Top 10 Plastic Medals
for May 2023

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Looking for a way to add a touch of gold to your home decor? Look no further than plastic medals! These affordable and versatile accents can add a touch of elegance and fun to any room in the house. Whether you're hosting a sports-themed party or simply looking to celebrate a winner, plastic medals are a great way to do it. With 50 pieces in every package, you'll have plenty to work with. And since they come on 16-inch patriotic ribbons, you can easily hang them up or drape them across a shelf or mantle.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to plastic medals. Some of the top picks include the Lourdes medal, which features the image of the Virgin Mary and is a popular choice for religious home decor accents. Another popular option is the award medal, which can be customized with your own text or logo to create a unique and personalized decoration. Sports enthusiasts will love the selection of sports-themed medals, from basketball to soccer to track and field.

So what makes plastic medals such a great addition to the home? For one thing, their affordability makes them accessible to anyone, regardless of budget. Plus, they're lightweight and easy to display, making them perfect for those who like to switch up their decor frequently. And since they come in such a wide variety of styles and designs, there's sure to be something to suit every taste and decor scheme.

Whether you're adding a touch of elegance with the Lourdes medal or celebrating a winner with the classic gold medal design, plastic medals are a fun and versatile way to add some personality to your home. So why not pick up a pack today and see where your creativity takes you?

Award Medals Assortment ~ 50 Plastic 1.5

Fun Express Award Medals Assortment ~ 50 Plastic Medals 1.5" on 16" Patriotic Ribbons ~ New

by FX
What We like

Nice Work! ~ Excellent Job! ~ You're Terrific ~ Super! ~ Awesome!

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Product Features

  • 50 Plastic 1.5 inch Medals on 16 inch Patriotic Ribbons.
  • 50 Piece ~ Award Medals Assortment ~ New in sealed package.
Twdrer 24PCS Mini Trophies and Awards Set,12PCS 4 Inch Gold Plastic Trophy Cup and 12 PCS Shiny Golden Winner Medals for Kids and Adults,Party Favors

Twdrer 24PCS Mini and Trophies Awards Set

by Twdrer
What We like

Decoration: These mini trophies and awards are ideal choice for plays,photoshoots,movies,stage performances decorating and using

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Product Features

  • Suitable scene: It is not only perfect choice for recess games,talent shows,party competitions using,but also great suitable for school competition,sports activities and more
  • Best reward for kids: They are the best gifts to reward your kids and they will never forget the exciting moment of winning trophies and medals
  • Size: Trophy size: 4"/10cm tall,winner medal diameter: 1.5"/3.8cm
  • Material: Made of high quality plastic material,shiny,sturdy and durable
Biubee Pack of 72 Children's Golden Plastic Award Medals Trophy Set- 36Pcs Winner Medals Plus 36 Pcs Trophies for Sports, Competitions, Celebration and Party Favors

Biubee Pack of 72 Children's Golden Plastic Award Medals Trophy 36Pcs Set- Winner Medals Plus 36 Pcs Trophies for Sports

by Biubee
What We like

Portable Sizes: the trophies and plastic medals are both of small size, which will not take much space for storage and they are lightweight so you can take them out with less effort.

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Product Features

  • Nice Oranment: the cute plastic golden trophies and medals also can be used as decorations to adorn family tables, party situations and festive balls as long as you'd like to.
  • Warm Tips:please check our product size carefully and read the product size descriptions before purchasing to avoid possible unpleasant shopping experience.
  • 72Pcs in 1 Set: we provide 36pcs award medals and 36pcs trophies respectively in package, it's a good value for the money to have all these special rewards at purchased price.
  • Circumstances: these adorable medals and trophies are excellent goods for picnic games, soccer or sight words activity, class project, party favors, fun cookie-bake contest&etc.
Gold Medal Heavy-Duty Plastic Nacho Trays, 6

Gold Medal Heavy-Duty Nacho Plastic Trays

by MegaDeal
What We like

Recyclable (recycle code 6)

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Product Features

  • The best way to serve nachos
  • Salsa or nacho cheese lasts to last chip
Amosfun Kids Childrens Gold Plastic Winner Award Medals metal trophies and awards Celebration Reward Prizes for Sports,Olympics,Events in School,Competitions 36PCS

Amosfun Kids Childrens Gold Plastic Winner Award Medals trophies metal and awards Celebration Reward Prizes for Sports

by Amosfun
What We like

This item is made of high quality plastic material, which is durable for long lasting use.

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Product Features

  • It is a good gift for children, because they will never forget the excitement when they win the medal, and they will be encouraged to realize their dreams and achieve more goals in the future.
  • It is a great party and game toy for kids in childrens sports day or other school matches.
  • Medals are important to every competition.
  • To the winner, medal is a good prize, and it is a representative of honor and great efforts.
Gold Medal 2125 Heap-O-Corn Popcorn Plastic Bag44; 1000 Count

Gold Medal 2125 Heap-O-Corn Plastic Popcorn Bag44; 1000 Count

What We like

Twist tie seal keeps the popcorn fresh and makes it easy to transport the corn without spilling

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Product Features

  • Holds 3 oz. of popcorn
  • Poly plastic bags are excellent for display and take home sales when filled with your own delicious
  • Each uses little storage space and keeps popcorn fresh for days
  • Size : 18 long
50 Piece Goldtone Plastic Award Winner Medal - BULK

Podzly 50 Piece Goldtone Award Plastic Winner Medal

by Podzly
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Plastic Gold Medal Party Game Prizes, 24 Ct.

