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for June 2023

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If you're a DIY enthusiast, a professional contractor or someone who loves to tackle home improvement projects, you understand the importance of having accurate measurements. Gone are the days of struggling with a tape measure or ruler. With the advent of laser measures, measurement accuracy has never been easier. Laser measures are designed to measure distances accurately and quickly without the hassle of manually recording measurements. These devices emit a laser beam that bounces off of a surface and returns to the device to give an accurate measurement. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the top 10 laser measures that are essential for any Tool & Home Improvement enthusiast. These laser measures come with a variety of features such as backlit LCD screens and Pythagorean calculations to provide you with the most accurate measurements of distance, area, volume, length, and more. These laser measures are sure to make your next project a success with their accuracy, convenience, and easy to use features. So, whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, read on to see which laser measure will work best for you. Let's take the hassle out of measuring distances with these top-performing laser measures.

Laser Measure, DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure M/In/Ft Unit switching Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume - Hand Strap and Battery Included DT100

Auroland Laser Measure, DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure M/In/Ft switching Unit Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume

What We like

DURABLE AND HANDY - IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protect the laser distance measure to the maximum extent; Portable size and hard rubber body provide a good grip; Wrist strap lets you hold the meter steady and carry easily

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Product Features

  • HIGH ACCURACY - With laser precision technology, accuracy ups to 1/16inch, measuring distance extends to 328 feet; Switchable among M/In/Ft for free adjustment
  • MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT FEATURES - Area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-three points; Addition and subtraction; Low battery indication; 20 groups data memory; Manually delete data; Auto shut down after 150s without any operation to save power
  • LCD BACKLIGHT AND MUTE SETTING - Large backlight screen provides you with a better visibility in dark areas; Mute setting allows you turn on or off the measure beep at your will, suitable for using in library, classroom and other quite places
Laser Measure, atolla Laser Distance Meter (196Ft M/In/Ft) up to 60m/±2mm Accuracy with Mute Function, Waterproof IP54, Bubble Level, LCD Backlit for Pythagorean Mode, Measuring Distance, Area, Volume

atolla Laser Measure

by atolla
What We like

Easier & Compact- The atolla Laser Measurement Tool provides an easier and faster way to meet the needs of precise measurements. Due to its compact design, it can be easily pack in a bag or jacket pocket. And a removable hand strap can ensure its safe handling

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Product Features

  • IP54 & Power Saving- The housing of this high-quality laser measurement tool is made of robust PC and ABS plastic, which accounts for its splash-proof and dustproof (IP54) features. Besides, the tool has an Auto-Off function, which allows distance meter automatically turned off when it senses there is no activity in 3 mins
  • Various Measuring Modes from 0.15 to 60m- The atolla Laser Measure Tool is an advanced measuring tool apply for indoor measurement as well as for outdoor construction sites, which has different measurement modes including single measurement, continuous measurement (with Min/Max function), area/ volume measurement and Pythagoras Measurement. atolla Laser Measurement Tool is a Class II laser product with less than 1mW power output. Measuring range covers from 0.15 to 60m
  • Extension Functions- With this portable distance meter you can easily set up in meter/inch/foot. Up to 20 records can be saved and retrieved. The tool also has the mute button, and the functions of add/subtract measurements and self-calibration
  • Precise Measurement- Thanks to the advanced laser technology, the measurement accuracy of +/- 2mm is achieved. The multi 4-line backlit LCD is easy to read and even in dark environments. There are 2 bubble levels installed for precise vertical and horizontal alignment of the laser. The default reference point can be set from the front or the rear of the tool. The laser measure results can also be adjusted by +/- 7mm if necessary
Laser Measure 393Ft - LOMVUM Laser Tape Measure Laser Measurement Tool with M/In/Ft Unit Switching, Backlit LCD, Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume - Carry Pouch and Battery Included

Lomvum Laser Measure 393Ft

What We like

DURABLE AND PORTABLE DESIGN: Covered soft rubber is for more shock-resistant and wear-resistant; IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protect the laser distance measure to the maximum extent; Wrist strap lets you hold the meter steady and carry easily

