10 Best Hiking Sticks for Womans
for June 2023

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Hiking is an exhilarating outdoor activity that allows you to explore nature while getting some exercise. It’s also a great opportunity to clear your mind and experience the beauty of the great outdoors. However, hiking can also be tough on your body, especially if you’re not using the right gear. This is where hiking sticks for women come in. Hiking sticks, also known as trekking poles, walking sticks, or collapsible sticks, are designed to provide stability, support, and balance during your hike. They can help reduce the impact on your knees and joints, prevent slips and falls, and improve your overall hiking experience. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the 10 best hiking sticks for women, featuring lightweight, durable, and comfortable options made from high-quality aluminum. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner looking to get started, these hiking sticks are sure to make your next adventure a safer and more enjoyable one.

Covacure Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles - Aluminum Alloy 7075 Trekking Sticks with Quick Lock System, Telescopic, Collapsible, Ultralight for Hiking, Camping

Covacure Trekking Poles Hiking Collapsible Poles

by covacure
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Installation Tips- Watch the video below our pictures to know how to install trekking poles. Please confirm the screw is tightened when using. The height of the poles has adjustment range of 20cm. Choose the sizes that best fit you. Note: Please be careful not to exceedSTOP.

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Product Features

  • Upgraded Tri-fold Design - Covacure Hiking poles provids telescopic and foldable tri-fold design. You can freely adjust the lenght from 43" to 51" to fit your height comfortably after easy installing. What's more, they can folding down less than 14" to store in your backpack, luggage, or duffel bags.
  • Ergonomic Design for Protection- Our trekking poles provide a suitable height selection and come with 3 different shapes of rubber tips, which can enhance stability on different terrain. The EVA Foam Handle is sweat-absorbent, skid resistance groove design and comfortable. The wrist straps are adjustable, they can let you relax your grip slightly and transfer some of the pressure to your arm.
  • Ultra Lightweight & Sturdy- Our Trekking poles made from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum, which withstands pressure and impacts better than carbon fiber. A surface treatment creates a protective coating against corrosion, which provides a high level of corrosion resistance. Aluminum bends without snapping, which are best for long-distance trekking and trips where durability is the primary concern.
Aihoye Trekking Poles, Collapsible Lightweight Shock-Absorbent Hiking Walking Sticks Adjustable Aluminum Hiking Poles for Women Men Kids, 2 Pack(Blue)

Aihoye Trekking Poles

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10 Pack Replacement Tips - Trekking Pole Tips Will Become Worn, Lost, Or Damaged, So It's Always A Good Idea To Carry Extra Replacement Tips, Especially For Long Hikes. We add 10 Rubber Tips4 Trekking Pole Rubber Tips, 2 Boot Tips, 2 Snow Baskets, 2 Mud Baskets, Suitable For All Kinds Of Road Conditions,Whether The Trail Is Concrete Or Dirt, Rocky, Muddy Or Snowy Path, These Lightweight Hiking Sticks Are The Best Addition To Your Trek.

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Product Features

  • Anti-Shock Technology- The Collapsible And Lightweight Hiking Poles Are Indispensable Tools To Casual Walkers, Serious Hikers, Backpackers, And Mountaineers. The Shock-Absorbent Design Helps To Reduce Strains On Hands And Wrist During Trekking, Very Helpful For People With Weak Joints, Prior Sports Injuries Or Have Unstable Hips, Knees Or Ankles. Perfect For Nordic Walking, Regular Walks, Leisurely Hiking Or Adventurous Treks.
  • Comfortable Grip -The Walking Sticks Feature An Ergonomic Plastic Handle Grip, Which Offers A Maximum Non-Slip, Comfortable, Natural And Warm Handhold, The Secondary Foam Handle Is Great To Absorb Moisture From Sweaty Hands. The Straps Of The Collapsible Walking Sticks Are Durable And Adjustable In Order To Get A Comfortable Fit.
  • High Quality - The Collapsible Hiking Sticks Are Made Of Premium Quality Aviation Aluminum, Each Poles Only Weights 10.3 Oz,Which Is Sturdy, Lightweight And Easy To Adjust, This Trekking Poles are Retractable From 25 to 52, Fit The Needs of Men, Women And Kids Hiking Trips.
1 Pair (2 Poles) Anti Shock, Adjustable, Collapsible Hiking Poles for Trekking or Walking, Lightweight Aluminum Sticks for Men, Women, Seniors, Kids & Children, Backpacking & Camping Gear

