10 Best Multitool Knives with Flint Fire
for November 2022

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Multitool knives are handheld pocket knives with multiple blades (usually at least 3) that enable you to tackle a wide range of tasks. They're great for camping, hiking, hunting, and working on DIY projects around the house. But finding the perfect multitool knife can be quite difficult, which is why we test them in our Kitchen Appliances Lab.

We evaluate multitool knives' performance, efficiency, ease of cleaning and price, rating them based on performance criteria and features, such as how sharp the blades are and how durable the blades are. We also put each one through a battery of tests to evaluate it's ease of use, including how easy the blades are to open and to close, how easily the blades are to swap out, and how easy they are to clean. We test the folding knives, which are the most popular style, as well as fixed-blade knives. Here are the best multitool knives with flint fire, according to testing and popular reviews.

BlizeTec Survival Knife: 5-in-1 Camping Pocket Folding Multitool Kit with LED Light, Seatbelt Cutter, Glass Breaker & Magnesium Fire Starter

BlizeTec Survival Knife: 5-in-1 Camping Pocket Multitool Folding Kit with LED Light

by BlizeTec

One of the best survival knives we tested, the BlizeTec knife is convenient to carry around and navigate while outside, and has all the essential tools you need to survive an emergency.

This multitool is a total steal at less than $10, and it's a great way to be prepared for camping or car emergencies. The emergency blade is sharp enough to saw through plastic and easily cut through seatbelts as well. The magnesium fire starter is well built and burns quite hot. The ABS plastic lens cap for the flashlight is sturdy and will protect the lens from scratches. The magnesium alloy fire starter is housed in a rugged plastic case that doubles as a protective sheath for the blade and flashlight. For the price, the pocket knife is a bargain, and snapping the blade lock shut when you close the knife is easy enough.


Overall my experience with this multitool knife has been great. It smacks of quality. The rubber coating around it keeps everything held together. And I really like the fire starter feature. It's super compact and comes in a variety of colors. The LED Light is also very convenient. One minor issue I came across was actually getting the bottle opener to work. It took a few attempts to get it right. Overall though, I'm incredibly pleased with this product and will recommend it to anyone!

Epartswide Multifunctional Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet with Flint Fire Starter,Compass,Emergency Whistle&Knife/Scraper Pack of 7

Epartswide Multifunctional Outdoor Survival Paracord with Bracelet Flint Fire Starter

by Epartswide

The paracord bracelet is easy to use, and each of the seven inner cords can be used separately or twisted together to make longer cords. The compass is easy to read, even when wearing gloves, and the solid brass fire starter lets you make fire through friction.

This utility pack is loaded with features: In addition to being shockproof, waterproof and windproof, it has a compass, fire starter, knife and scraper. The compass and scraper function perfectly, while the flint and fire starter are a bit harder to work. The rope is woven in a spiralized pattern, so it's easy to wrap and knot. The pack comes with seven inner cords, all different, so you can create a variety of bracelets, including a bowtie, for a sturdier, more narrow core. Additionally, the pack comes with a sunglass case and removable wrist strap. At $12, the pack is a decent value, but best of all, it's small enough and compact size to fit in a pocket, purse or backpack.

Camping Shovel Folding Survival Shovel Portable Shovel Multi-Tool with Knife, Whistle Flint Ferro Rod Fire Starter and Storage Pouch for Camping, Digging, Gardening, Travel, Emergency

Camping Shovel Folding Survival Shovel Shovel Portable Multi-Tool with Knife

by Yistargjqw

This camping shovel with multi-purpose tool is the perfect survival companion. The shovel has a sturdy, sharp edge that can be used for many things such as digging, prepping, and camping. The shovel also comes with another tool that can be detached from the shovel. The tool can be used as a knife, fire starter, or whistle. The shovel comes with an attached tool pouch, that can be taken off and attached to the shovel. The pouch can be used for storing tools, or can be used to carry tinder and kindling. With the shovel, fire starter, and whistle, this survival shovel can be used for many purposes.

