10 Best Magic Sliders Furniture Accessories
for May 2023

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Are you tired of struggling to move heavy furniture across the floor? Do you want to protect your hardwood and tile flooring from scratches and marks caused by furniture legs? If yes, then you need to consider investing in magic sliders furniture accessories. These sliders are the perfect solution for moving furniture effortlessly and protecting your delicate flooring. Magic sliders come in a variety of options, including felt furniture pads, slider packs, and floor protectors, making them the ideal choice for your home improvement needs. With the best magic sliders furniture accessories, you can quickly and easily move your heavy furniture without causing any damage to your flooring.

One of the best things about magic sliders is that they are versatile and customizable, and can be used on any piece of furniture in your home, including sofas, beds, dressers, tables, and much more. Whether you have hardwood, carpeted, or tiled floors, these sliders are designed to work smoothly on any surface. The felt pads are perfect for use on hardwood and tile floors, while the slider packs work well on carpeted surfaces.

Another great feature of magic sliders is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for any furniture leg or base. You can choose from round, square, or rectangular sliders to accommodate furniture of different shapes and sizes. Whether you need heavy-duty sliders for large bookcases or small sliders for your dining chairs, they have got you covered.

In conclusion, investing in the best magic sliders furniture accessories is an easy and affordable way to protect your floors from scratches and dents and move your heavy furniture safely and efficiently. With their durable construction, easy-to-use design, and various sizes and shapes, these sliders are essential tools that all homeowners should have in their home improvement toolkits. So why struggle with moving heavy furniture when you can make it easy and hassle-free with the right magic sliders furniture accessories?

Allstar Innovations EZ Moves Furniture Moving System for Carpeted & Hard Floor Surfaces, Move Heavy Furniture Quickly & Easily, As Seen on TV (1 Lifter Tool & 8 Sliders)

Allstar Innovations EZ Moves Furniture Moving for System Carpeted & Hard Floor Surfaces

by Allstar Innovations
What We like

BEST-SELLING PRODUCT: Each pack includes 1 Ez Moves Furniture Lifter & 8 furniture slides for all carpet and hard surface floors. Simple lift, place and slide!

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Product Features

  • MOVING MADE EASY! The do yourself furniture moving system! Simply use the Ez Moves Furniture Lifter and put the Ez Move Sliders under your large, heavy items to quickly move them across carpeted or hardwood surfaces! The unique power bar gives you ten times your natural strength!
  • REUSABLE FOR CLEANING OR FUTURE MOVING: Rearranging your furniture is a breeze thanks to these reusable furniture sliders leave them under your items for easy future moving and cleaning or remove them to use again and again!
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE There is no piece of furniture that is too large or too heavy for our Ez Move Sliders. Use them on all your favorite items, including sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, tables and much more! The rubber tip protects your furniture and the ergogenic design saves your back!
  • MOVE HEAVY FURNITURE - Youll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to move your heavy furniture perfectly into place no matter what floor youre on. The kit of furniture movers includes plastic sliders for carpeted surfaces and felt sliders for hard wood, tile and linoleum surfaces in a variety of shapes and sizes
MAGIC SLIDERS 02516 Self-Adhesive 1

MAGIC SLIDERS 02516 Self-Adhesive 1" Sliding Round Discs 16 Pack

by Magic Sliders
What We like

No batteries required

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Product Features

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Brand name: Magic Sliders
  • Item Dimensions: 7.0"L x 4.75"W x 0.6"H
Magic Sliders 4038 Series 1-1/2

Magic Sliders 4038 1-1/2" Series Sliding Disc

What We like

Brand name: Magic Sliders

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Product Features

  • Color: Gray
  • Item Weight: 0.06 lb
  • Country of Origin: United States
Magic Sliders 4100 Series 4PK 4

Magic Sliders 4100 Series 4" 4PK RND Sliding Disc

What We like

Works great on wood, vinyl, tile and carpet

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Product Features

  • Protects floors and slides on any surface
  • Slide everything as if it had wheels
  • 4-Inch 100mm round
Magic Sliders 04110 Sliding Discs, Gray

Magic Sliders 04110 Sliding Discs

by Magic Sliders LP
What We like

For small footed furniture & accessories

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Product Features

  • 4 pack
  • Works on any kind of surface, wood floors, vinyl, ceramic tile, carpeting
  • 4" x 3"
  • Move up to 3200 pounds
Felt Furniture Sliders, 20pcs-3 1/2” Furniture Sliders for Carpet, Furniture Pads Hardwoods Floors, Heavy Furniture Movers Sliders, Reusable Furniture Moving Pads, Floor Protectors for Carpet

Yelanon Felt Furniture Sliders

by Yelanon
What We like

HIGH MATERIAL & DURABLE Yelanon furniture sliders for hardwood floors made of felt and rubber foam. With self-stick layer wont stain your furniture legs and the round shape provides excellent weight distribution. Reusable sliders can help you move heavy item with little effort!