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Product Features

  • LCD BACKLIGHT AND MUTE SETTING: Large backlight screen provides you with a better visibility in dark areas; Mute setting allows you turn on or off the measure beep at your will. Broad use for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses etc
  • HIGH ACCURACY: With laser precision technology, Compared to Bubble Levels, it can be more intuitive and easier to find the horizontal direction, helps to improve the accuracy of the vertical bevel; Distance Measuring Range: 0.1 to 393 feet, Extreme Accuracy: 1/16"; Switchable among M/In/Ft for free adjustment
  • MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT MODES: Three measuring reference Rear/Front/End piece allows you to project Single Distance/Area/Volume Measurement, Continuous Measurement, Auto Level/Height Measurement, Measurement by Pythagoras; Optional side measure button enables much more measuring convenience; Internal memory can store 20 groups measurements
Tacklife S5-60 Upgraded Laser Measure 196Ft M/Ft/Inch Rechargeable Mute Laser Distance Meter with Electronic Angle Sensor Backlit LCD Pythagoras for Distance,Area, Volume-99 Records+Re-calibration

Tacklife S5-60 Upgraded Laser Measure 196Ft M/Ft/Inch Rechargeable Mute Laser Meter Distance with Electronic Angle Sensor Backlit LCD Pythagoras for Distance

What We like

Package Contents: 1 x TACKLIFE S5-60M Laser Rangefinder, 1 x Cloth Bag, 1 x Reflective Plastic Sheet, 1 x USB Charging Cable,1 x Lithium Battery, 1 x User Manual

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Product Features

  • Multiple Measurement Modes & Cumulative Addition and Subtraction-Length, area, volume, triangle, pythagorean, pythagoras, various measurement modes to meet different user needs. The laser rangefinder supports the addition, subtraction of length, area and volume
  • Front and Rear Reference Switching & Continuous Measurement-The laser range finder supports front and rear reference switching, and the front and rear of the range finder are +9cm/-9cm. The laser rangefinder supports continuous measurement, The high-precision laser head assembly can measure quickly and accurately within 0.3s
  • Delay Measurement & Electronic Angle Measurement- The laser range finder supports time-lapse measurements with a delay time range of 3-60 seconds to meet a variety of measurement needs. The laser range finder supports electronic angle measurement, and the angle is automatically measured with the mobile range finder
  • Data Storage &Auto Calibration- The laser rangefinder supports the storage of 99 sets of measurement data. When the product has an error for various reasons, it can be corrected using automatic calibration,then the accuracy is improved
PREXISO Laser Tape Measure, 2-in-1 Laser Measure 135Ft & Tape Measure 16 Ft, Rechargeable Laser Distance Measure with Color Display, Multi-Measurement Modes, Nylon Coating Tape with Magnetic Hook

PREXISO Laser Tape Measure

by Prexiso AG
What We like

More Features & IncludeMade of ABS material for comfortable grip; Three buttons easy operation; Strong and shock resistance for long lasting use; PLT40LI 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measuring Device 135Ft/16Ft(contains Li-ion battery ); USB changing; User Manual; Package Box

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Product Features

  • Convenient Equipped with Li-ion Rechargeable Battery and USB charging, more environmental and energy-saving, one full charge allows for 5000 measurements; Inverted Backlit Color Display improves better readability in low-light conditions; With Belt Clip, you can easily carry it everywhere
  • Excellent Tape MeasureDesigned with Magnetic Hook, which can firmly attaches to ferrous material and greatly enhances the stability of blade; Nylon coating blade resists rust and corrosion. Double-sided scale for more convenient measure; High precision tape measure will always stay straight for more accurate and less effort; Hands-free blade lock ensure safety and improve efficiency
  • High Accuracy Laser MeasureLaser: Class 2, maximum laser output
  • Wide Application 2-in-1 Laser Tape MeasureCombining a 135 Ft laser measure and a 16 Ft tape measure, you can freely choose measurement mode depending on length and room, ideal for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, etc.
PREXISO Mini Laser Measure, 135Ft Rechargeable Laser Distance Meter with High Accuracy Multi-Measurement Units M/In/Ft, and Pythagorean, Distance, Area, Volume Modes