The stakes here are high, but we think the Camping Shovel Folding Survival Shovel Portable Shovel Multi-Tool with Knife, Whistle Flint Ferro Rod Fire Starter and Storage Pouch for Camping, Digging, Gardening, Travel, Emergency delivers the goods. There are plenty of portable shovels on the market, and most of them include at least one shovel, a hoe, and a fire starter. And most include some sort of blade in addition to a hoe and a fire starter. But the Camping Shovel Multi-Tool stands out by having all of these tools, and it does this very well.

LIANTRAL Camping Hand Axe Combo Kit, Outdoor Camp Hatchet with 11.8-inch Saw Blade Knife, Flint Stone, Whistle, Plastic Cover, Black

LIANTRAL Camping Hand Axe Combo Kit


A surprisingly effective camping hatchet, especially for the price, the LIANTRAL works well as both a hammer and axe. The durable aluminum handle can make a good walking stick and the included hatchet head packs a 11.8-inch saw blade.

The LIANTRAL axe/hatchet combo kit is a great, inexpensive option for someone who wants an all-weather utility axe for use camping or hiking. The unit's sharp blade is coated in a jet-black paint, so it won't rust and will stay sharp even after use. The handle is coated in nylon, so it's both comfortable to hold and resistant to moisture. The blade is large and the head is heavy enough that it's useful for tasks beyond chopping firewood and splitting big logs. The handle is small enough that it's easy to carry, though it's also strong enough to support more than the recommended 250 pounds of force, so it's suitable for chopping drywall, splitting large logs, or even driving stakes into the ground. The saw features a spring return mechanism, so the blade automatically locks into place when it's not in use. The kit includes a fire starter and whistle, both of which are easy to use and are loud enough to be heard in a loud environment. The included plastic cover helps keep the axe dry and in good condition when not in use.

Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter - 3/8

Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter

by Texas Bushcraft LLC

Our best fire starter is compact, durable, and easy to use. The included tinder, fishing line, and cord lanyard will help you start a fire no matter what the weather.

In an emergency situation, a fire starter can be the difference between life and death. The Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter is a reliable fire starter thats small enough to store in your survival kit or vehicle kit. Made with ferro rod that ensures your survival gear stays dry in harsh conditions. The 3/8-inch thick ferro rod is waterproof, so you know youll be able to start a fire if you needed to. The lanyard on this fire starter is made in the USA from 550 lb utility paracord to ensure that it stays lit even in the wettest of weather. The ferro rod itself is constructed with 5000 F sparks perfect for starting a wide variety of tinder. Using wax thread, waxed cotton, and PE fishing line, the lanyard can be used for many different purposes including the creation of knives and spoons. The Texas Bushcraft Fire Starter includes a 3/8-inch wide striker tool attached to the lanyard to ensure that youre always prepared for emergency situations.

StatGear Surviv-All Fixed-Blade Bowie Knife with Sheath, Firestarter, Sharpener & Cord Cutter for Hunting Camping Outdoors Hiking EDC

StatGear Surviv-All Fixed-Blade Knife Bowie with Sheath

by StatGear

The StatGear Surviv-All fixed-blade knife has a full tang, straight edge blade and wire saw. There are several unique feautures. The knife is a fire starter and cord cutter. The product is made of a stainless steel blade with a fire starting whistle. It also has a sharpener built into the handle. The cord cutter works well for minor cuts so you dont have to take out your knife.

The StatGear Surviv-All Outdoor Knife has some good features, such as a fire starter and cord cutter, and it's a decent value for the price. It's a decent knife, but we've tested a few similar ones, including the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, that are slightly better. The Surviv-All has a sharper edge, but the edge isn't as sharp as the blade on the Victorinox knife is, and the blade itself is steel, not stainless, so it rusts faster. Overall, the knife is pretty unremarkable, but it's made of decent materials, it's fairly light, and the blade itself doesn't bend easily, so it's a good all-around knife to use in the outdoors.

Multi Tool & Fire Starter Set, 15 in 1 Swiss Style Army Pocket Knife with Scissors | Magnesium Fire Starter with Compass & Whistle for EDC Camping, Outdoor Survival, Hiking, Fishing

Keenstone Multi Tool & Fire Starter Set, 15 in Swiss 1 Style Army Pocket Knife with Scissors

by Keenstone

This pocket knife is well-made, chock full of useful accessories, and is fairly compact for a full size pocket knife.