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Product Features

  • FURNITURE MOVING PADS PROTECT ALL CARPET SURFACES - 20pcs 3 1/2 Felt Sliders for hardwood floors. Just put these self-adhesive sliders stick under the furniture feet to move it, no more scratches and noise here!
  • MOVE YOUR HEAVY FURNITURE EASILY & SAFELY: Self-adhesive furniture Sliders for carpet Yelanon protect the floors from scratches while moving the furniture! SAVE YOUR FURNITURE AND FLOORS with furniture moving pads. No extra effort required, easy to move the item.
  • THICK DESIGN AND MULTIPURPOSE: The 2/5 thick perfect for both round & square FURNITURE LEGS WITH A DIAMETER OF 3 1/2 and provide lasting protection with bottom Felt pad. IT CAN BE USED ON: table, dresser, couch, piano, recliner, sofa, bed, and other heavy furniture on all type carpets and quickly and easily move them!
GorillaGlides 1 Inch Chair Sliders/Floor Protectors (16 Furniture Glides) Screw-On or Self-Adhesive, for Sliding on Carpet & Hard Surface Floors, Round, CB253-16

Slipstick GorillaGlides 1 Inch Chair Sliders/Floor (16 Protectors Furniture Glides) Screw-On or Self-Adhesive

by Slipstick
What We like

SCREW ON OR SELF-STICK ATTACHMENT Includes 16 round 1-inch plastic sliders which feature strong adhesive backings for quick attachment as well as 16 screws for more permanent attachment under chair or furniture foot

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Product Features

  • PROTECTS FLOORS FROM FURNITURE FEET - Prevents furniture legs / bottoms from damaging floor surface and great for use on carpet, tile floors, rugs, slate, timber decking, ceramic, and more (Use GorillaFelt CB257-16 or GorillaFelt CB2514 felt cap inserts to protect vinyl, laminate and wood floors)
  • ULTRA-LOW FRICTION SLIDERS Ultra low friction chair glides make sliding furniture effortless and provides smooth and quiet gliding on carpet and hard surface floors (Use GorillaFelt CB257-16 or CB2514 felt slider caps to protect hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors)
  • PREMIUM FLOOR PROTECTORS FOR CHAIR LEGS Ideal slider feet for dining chairs, kitchen tables, stools, armchairs, coffee tables and furniture legs 1 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter at foot
BLACK+DECKER BWDS Washer Dryer Stacking Rack Stand, White

BLACK+DECKER BWDS Washer Stacking Dryer Rack Stand

by W Appliance Company
What We like

EASY INSTALLATION: Follow our easy to use installation guide for quick assembly. Hardware for assembly is included (requires screwdriver and drill for wall brackets). Made with heavy duty steel for durability.

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Product Features

  • COMPATIBLE DRYERS: For BLACK+DECKER Portable Dryers BCED26 and BCED37. Also fits any compact dryer with maximum weight of 60 lbs. Dryer shelf space is 24.6 W x 21.4 D.
  • COMPATIBLE WASHERS: For BLACK+DECKER Portable Washers: BPWM09W, BPWM16W and BPWM20W. Also fits any washer with a footprint of 22.7 W x 21.5 D. (Washer depth can extend outside the front). Bottom washer space has height of 48.8.
  • SPACE SAVING STACKING RACK: Steel dryer stack rack (33.1 lbs.) allows a portable dryer to be stacked above a portable washer to save space, making it perfect for tight spaces and small apartments.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: This dryer stacking kit includes 2 anti-tip brackets to keep appliance safely secured to the wall and rubber pads to prevent slipping. Connect dryer legs to stand while washer rests on a wide base for added security.
Furniture Sliders for Carpet & Hard Floor,WANLILAI 16 PCS 2.5 Inch Self-Stick Furniture Sliders Movers Carpet Coasters for Carpet Chair Table Desk Reusable Round Glides Glider Pads (for Carpet)

WANLILAI Furniture Sliders for & Carpet Hard Floor

What We like

GIFTS & CUSTOMER FIRST - This must be the most popular furniture type gift this year, with its smooth surface and round design, it makes your life easier and enhances your efficiency.WANLILAI focus on customer satisfaction, if you have any questions, we can provide 24-hour online after-sales support.

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Product Features

  • GREAT VALUE & SUPERB CRAFTSMANSHIP - WANLILAI to meet your furniture moving needs, the package contains 16pcs 1 inch furniture sliders for carpet, made of high-quality felt + EVA foam + plastic, with excellent durability and sturdiness, not easy to damage and break, can be used repeatedly for a long time.
  • EASY HELP TO MOVE YOUR FURNITURE - Are you still annoyed by the inconvenience of your furniture?WANLILAI Furniture moving slider can easily solve your troubles. Just put these furniture moving pads with smooth surfaces under these items, you can move them quickly and easily on the carpet surface at home, reducing scratches and damage to carpet and flooring surfaces.
  • WIDE APPLICABILITY - This smooth furniture movers can effectively help you reduce friction and noise when moving, and provide extra grip and stability. Perfect for chairs, sofas, tables, beds, dressers, desks, cabinets, bookcases and other furniture and household appliances.
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN & EASY OPERATION - Not only can help you move easily, it can also protect your furniture, but also reduce your usual cleaning tedious.
32 Pcs Chair Leg Protectors for Hardwood Floors, Silicone Felt Furniture Leg Cover Pad for Protecting Floors from Scratches and Noise, Smooth Moving for Chair Feet

OASMU 32 Pcs Chair Protectors Leg for Hardwood Floors

What We like

Adapted to every kind of shape It can be applied to various shapes of round and square chair feet, such as restaurant chairs, terrace chairs, kitchen chairs, metal bistro chairs, etc.