PREXISO Mini Laser Measure

by Prexiso AG
What We like

Mini Size1/3 volume of normal laser distance measure, made of ABS material, small body and compact mode fits in hand perfectly, provides comfortable grip and gives you convenient operation. With a hand strap, you can put it in your pocket or carry it everywhere. Saving effort and time for you

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Product Features

  • Rechargeable BatteryDigital laser measure equipped with Li-ion rechargeable battery and USB charging, you dont need to replace batteries frequently, more environmental and energy-saving, 3-5 hours long battery lasting
  • Package ContentsPrexiso P40B-3LI Mini Laser Measuring Device 135Ft(contains Li-ion battery ); USB changing; User Manual; Hand Strap; Package Box. Can be a ideal holidays gift for your family or friends
  • Multifunctional MeasurementThere are 6 laser measure modes of our mini laser include Distance, Continuous, Area, Volume, Pythagorean Method-two Points and Pythagorean Method-three Points meeting you different needs, Calibration, Reference Change and Automatic shutdown without operation for 120s also assures you a easy and quick measurement to improve efficiency
  • High AccuracyLaser: Class 2,
Laser Measure, ACEGMET 229Ft M/In/Ft Laser Measuring Tape Backlit LCD with Mute Function, Measure Distance, Area and Volume, Pythagorean Mode Laser Measuring Device with 2 Bubble Levels

ACEGMET Laser Measure

What We like

[STABLE AND RELIABLE] The laser measure tool can complete most measurements in 0.5 seconds. You can also manually delete the data in the laser measurement tool. The continuous measurement mode records the maximum and minimum values measured by the laser distance meter. The dual bubble levels help to obtain more accurate measurements. There will be an audio prompt after each measurement. The product comes with a durable storage bag that provides protection from dust

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Product Features

  • [EASY USER EXPERIENCE] The 2-inch large LCD with backlight provides better visibility in low light conditions. Large fonts help you read the data from the laser measurement tool more easily. The laser measure tape can store 20 sets of data. When you need to process multiple sets of data, you can use the calculation function of the laser measuring tools. This laser distance measuring tool can add and subtract two sets of data. High quality soft silicone buttons give you superior tactile feedback
  • [PRACTICAL FOR MULTIPLE SITUATIONS] Our digital laser tape measure can measure up to 229 feet and electronic measuring tape laser is suitable for everyday home use as well as measuring large commercial areas such as buildings, factories and warehousing. Simply with one click, you can switch between distance, volume, area measurement, Pythagorean measurement and continuous measurement. You can also freely switch the units in Ft/In/M
  • [MORE ACCURATE RESULTS] We improve the accuracy of laser measure by continuously optimizing the algorithm of the laser distance measure and using high quality materials. In traditional laser measuring device the heat generated by the board after multiple uses can significantly affect the accuracy of the measurement. With our product, we upgraded the traditional single laser tube structure to a dual laser tube structure. This change effectively reduces the error caused by excessive temperature
Laser Measure 196 Ft - Tavool Laser Tape Measure Mini Digital Laser Measurement Tool Distance Meter Laser Measuring M/In/Ft Backlit LCD Angle Sensor USB Rechargeable Mute Measure Distance Area Volume

Tavool Laser Measure 196 Ft

by Tavool
What We like

Unique Design - Pocket size laser measure with a delicate design with aluminum alloy material make your laser measure a high-end device which is unique in the digital measurements field. Compact design fits in every pocket, it is convenient for you to carry to any place.