Bafx Products 1 Pair Poles) (2 Anti Shock

by BAFX Products
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[BONUS] Every set of BAFX Products hiking poles come with 2 pre-installed, long lasting, carbide tips along with 4 rubber trail tips & 2 mud/snow baskets

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Product Features

  • [Lightweight & STRONG] Made from the most popular aluminum in the world for its lightweight and durable properties. We use 6061 aluminum which is used in truck frames, rail cars, aerospace applications, towers & pylons. It is truly an amazing material that won't break the bank.
  • [HIGH QUALITY & AFFORDABLE] BAFX Products prides themselves on manufacturing high quality hiking poles you can rely on in tough trail situations at an affordable price point. From beginner hikers to more advanced, kids, adults, seniors, men or women..... these poles are a great low cost, yet high quality option.
  • [VERSATILE] Expandable from 26.5" to 53.25" using a twist lock mechanism these walking poles can be made the perfect height for any trail situation or any size adult or child. Also included are two different tip options (carbide & rubber) & 2 mud discs which mean you can use them over any kind of terrain from sand and mud to pavement, rocks, grass, dirt paths or even the tile floors in your home.
  • [BETTER LOCKING] Our poles expand and collapse with a simple twist lock. Twist locks are much more reliable than the flip locks and less prone to slipping. Flips locks need to be constantly adjusted during your hike as they loosen, requiring you to carry a tightening tool. Twist locks, lock & stay locked your entire hike with no tools required.
  • [COMFORTABLE] The BAFX Products trekking poles come with trail tested ergonomic TPR grips that are comfortable over long hikes, tested by our own families! We also incorporate an anti-shock spring to help prevent joint fatigue by absorbing some of the shock with each pole placement. Not to mention the foam carrying grip and the generously padded wrist straps.
TREKOLOGY 1pc Hiking Pole, Trekking Poles for Hiking, TREKZ SE Walking Sticks for Hiking Walking Stick for Seniors Hiking Sticks Hiking Poles Collapsible Lightweight Nordic Walking Poles for Women Men

TREKOLOGY 1pc Hiking Pole

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Helping prevent fatigue! The walking sticks for women absorb shocks to reduce the risk of knee injuries, particularly on steep inclines or downhill. They help increase the surface area of your footprint, providing additional stability on uneven or slippery terrain.

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Product Features

  • Increase Your Foot Print! Trekology TrekZ SE hiking poles are essential tool for any serious hiker. Known as hiking poles for women balance support, these hiking poles are collapsible and lightweight, only 10.5 oz (295g) each. Each package comes with 1 piece of trekking pole.
  • Built to Last! Grab our reliable TREKZ SE trekking poles for hiking collapsible before you hit the trail! Each pole is built with aero-grade aluminum alloy and engineered to details! Both women and men can get the best in support and stability. They can also be used as nordic walking poles for women.
  • Comfortable Grip! Our walking sticks for hiking seniors has sweat-absorbing EVA foam grip that is designed for hikes for any terrain. They are perfect for hikers of all levels, from beginners to experienced trekkers. Whether you use it for hill walking, backpacking, trekking, nordic walking, or snowshoeing the pole provides support and stability on the trail!
  • Adjustable heights! The heights of these poles are adjustable from 43.5"- 52" (110-130cm) with our propriety metal flip lock. Adjust the height to fit your stride so that you can hike for longer periods without getting tired! These lengths mean that you use them as walking sticks for seniors, women, men, or as kids walking stick!
  • Fits in your backpack! Unlike traditional hiking pole, each of our hill trekking poles for hiking is collapsible to 38cm! It fits easily into your backpack or checked-in luggage so that you can bring one or a pair wherever you go! Now you can walk, trek, and hike wherever you go!
High Stream Gear Women’s Collapsible Hiking Poles - 14.5” Foldable Trekking Poles for Backpacking, Exercising and Traveling, Set of 2 Aluminum Nordic Walking Sticks (100-120cm, Pink)

High Stream Gear Collapsible Women’s Hiking Poles

by High stream gear
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PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST! Using walking poles helps you burn up to 20% more calories, they'll give you a good active workout to get fit faster. Suited for all body types, heights, and weights, due to the available adjustments, EXCELLENT FOR SENIORS!