The Morpilot pocket knife multitool and survival kit is an all-around winner. It's small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, yet big enough to handle almost any outdoor task imaginable. It's also the best all-around choice in its price range, and while it's not as convenient as having a built-in fire starter, having an extra emergency fire starter in the kit is certainly a bonus, and the added magnet built into the fire starter makes it easy to attach to your belt or keys. The handy carabiner hole makes the fire starter easy to tie to your backpack, and the included neck rope lets you hang it from your belt for hands-free use. The Swiss Army knife opens easily with one hand, and we found the scissors and needle especially useful. The only real complaint we ran into was that some items, like the scissors and the chisel, feel cheap and flimsy, but that fault is common to all multi-tools. The kit does include a sheath to keep everything safe, and the 15 tools in this kit make it a much better value than most of the cheaper models we looked at, though it's pricier than the cheaper model from Ever Ready.

RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Knife Upgraded For Camping Fishing Hiking Outdoor EDC Knife with Pliers Screwdrivers Bottle Opener Safety Lock Durable Sheath Unique Gift for men women

RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Knife Upgraded For Camping Fishing Hiking Outdoor EDC Knife Pliers with Screwdrivers Bottle Opener Safety Lock Durable Sheath Unique Gift for men women

by RoverTac

The RoverTac knife is one of our favorites. The safeguard locking mechanism makes it safer than any other pocket knife we have tested.

The RoverTac Pocket Knife has quickly become one of our favorite small knives. The sheath is reflective and has two zippered pockets, and the knife locks in an open position. The knife itself is built with a durable stainless steel blade that's sharp enough to easily open most packages (but not the cardboard box that holds this knife, it turns out). There's also a sturdy bottle opener, pliers, flat head screwdrivers, and a toothpick. The pocket knife is well designed, but the knife's lock mechanism is a bit clunky. Still, it's a great gift for outdoor adventurers or anyone who enjoys camping or hiking, and it's small enough that it doesn't get in the way in your pack.

Paracord Survival Bracelet Kit Adjustable with Flint fire Starter + Compass + Thermometer + Whistle + Umbrella Rope + LED Light + Multi-Tool + Card Reader (Black + ArmyGreen)

AuRiver Paracord Survival Bracelet Kit Adjustable with Flint fire Starter + Compass + Thermometer + + Whistle Umbrella Rope + LED Light + Multi-Tool + Card Reader (Black + ArmyGreen)

by BXooo

We love this outdoor gear bundle for its versatility. It can be used for hiking and camping or as an emergency band for bikers, campers, and hikers. With a multi-tool, this card reader, a whistle, and a long, adjustable cord, it will help keep you alive or make what would otherwise be a dire situation passable.

The Paracord Survival Bracelet Starter Kit from EZOWare is an all-in-one kit of survival tools designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. The paracord bracelet itself is a great utility bracelet, and the tools within the kit are well-made and easy-to-use. The 7-strand adjustable paracord bracelet is sturdy and durable and can be used to! Wrap around a tree branch to make an emergency harness, use as a duct tape replacement, or hang it from a tent hook to create an emergency shelter. The Flint fire starter can be used with or without tinder and produces a very hot spark (hot enough to start even wet wood). The paracord bracelet's kit also includes a high-quality compass, emergency whistle, emergency thermometer, umbrella rope, LED light, and a multi-function multi-tool with knife, screwdriver, awl, bottle opener, and fork. The multi-function multi-tool can also be detached from the bracelet, making it a great tactical pocket knife for camping, emergencies, or everyday carry. All the tools within the paracord bracelet kit are lightweight and compact, and the bracelet itself can be worn as a fashion accessory, too. The paracord bracelet kit is a great gift for the survival-minded person in your life.