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Product Features

  • Customer Service - Tavool provide 7*24 hours technical support and customer service. This laser measurement tool is safety to use: Level Type: Class 2, MAX OUTPUT: 1mW, =635nm if you have any question, please feel free to let us know
  • Multiple Application - This laser measure has length, area and volume measurement modes, This tape measure allows you to measure area and volume by automatic calculation. Tavool laser measure tape is great for indoor and outdoor use, such as house decoration, building construction and real estate related. It is idea for the measurements for large areas like the height of your ceiling and a tree, the area of your rooms, apartments, buildings, factories, warehouses, etc
  • High Accuracy - Tavool laser measurements tool provides 196 Feet distance laser measuring with extreme accuracy within 1/16 inch to meet your regular measurement needs in different occasions. Tavool laser tape measure add electronic angle sensor which can improve the accuracy by easily finding the horizontal direction
  • Easy to Use - Unit switching freely from M/In/Ft, 20 Groups data memory ensure you to record accurate measurements. The laser measure tape get mute function which allows you to measure in quiet area. The laser measure tool will automatic shutdown without operation 15s for power saving; Backlit LCD allows you read in the darkness. USB rechargeable batteries easy to charge. Tavool Laser Measure is a great measurement tool to improve your working efficiency
HANMATEK 328ft/100m Laser Measure Ft/In/M Switching LM100 Laser Measurement Tool Devices with 2 Bubble Levels Distance Meter,Large Backlit LCD and Pythagorean Mode, Carry Pouch and Battery Included

Auroland HANMATEK 328ft/100m Laser Measure Ft/In/M Switching LM100 Laser Tool Measurement Devices with 2 Bubble Levels Distance Meter

What We like

DURABLE AND EASY TO USE - IP54 waterproofness and dust protection function protect the laser distance measuring device to the maximum extent. Portable size and hard rubber body ensure a good grip; With the hand strap you can hold the measuring device steadily and carry it easily.

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Product Features

  • LARGE LCD BACKLIGHT AND MUTE SETTING - The large backlight screen gives you better visibility in dark areas. With the mute function, you can switch the acoustic signal on or off as you wish. Suitable for use in libraries, classrooms, and other quiet locations.
  • MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT FUNCTIONS - area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method - three points; Addition and subtraction; Low battery indicator; 99 groups of data memory; Delete data manually; Automatic shutdown after 150 seconds without operation to save electricity.
  • HIGH ACCURACY&STABILITY - Using laser precision technology, accuracy up to 1/16 inch, measurement distance extends up to 328ft/100m; Switchable between Ft / In / M for free adjustment. With unique 2 bubble levels and auto-calibration function which enable a more precise and stable measurement compared to no bubble.
Laser Measure 262ft, cshare Laser Measurement Tool 80M, Digital Laser Distance Meter, USB Rechargeable Electronic Tape Ruler with Backlit LCD for Area Volume Pythagorean Measuring Device (Gray)

cshare Laser Measure 262ft

by cshare
What We like

Durable and Portable DesignThe refined metal shell of this digital distance measuring tool is for more shock-resistant and offers a more comfortable touch feel. IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protect the laser measuring tape to the maximum extent. Wrist strap let you hold the meter steady and carry easily.

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Product Features

  • Multiple Measurement ModesThis laser measuring device has Rear/Front-end baseline ,allows you to fast Automatic calculation of area and volume;3 units for selection:M/In/Ft(Long Press U button to switch the unit); Self-calibration; Addition and subtraction; Automatic shutdown without operation 45s; The screen turns off after 15 seconds, press the right button to restore the last measured data.
  • High-precision Distance MeterAccuracy of this laser distance measure is 2mm and a wide measurement range from 0.03m-80m/262ft, With electronic bubble level to improve accuracy. Last 20 sets of measure data can be saved and recalled. Mute function. Automatic calibration. (other color: Blue and Gold).
  • USB chargeable & Backlight This laser meter rangefinder powered by energy-saving and eco-friendly lithium battery, which allows you to measure distance for 3000 times when fully charged. Four-line of data LCD display and high definition backlight enable us to compare data more clearly and conveniently.
  • Widely UsedMulti-purpose laser measure device can be widely used in interior decoration, interior design, construction (rooms, buildings, factories, warehouses), etc. Very good for realtors.

Laser measures have revolutionized the way we measure distances. Today, we take these devices for granted, but their history is fascinating. Let's take a journey through time and explore the history of laser measures.