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Product Features

  • LOOK FABULOUSLY ALSO WHEN OUT ON A HIKE These durable aluminum 7075 folding trekking poles make your posture high and stable. The collapsible hiking poles give you a fashionable look while Nordic walking in the park or trekking on trails.
  • KEEPS YOUR HANDS BLISTERS FREE - These adjustable hiking sticks are made with ergonomically designed handles that offer you a firm but comfortable grip. The handles will keep your hands dry even when you are super active.
  • LEAVES A LOT OF SPACE FOR WHAT'S IMPORTANT Designed to give you more space. Each walking stick for hiking collapses down to 37cm (14.5 inches) and weighs only 10 ounces each leaving you place for your essentials and personal gear.
Extremus Collapsible Trekking Poles for Hiking, Lightweight Hiking Poles, 2-pc Pack Durable Aluminum Adjustable Walking Sticks with Quick Lock System for Camping, Travel, Seniors, Men, Women

Extremus Collapsible Trekking for Poles Hiking

by Extremus
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Suitable for All Terrains Each trekking pole set includes 10 interchangeable accessories: 4 storage baskets, 2 snow baskets, 2 mud baskets, and 2 asphalt tips, giving you all the essentials you need to conquer any terrain that lays in your path. The collapsible hiking sticks are a perfect tool for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, exploring, and more. They make a great Gift for any explorer who braves the outdoor elements!

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Product Features

  • Lightweight Hiking Poles Extremus trekking poles are crafted with aircraft-grade T6 aluminum, utilized a one-piece construction technology, making it much stronger than other telescopic trekking poles while weighing only 9.5oz each. The interior of the lightweight poles is firmly connected by a super durable Kevlar braided line. And the Silicone soft pipe and cone-shaped joint tightly fill all the gaps inside the tube, so theres no unwanted movement.
  • Quick Lock Walking Poles These hiking sticks contain a Quick Double Locking system that secures your poles in place. The first level of protection includes the metal pole legs that easily snap into place once the pole is unfolded and extended. The second level is the height adjustable flick lock that secures your pole to a precise length. This dual locking technology ensures these hiking poles wont shrink while you press down on them like other telescopic poles.
  • Comfortable Nonn-Slip Grip Both walking sticks feature a comfortable EVA grip that provides a firm handgrip and makes the poles easier to hold without slipping even when your hand is wet. The walking sticks for hiking also contain a comfortable moisture-wicking wrist carrying strap, so you never lose your poles. Built for those who conquer terrain no matter the weather conditions.
  • Adjustable Hiking Poles for Easy Storage These walking trekking poles for hiking are easily adjustable to work for different heights - Quickly adjust the length from 46 to 54 with the flick lock to fit the perfect height for your needs. All parts of the strong folding adjustable trekking poles easily collapse down to 15 to be conveniently stored in the handy roll storage bag.
Covacure Hiking Poles Collapsible Trekking Poles - Aluminum Alloy 7075 Walking Sticks for Hiking with Telescopic & Foldable Tri-fold Design Hiking Gear for Women Men, Hiking, Camping, Climbing

Covacure Hiking Poles Trekking Collapsible Poles

by Covacure
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Ergonomic Design EVA Foam Grips The Ergonomic EVA Foam Handle with wrist strap, sweat-absorbent, skid resistance groove design,more sturdy and comfortable than cork handle. Don't worry about the risk of unglued and broken. Our wrist straps are adjustable, which allows you to hold trekking poles tightly without much effort and effectively protect your wrist.

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Product Features

  • Hiking Poles For Joint Protection Providing a suitable height selection, you can effectively reduce the pressure on the joints of the whole body by using covacure hiking poles collapsible, so that you can enjoy yourself while hiking, climbing. Come with 3 different shapes of rubber tips for different ground using.
  • Aircraft Grade7075 Aluminum Alloy Covacure Trekking poles made from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum, which withstands pressure and impacts better than carbon fiber. A surface treatment creates a protective coating against corrosion, which provides a high level of corrosion resistance. Then, the premium plastic black parts do not broken easliy even in winter.
  • Upgraded Tri-fold Trekking Poles Covacure Hiking poles provids telescopic and foldable tri-fold design. So that you can freely adjust the lenght from 39.4"/100cm to 47.2"/120cm to fit your height comfortably after easy installing. What's more, they are easy to be folding down less than 14"/35.5cm to store in your backpack, luggage cases, or duffel bags.
Aihoye Trekking Hiking Poles - 2 Pack Adjustable Hiking Walking Sticks Collapsible Lightweight - Strong Lightweight Aluminum7075, Quick Flip-Lock Hiking Sticks and Comfortable Cork Grips

Aihoye Trekking Hiking Poles

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Gifts for hikers!