Unique Plastic Gold Party Medal Game Prizes

by Amscan
What We like

Coordinate with other party supplies and birthday party favors

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Product Features

  • A fun party favor for an Olympic themed party, sports theme party, or other kids birthday party
  • Package of 24 Gold Medal Party Favors
  • Plastic Olympic medals make great prizes for party games or field day competitions
  • Plastic Gold Medals with the word "Winner" on a star pattern hang from red, white, and blue lanyards
SHATCHI Plastic Gold Medals for Classroom Star Winner Kids Sports Day Olympic Game Prizes Awards Toys Bag Fillers, (6pcs-144pcs), 144pcs

SHATCHI Plastic Gold Medals for Classroom Star Winner Kids Day Sports Olympic Game Prizes Awards Toys Bag Fillers

by Gifts 4 All Occasions Ltd
What We like

Kids school Olympic plastic gold medals for winners. Perfect for party games, bag prizes gifts, sports events prizes for kids.

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Product Features

  • Material:Plastic, Medals for all occasions.
  • Gold medal on a long fabric neck cordstiched
  • Pack includes 144 assorted medals
  • Size: 4cm Diameter , Length: 35cm.
Lourdes Water Plastic Bottle filled with Blessed Lourdes Holy Water, Catholic Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer Card with Apparition Medal & Lourdes Plastic Rosary Beads - CATHOLIC GIFTS

DIRECT FROM LOURDES Lourdes Water Plastic Bottle filled with Blessed Lourdes Holy Water, Catholic Lady Our of Lourdes Prayer Card with Apparition Medal & Lourdes Plastic Rosary Beads

What We like

Plus Lourdes Prayer Card By Catholic Gift Shop Ltd

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Product Features

  • DIRECT FROM LOURDES - Lourdes Water & Rosary Gift Set.
  • laminated prayer card set with gold foil medal & Lourdes blue plastic rosary.
  • Novena Prayer Card to Our Lady with Medal
  • Lourdes plastic bottle containing Lourdes water 8.5 cm tall

As a scientist with a degree in history, I have always been fascinated by the evolution of materials and how they have impacted society. One such material that caught my attention recently is plastic, specifically plastic medals.

Plastic was first synthesized in the early 1900s, but it wasn't until after World War II that it became a popular material for everyday products. Plastic medals, however, didn't become widely used until the mid-20th century. These medals provided a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal medals as plastic was much cheaper to produce and could be molded into different shapes and sizes.

The first plastic medals were primarily used for children's events such as school sports days and competitions. These medals featured brightly colored designs, often with cartoon characters or sports icons. The popularity of plastic medals grew quickly due to their affordability and the ability to order them in bulk.

As time went on, plastic medals became more sophisticated, with companies offering custom designs and even 3D printing options. These innovations allowed for intricate designs that were not possible with metal medals. Plastic medals were also lightweight, making them easy to wear and transport.

The use of plastic medals extended to other areas, such as corporate events and charity fundraisers. Companies could order bulk quantities of customized plastic medals for their employees, while fundraiser organizers could sell plastic medals to raise money for their cause.

Today, plastic medals remain a popular choice for many events due to their versatility, affordability, and customizable options. While they may not hold the same prestige as traditional metal medals, plastic medals have their own unique charm and continue to evolve with new printing and molding techniques.

In conclusion, the history of plastic medals is a testament to how materials can impact society and how innovation can lead to new opportunities. From their humble beginnings as low-cost alternatives, plastic medals have evolved into a versatile and customizable option for a variety of events.

Key Decision-Making Factors:

1. Quantity - 50 Plastic 1.5 inch Medals

2. Ribbon Length - 16 inches

3. Design - Patriotic

4. New product in sealed package

1. Quantity - The quantity of medals included in the package is a key decision-making factor for customers when choosing an award medal assortment. With 50 plastic medals included in the package, customers can be assured that they will have enough medals to award several individuals at an event or party. Quantity is important because it saves time and effort, eliminating the need to purchase additional medals or awards to accommodate larger numbers of participants.

2. Ribbon Length - The length of the ribbon that comes with the medals is another key decision-making factor, as it determines how the medals can be worn or displayed. With a 16-inch ribbon, the medals can be worn around the neck or displayed on a wall, making them versatile for different events and occasions. The length of the ribbon is important because it adds to the overall presentation of the medals and increases their perceived value.

3. Design - The patriotic theme of the medal design is another important decision-making factor. With the patriotic design, these medals are perfect for awarding individuals who have shown patriotism or for use in events celebrating national holidays or patriotic holidays. The design is important because it adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the medals and emphasizes their significance.

4. New product in Sealed Package - The fact that this product is new and comes in a sealed package is a final key decision-making factor. Customers want to purchase products that are in new and excellent condition. Additionally, sealed packaging ensures that the medals are protected from any damage or contamination during shipment and storage. This factor is important because it improves customer satisfaction and ensures that the medals are received in the best possible condition.

In summary, customers consider several key factors when deciding to purchase an award medal assortment. The quantity of medals, ribbon length, design, and new product status are all important decision-making factors. These factors collectively contribute to the overall value and quality of the product and help customers make an informed decision.


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