1960s to 1980s: The Emergence of Laser Technology

Laser technology was first developed in the 1960s, with the invention of the ruby laser. Within a few years, the technology became more refined, and new types of lasers were developed. These lasers emitted high-intensity beams of light that could be precisely focused.

In the 1980s, laser technology became more accessible to the general public, with the development of affordable laser pointers. These devices used low-power lasers to create a bright, focused beam of light.

1990s: The Rise of Laser Distance Measures

In the 1990s, manufacturers started using laser technology to create distance-measuring devices. The first laser distance measures were relatively simple, using a low-power laser to measure the distance between two points.

In the late 1990s, the technology advanced significantly, with the introduction of high-precision laser distance measures. These devices used high-powered lasers to measure distances with incredible accuracy, often up to 1/16th of an inch.

2000s to Present: The Continued Evolution of Laser Measures

In the 2000s, laser measures continued to evolve. New features were added, such as the ability to measure volume and calculate areas. The devices became more compact and user-friendly, with large, easy-to-read displays.

Today, laser measures are an essential tool for professionals in a wide range of industries, including construction, architecture, and engineering. They are used to measure distances, areas, volumes, and angles with incredible precision.

Conclusion: The Future of Laser Measures

The history of laser measures is one of continual improvement and innovation. As technology continues to advance, laser measures will likely become even more precise and easier to use. With the introduction of new features and capabilities, laser measures will continue to be an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Key Decision-Making Factors and Performance Rating:

1. High Accuracy - Rating: 5/5

One of the most crucial factors when it comes to measuring is accuracy. The device's accuracy rating determines the level of precision and reliability you can expect from its measurements. This laser measuring device boasts an accuracy of up to 1/16inch, providing you with highly precise measurements. With such a high accuracy rating, you can rest assured that you are getting precise measurements for your DIY or professional projects.

2. Multiple Measurement Features - Rating: 5/5

The device's functionality and measurement features are also essential factors to consider. This measuring device offers versatile measurement features, including area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-three points, addition and subtraction. These features are designed to cater to a broad range of applications, allowing you to measure anything from basic room dimensions to complex shapes and angles. Also included in the features are a low battery indicator, 20 groups data memory, and an auto shut-down feature.

3. LCD Backlight and Mute Setting - Rating: 4/5

The device's display and sound features are essential for user convenience and comfort when measuring. A large backlight screen is provided to improve visibility in low light areas for better readings. The mute setting feature allows you to switch off the sound during use. This feature is essential for use in quiet spaces, like classrooms and libraries, where noise can be a disturbance. The performance rating for this factor is four out of five, given that some users may prefer not to compromise on sound feedback while still enjoying the features of the device.


Overall, the key decision-making factors of a measuring device include its accuracy rating, multiple measurement features, display, and sound features. From the product description above, this measuring device offers excellent features to cater to various measurement needs accurately. With a high accuracy rating, versatile measurement features, and user-friendly display and sound setting, this tool is ideal for anyone looking to complete their DIY or professional projects with precision and accuracy.

FAQ About laser measures

Q: What is the best most accurate laser measure?

A: The best and most accurate laser measure may vary depending on individual needs, but some of the top-rated options include the Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure, Bosch GLM400CL Blaze Outdoor 400 ft. Connected Laser Measure, and the Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure.

Q: What is the best laser measure for surveyors?

A: Surveyors require high-accuracy and multi-functional laser measures to accurately measure distances, areas, and volumes. Some of the best laser measures for surveyors include the Leica DISTO D2, Trimble Spectra Precision Laser LL100N, and Bosch GLM 50CX.

Q: What is the most accurate tool to measure distance?

A: Laser measures are considered the most accurate tool to measure distance. They use laser technology to provide precise measurements with up to 1/16 inch accuracy, making them ideal for a range of applications, from DIY projects to professional construction and surveying.

Q: What is the longest range laser measure?

A: The longest range laser measures can measure distances up to 1000 feet or more. Some of the top-rated options with long-range capabilities include the Bosch GLR825, Leica Geosystems Disto D810 Touch, and the Hilti PD-I laser measure.


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