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Product Features

  • Stronger Than Carbon Fiber - The Trekking Poles Are Made Of Lightweight But Sturdy Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum, Its Ability To Withstand Pressure And Impact Is Far Superior To Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, This Is Essential For Hiking On Steep Or Rocky Terrain Or Load More Weight.
  • Ergonomic Shock Absorbing Mechanism- The Buit-in Spring Shock Absorber In The Bottom Section Greatly Reduce The Force Of Impact On Your Wrist, Crucial If You Have Unstable Hips, Knees Or Ankles Or Have Had Any Previous Injuries To Those Joints.
  • Comfortable Cork Grips- Anti-Slip Cork Grips Provide Extra Comfort, It Resists Moisture From Sweaty Hands, Keep Hands Cool And Dry, Decreases Vibration With Each Step And Best Conforms To The Shape Of Your Hands. The Handle Has An Adjustable Padded Strap To Ensure A Better More Comfortable Grip. The Extended Foam Handles Is Convenient To Adjust Your Grip When The Terrain Changes.
  • Collapsible & Lightweight- These Hiking Poles Adopt Four Sections Design, Can Be Folded Into Four Sections, Only 17 Inches When Disassembled, Small And Light Enough To Be Stored Within Your Backpack Or Fit Well In Any Suitcase, Leaving You Place For The Trekking Gear Or Personal Gear, Each Pole Only Weight 9.8 Ounces, Poles Are Extendable From 22 To 51 Inches, Perfect Fit For Men, Women, Children And Seniors.
A ALAFEN Walking Stick - Collapsible Trekking Pole for Men and Women,7075 Aluminum Hiking Stick for Seniors

A ALAFEN Walking Stick

by Alafen
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MUCH SAFER:Tungsten Steel Rod Tip under the rubber footing, much safer and more abrasion resistant

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Product Features

  • SUPER COMFORTABLE:EVA Foam Handle with wrist strap, sweat-absorbent, skid resistance groove design,and super comfortable for long time use.International Standard Length of 43" long, and 14.1" when folded, fitting perfectly in your backpack
  • ULTRALIGHT AND STURDY: Ultralight Shaft made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy, extremely durable and not easy to deform
  • QUICKLY LOCK: New Quick Lock System, adjustable length from 37.4" to 43.3", with measuring scale to easily get your preferred heightby
HUGSEE Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles for Women Upgraded Thickened Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy Trekking Sticks Folding Walking Sticks with Extended Grip Tip Kits Carrying Bag, 2Pack Purple

HUGSEE Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles for Women Upgraded Thickened Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Trekking Alloy Sticks Folding Walking Sticks with Extended Grip Tip Kits Carrying Bag

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Versatile Trekking SticksThe Trekking poles for women hiking collapsible with essential pole tips accessories are suitable for all terrains and conditions. From climbing mountains to concrete flat road, or from snowy terrains to softer ground, heavy-duty 4 season accessories (1 pair of each rubber tips, rubber boot for hard surfaces, snow baskets, mud baskets) and a wear-resistant practical tungsten steel tip are indispensable.

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Product Features

  • Upgraded Thickened & Strengthen Design Load-bearing connection joint is 3.35mm thickness, more thicken than other brand's pole, more strong and durable. The joints have been enhanced to be extra secure with 4 added aluminum caps. Using our trekking poles can help prevent knee injury, support your body weight and walk comfortably, prevent falls by dramatically improving your balance.
  • Durable & SturdyHUGSEE Folding Trekking Poles Purple are made with durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for hiking and can withstand heavier pressure. A surface treatment creates a protective coating against corrosion, which provides a high level of corrosion resistance.
  • Ergonomic Extended Eva Foam Grip & Adjustable Wrist Strap The EVA foam grip of hiking stick has extended 2.75in, allows varieties of hand position, absorbing sweat will keep your hands cool and dry, also help you easily handle switchback and abrupt changes in terrains. The adjustable strap is padded to avoid chafing your skin, make sure that you dont accidentally drop your poles and provide you with the maximum comfort.
  • Collapsible & Compact This women hiking poles foldable tri-fold design let them collapse down to a portable 13.1 inches, convenient and quickly. they will fit your carry-on hiking backpack, duffel bags or luggage cases with ease. You can extend your trekking sticks from 37.4" to 45.27".