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Product Features

  • Reduce noise and prevent bumpsIt can protect furniture feet, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, reduce noise and prevent bumps. Felt pad on the bottom reduces resistance and allow easy, smooth movement of furniture without lifting.
  • Common sizeSuitable for chair foot with perimeter of 3-14/16" to 6-5/16" (98-160mm). Round diameter 1-1/4" to 2" (33-50mm). Square length 1-1/16 to 1-9/16" (27-40mm).
  • Easy to installThe soft silicone cap is easy to put on, no need to paste, no tools needed, and not easy to fall off.
  • [The felt pad will not fall offThe package includes 32 pieces. Our upgraded silicone chair leg cover is equipped with a felt pad. We combine the felt and silicone into an integral part.

Once upon a time, moving heavy furniture was a task that required a lot of effort, energy, and manpower. People would often have to call on friends or rent specialized equipment just to move a couch or a bed. But all of that changed with the invention of a simple yet ingenious product – the Magic Sliders Furniture Accessories.

The Magic Sliders were first introduced in the early 1990s by a company called Waxman Consumer Group. The idea behind these furniture accessories was to provide an easy and efficient way to move heavy furniture without damaging floors or causing strain to the back.

The Magic Sliders were made of a durable material that could withstand the weight of heavy furniture. They were designed to be placed under furniture legs and allowed the furniture to glide smoothly across floors. The unique bottom surface of the Magic Sliders reduces friction and prevents scratches, gouges, or other floor damage.

The popularity of the Magic Sliders quickly spread as people realized the benefits of this simple yet effective product. Over the years, the company has expanded its range of Magic Sliders to include different shapes and sizes for different types of furniture and flooring.

One of the great things about Magic Sliders is their versatility. They can be used not only for moving furniture but also for rearranging it or cleaning floors. The fact that they are reusable makes them a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

In addition to their practical benefits, Magic Sliders also have a bit of a magical appeal. People who use them often marvel at how easily heavy furniture can be moved with such little effort. This magical quality is what inspired the name "Magic Sliders."

Today, Magic Sliders are sold in stores and online all over the world. They have become a staple in households, offices, and businesses everywhere. And while they may seem like a small invention, they have had a big impact on making our lives easier and more convenient. The success of the Magic Sliders is a testament to the power of simple yet effective solutions to everyday problems.

The design choices of the Ez Moves Furniture Lifter and Sliders have had a significant impact on the user experience beyond what the manufacturer says. The key design choices include the power bar for lift, the reusable nature of the sliders, and the variety of slider shapes and sizes.

The power bar feature allows users to lift and move heavy furniture with ease by providing them with a mechanical advantage. However, this may also lead users to overestimate their abilities and potentially injure themselves if they lift more than they are capable of handling.

The reusability of the sliders is a convenient and eco-friendly design choice, allowing users to use them multiple times for future moving and cleaning. This also saves users money in the long run by not having to purchase disposable movers every time they need to rearrange their furniture. However, some users may find it cumbersome to remove the sliders after use, especially if they are not particularly strong.

The variety of shapes and sizes of sliders is a practical design choice that accommodates various types of furniture and surfaces. However, some users may find it challenging to figure out which slider to use for their specific furniture piece and surface and may require some trial and error.

Overall, the design choices of the Ez Moves Furniture Lifter and Sliders have provided users with a convenient and efficient way to move heavy furniture. However, users should also be mindful of their limitations and use caution when using the product.

FAQ About magic sliders furniture accessories

Q: What do you put under heavy furniture to slide?

A: To slide heavy furniture easily without damaging your floors, use furniture sliders. These sliders come in different shapes and sizes and can be placed under the legs or corners of your furniture to reduce friction and make it easy to move them around.

Q: Can you use furniture sliders permanently?

A: While furniture sliders are designed to be reusable, they are not meant to be used permanently. You can use them to move furniture temporarily, such as when cleaning or rearranging your space, or when moving to a new location. Leaving them under your furniture for an extended period can cause the sliders to wear out or damage your floors.

Q: Do Magic Sliders work on carpet?

A: Yes, Magic Sliders work on carpet. These sliders have a unique design that allows them to move easily over carpet, making it easier to move heavy furniture without damaging your floors.

Q: How do you use super sliders for furniture?

A: To use super sliders for furniture, simply place the sliders under the legs or corners of your furniture. Make sure the sliders are securely placed to avoid slipping, and then apply pressure or lift the furniture to move it around. Super sliders can be used on different surfaces, including hardwood floors, carpet, tile, and linoleum.


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