7 Ways to Boost Page Views in WordPress

7 Ways to Boost Page Views in WordPress

Nothing can be more painful than seeing your WordPress site getting higher bounce rate and lower conversion rate. A web visitor may abandon your website if it is not up to their expectations. No matter how beautifully you crafted your WordPress website, if it is not user-friendly, you won't be able to generate quality leads for your business.

To boost the page views in your WordPress site, you'll need to do some serious work and find out how to stimulate more people to stay longer on your site. Play with some creative tricks to encourage real-time visitors to browse other pages before closing your site.

Being a WordPress website owner, you should focus on retaining both your existing as well as new web visitors. Give them reasons to stay longer on your site to explore other pages or posts – this will improve the page views count on your site.

Although it is hard to attract more targeted web audience towards the site, you can use some creative yet effective tips that can help you earn more page views as well as increased conversion rate. Below are some WordPress tips that will help you achieve your desired goals quickly and efficiently.

1. Use fresh, quality and inviting content

Using quality, unique and engaging content has a great potential to drive and retain targeted web visitors on your website. You should give your visitors a substantial reason to stay on your site and browse other web pages. And for that, you can create relevant and informative blog posts, articles, images, forums, videos and a lot more for your site.

Encourage people to explore more about your site via your web content so that you will generate more page views. Also, make sure that you know what your targeted web visitors expect from you and your site. This will help you create user-centric content and also stimulate your content marketing campaign.

2. Optimize your content for search engines

Creating quality and engaging content won't be enough. For getter higher conversions and page views, you will also need to optimize them for search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Make your content SEO-friendly by adding main keyword phrase related to your business. Also, create search engine optimized titles for each of your blog posts and articles.

Fortunately, WordPress comes with a ton of powerful SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack to let you optimize your content (including web pages, posts, and Metadata) for search engines. It also helps you in submitting your XML sitemap to all popular search engine web masters to improve your SEO ranking.

So, don't forget to download and install the best SEO plugin into your WordPress site if you want to boost your page views.

3. Divide long and lengthy blog posts

Posting long articles is not a bad thing. Just make sure that it won't down turn the page views in your WordPress site. To leverage the benefits of long posts, then you can divide them into two or more individual posts using Page-Link Tag.

For adding that Page-Link Tag, you will need to type “" at the bottom of your long blog post pages. This will automatically generate numbered pages at the bottom of your post page to let visitors click to the next page of your post, without any discontinuity.

4. Display related posts at the end of your web pages

This is one of the best ways to entice people to read more pages of your site. You can display related posts at the end of your articles to let readers click more posts of your website, without any distraction.

You can list 4 to 5 relevant posts at the end of each web page to encourage people to explore more about your website or related article before closing the tap. This will drastically improve your page views, which in turn increase your conversion rate and reduce bounce rate.

5. Interlinking of posts is essential

Interlinking is one of the best strategies to get more views on WordPress web pages. You can add the link to other posts and pages within your content to let visitors click directly on the suggested link instantly.

WordPress makes it super easy to do an interlinking. All you need to do is to highlight your content/text where you want to insert a link, click the 'Insert/edit link' button either in the visual editor or text editor, and click on ' Or link to existing content. Just make sure you interlink a relevant post to the selected text or content.

A right interlink strategy can reduce your bounce rate and generate more page views. Plus, it lets search engine boots to crawl and index your posts and pages quickly and effectively.

6. Improve the page load times

Speed is one of the major concerns, especially when it comes to a good SEO practice. You can't overlook the page load times of your WordPress site if you want to boost your page views as well as conversion rates.

Using long and image-heavy blog posts could make your site run extremely slow. And according to the survey, 47 percent of web users abandon a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. That means running a sluggish website can be the real disadvantage for you as a website owner.

Therefore, it becomes essential for website owners to run a regular speed test for page load times using tools like GTMetrix and Pingdom. Apart from this, make sure you consider the following tips to make your site run faster:

  • Choose a reliable hosting provider
  • Use a caching plugin
  • Use CDN services
  • Image optimization
  • Compress JS and CSS files, etc.

7. Build accessible and user-friendly Category Menu

Make sure you give your real-time visitors a rich and hassle-free browsing experience whenever they visit your site. By creating beautiful, accessible and user-friendly category menu, featuring all pages of your site can help people find the desired page or post instantly. You also need to follow the latest web design trends, and edit your website as per the trend.

Fortunately, WordPress comes with a ton of beautiful themes that includes an inbuilt category menu feature or support custom menu feature to let you highlight key areas of your site quickly and easily.

With the use of a well-structured categories menus, you can encourage people to browse more pages of your site seamlessly, which in turn, increases the chances of getting more page views.


These are the seven most compelling and trending tricks/tactics that will help you boost your page views in WordPress quickly and efficiently. Just make sure you follow these tips carefully and understand what your web visitors expect from you.

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