As a woman, it can be challenging to find the right hiking gear that's both practical and fashionable. One item that has stood the test of time is the hiking stick. Hiking sticks, or trekking poles, have been used for centuries to help people traverse difficult terrain, provide support, and increase stability. But did you know that hiking sticks for women have a unique history all their own?

In ancient times, walking sticks were primarily used for ceremonial purposes, such as in religious rituals or as a symbol of authority. However, as people began to explore new territories, they quickly discovered the benefits of hiking sticks for traversing mountains, crossing rivers, and navigating rough terrain. Hiking sticks offered much-needed stability and support, helping people to maintain their balance and avoid injury.

In the 1800s, hiking sticks became popular among wealthy Europeans as a symbol of leisure and refined taste. Women, in particular, began to incorporate hiking sticks into their outdoor excursions as a fashionable accessory. These hiking sticks were often adorned with intricate carvings or decorative handles, and were made from high-quality materials such as ivory, silver, or gold.

However, it wasn't until the mid-twentieth century that hiking sticks for women became more practical and functional. With advancements in technology and materials, hiking sticks became lighter, stronger, and more adjustable. Many women turned to hiking sticks for added support during long treks, especially as they began to take on more strenuous hikes and mountaineering expeditions.

Today, there are countless options for women's hiking sticks, with a wide variety of materials, sizes, and designs. Some hiking sticks are collapsible, making them easy to pack and transport, while others are adjustable to fit a range of heights. Additionally, many modern hiking sticks are made from eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, making them a sustainable option for eco-conscious hikers.

In conclusion, the history of hiking sticks for women is a fascinating tale of both fashion and function. From their humble beginnings as ceremonial objects to their modern-day applications in outdoor sports and activities, hiking sticks have proven to be an invaluable tool for women who love to explore the great outdoors. As technology continues to advance and sustainable materials become more readily available, we can expect hiking sticks to remain a beloved and essential accessory for women hikers for many years to come.

1) Tri-fold design - The choice to make the hiking poles tri-fold instead of traditional two-fold or single-piece design allows for easier portability and storage. This design caters to users who prefer minimalist packing and are willing to sacrifice some durability for convenience.

2) Adjustable length - The choice to make the hiking poles adjustable in length caters to users of different heights and also allows for easy customization to suit changing terrain during a hike. This design feature provides users with greater versatility and comfort.

3) Rubber tips - The choice to include different shapes of rubber tips allows hikers to use the poles effectively on different terrains, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of slipping. Moreover, this design caters to environmentally-conscious hikers who seek to minimize the environmental impact of their gear by reducing damage to trails caused by metal tips.

4) Aluminum construction - The choice to use aircraft-grade aluminum in the construction of the hiking poles provides durability and strength, regardless of the user's weight or load. This design feature provides users with an added sense of security during long-distance treks, having a reliable and sturdy pole to rely on.

All of these design choices aim to create a more practical and user-friendly hiking pole, catering to the needs and preferences of hikers while remaining mindful of environmental concerns. The benefit of these choices is that users can enjoy comfortable, versatile, and durable use of the poles, with the added convenience of portability and easy storage.

FAQ About hiking sticks for woman

Q: What brand is best for hiking poles?

A: There are several quality brands out there, including Black Diamond, LEKI, and Covacure. It ultimately depends on your needs and preferences, but these brands are known for durable and reliable hiking poles.

Q: What is the difference between trekking poles and hiking sticks?

A: Trekking poles typically have a more advanced design with adjustable heights, collapsible sections, and wrist straps. Hiking sticks are usually just simple wooden or metal poles with a basic grip.

Q: How do I choose a good hiking stick?

A: Look for a hiking stick that is comfortable to grip, the right height for your body, and made from a durable material. It's also important to consider the terrain you'll be walking on and choose a stick with the right tip for the surface.

Q: What are the best walking poles for seniors?

A: Walking poles for seniors should be lightweight, adjustable, and easy to grip. Some good options include the York Nordic Ultralight Walking Poles and the BAFX Products Trekking Poles.

Q: What is the best length for a hiking stick?

A: The length of your hiking stick should be based on your height and the terrain you'll be hiking on. A general rule is to choose a stick that is about shoulder height, but be sure to adjust accordingly based on your specific needs.


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