Multitool Knives with Flint Fire - The Ultimate Survival Tool

Multitool knives are multipurpose tools that have gained immense popularity in the recent years. These knives are also known as multi-tool knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool folding knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives, multi-tool pocket knives. A multitool knife as the name suggests, is a multifunctional tool. It’s a multi-tool, a multi-tool, a multi-tool, a multi-tool. It will make life easier for you. It will give you all the power you need. You can cut ropes, build shelter, make torches, fashion weapons, and so many other handy things. All these gadgets will be right at your fingertips. Multitool knives are very versatile and easy to use. They are the perfect tools for outdoorsmen and enthusiasts. Even though multitool knives are multipurpose, they are mostly known for their fire-making function. A multitool knife isn’t just an ordinary knife. It’s a tool with more than one function. These knives have blades, files, screwdrivers, saws, and wrenches, pliers, bottle openers, and more. The best multitool knives with flint fire have pliers and a folding blade. There are two blades. One blade is serrated, and the other one is plain. This tool also has a built-in bottle opener. The blade can open up a bottle using friction or by simply pressing the button. The multitool knives with flint fire also have saws, wrenches, screwdrivers, and awls. These knives are very useful. They can be used for repairing. They can also be used for creating fire. Fire is a very important part of survival. It is important to stay prepared for difficult situations. By carrying a multitool knife with flint fire, you will be prepared for any situation. A multitool knife with flint fire is very practical.

What is a multipurpose knife and why do you need it?

Multipurpose knives are designed to be useful for many different purposes, including camping, hunting, and everyday use. Multipurpose knives have a number of features, including:
A large blade: A blade size of at least 3 inches is required for most multipurpose knives. A larger blade will allow you to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from cutting rope to chopping wood.
A sturdy handle: Most multipurpose knives are made with a wood handle; this provides a good grip when cutting or chopping wood. Some models also have a metal handle, which can provide greater durability in harsh conditions.
A high-quality blade: Some multipurpose knives are made with stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Others use carbon steel, which is less expensive but may corrode or rust over time.

What to look for and things to consider when buying a multipurpose knife

A multipurpose knife is a great tool to have around for camping, hunting, and everyday use. But before you run out and buy the first multipurpose knife you see, it's important to consider the features and quality that it should have. Here are three things you should look for when shopping for one:
The blade. The blade is the most important part of a multipurpose knife. You want a knife with a long blade that is easy to grip. You want the knife to feel comfortable in your hand and be able to get into hard-to-reach spots.
The handle. The handle should also be comfortable and non-slippery, but you don't want the handle to be too bulky. A knife with a bulky handle may be difficult to grip in small spaces or for prolonged periods of time.
The blade construction. The blade construction should consist of a steel blade, typically made of stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon-steel. Although less expensive, carbon steel blades may rust over time; these blades don't rust as easily but are more difficult to sharpen.

What are the different types of multipurpose knives?

Multipurpose knives are useful tools to have around, whether you're camping, hiking, hunting, or looking to do some home improvement. There are different types of multipurpose knife available, each with its own particular uses. There are folding knives and folding multitool knives, which are basically the same. Folding knives generally have a lock, which keeps them closed when not in use. Folding multitool knives have smaller knife blades and other tools attached to their handles. The blades of some folding multitool knives are detachable, and some have pliers or saws. Pocketknife knives are another type of multipurpose knife. These knives are smaller than folding knives, usually come in a pouch, and usually have smaller blades - often just one or two. There are also fixed-blade multipurpose knives, which have no moving parts and are intended for use in activities like hunting or self-defense.

How multipurpose knives compare to basic knives

Multi-function knives are multi-purpose tools, while basic knives are standard tools, with only one specific function. Multi-function knives can serve as multi-purpose tools, but their main function is usually some type of cutting, such as cutting rope, wood, or metal. Basic knives can only be used for one specific function, such as cutting rope or wood. Multi-function knives are more specialized than basic knives, so they're not as versatile. If you want to do two or more specific tasks, it's best to use a specific tool designed for those tasks instead of a multitool knife. Some types of multitools include pliers, screwdrivers, can openers, tweezers, scissors, bottle openers, and wrenches. Basic knives usually only include a knife blade. Multi-function knives are easier to carry than basic knives because they usually come in a compact, lightweight package. Basic knives usually take up more space because they're larger and heavier. Multi-function knives are more expensive than basic knives, but they usually include more tools, including more blades and tools.


There are different kinds of multitool knives. Each type has its pros and cons. But, these knives are very useful. They can make your life much easier. Multitool knives come in different sizes and with different features. Below is a list of recommended multitool knives. List of Multitool Knives With Flint Fire
1. Leatherman Sidekick
2. Gerber Crucial
3. Gerber Tracker
4. Gerber Legendary
5. Gerber LMF II
6. Gerber Grypmat


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