustable tilling depths, making them ideal for heavy-duty gardening tasks.

Q: Are any tillers made in the USA?

A: Yes, several tillers are made in the USA, including Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and DR Power. These brands are known for their quality and reliability, and they manufacture their products in the USA. Other brands such as Honda, Husqvarna, and Southland may have some of their products made in the USA, but they also have manufacturing centers in other countries. When looking for a tiller made in the USA, it is always essential to check the manufacturer's specifications carefully.

And more - if you're looking to take your gardening game to the next level, you might want to consider investing in a hiller/furrower attachment for your rear tine tiller. Not only will it make your life easier, but your plants will also thank you for the extra TLC. Luckily, many popular brands like Earthquake, Husqvarna, Southland, Powermate, Troy-Bilt, and Cub Cadet are compatible with this attachment. Shopping for a new tiller? Check out our comprehensive reviews of the 7 best rear tine tillers on the market (7 Best Rear Tine Tillers (2023 Reviews)) or read our list of the top 8 tillers overall (8 Best Rear Tine Tillers | Garden Rototiller) before making a decision. And once you have one, adding a hiller/furrower attachment is simple, with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions included. So go ahead, give your plants the fluffy, nutrient-rich soil they deserve with a hill and furrow system!


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