10 Best High Frequency Sounds for Dogs
for November 2022

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Ortz Dog Whistle to Stop Barking - [Free Lanydard Strap] Silent Bark Control for Dogs - Ultrasonic Patrol Sound Repellent Repeller - Silver Training Deterrent Whistle - Train Your Dog

Ortz Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

by Ortz
What We like

EASY DAY TRAINING adjustable to multiple frequencies easily teach your dog unlimited commands such as sit, come, stop barking, stay, and more. Impact discipline and personally control your dog by issuing sequences that only he/she understand, regardless of their age, gender or breed. No extra-ordinary effort required each training day is a fun, easy day

Brellavi Anti Barking Device, Upgraded Bark Control Device for Dog Training and Barking Control, High Pitch Sound Dog Trainer, Stops Barking, Scratching, Aggressive Behavior

Brellavi Anti Barking Device

by Brellavi
What We like

Effective Dog Training Device -- Brellavi dog training device is a safe and efficient solution for dog training and bark control. It can train your dog in good behavior, stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, clawing, digging, biting, jumping on people, scratching furniture, etc.

HERM SPRENGER Dog Training Whistle To Stop Barking - Bark Control Adjustable Frequency Silent Ultrasonic Sound Training Tool | The Original - Made In Germany

HS HERM. SPRENGER GERMANY HERM SPRENGER Dog Training Whistle To Stop - Barking Bark Control Adjustable Frequency Silent Ultrasonic Sound Training Tool

by Herm Sprenger
What We like

protection cover for securing adjustment

OYEFLY Dog Whistle to Stop Barking, Professional Dog Training Whistle, Adjustable High Pitch Sound Tool with Free Premium Quality Lanyard Strap (Medium, Black)

OYEFLY Dog Whistle to Stop Barking

What We like

ANTI-LOSS & SAFE DOG WHISTLE - New dual anti loss features with special lock nut & cover with free lanyard. Never worry about the loss or misplace of the dog whistle, bring it to anywhere youd love to. Our dog whistle designed reasonable small size and made of premium stainless steel material, convenient to have it and long lifespan. Whistle sound is not so clearly for humane but is enough for dog.

ZNFSZ Anti Barking Device Bark Control Deterrent Dog Training Tool Stop Barking Safe for All Dogs Indoor & Outdoor use up to 50 Feet Range

ZNFSZ Anti Barking Device Bark Control Deterrent Dog Training Tool Stop Barking for Safe All Dogs Indoor & Outdoor use up to 50 Feet Range

What We like

Upgraded Version: Ultrasonic anti-barking devices automatically detect barking from as far away as 50 feet. The barking control device automatically emits high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear. Once the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic bark control automatically stops emitting ultrasonic sounds.

Humane High-Frequency Anti-Bark Dog Collar with Vibrations - Seven Levels to Help Reduce Barking

Collections Etc Humane High-Frequency Dog Anti-Bark Collar with Vibrations

by Winston Brands
What We like

The adjustable, nylon collar adjusts from 10" to 22" for dogs from 5 to 150 lbs| Comes with a blue and orange cover for the microprocessor and one "6V" battery| Plastic

Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent - Rechargeable Bark Control Device - Dog Barking Deterrent Devices - Dog Behavior Training Tool Control Devices of 16.4 Ft Effective Control Range with Dog Whistles

PESTON Ultrasonic Bark Dog Deterrent

What We like

Portable Size & Rechargeable - The device fits perfectly in your hand. It comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap and Electronic Dog Repellent features installed rechargeable lithium batteries; no batteries needed. Simply press & hold the button, the bark deterrent will emit ultrasonic sound to attract the dog's attention.

Hisophia Anti Barking Control Device, Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent Stop Barking, Upgraded Mini Bark Control Device Up to 50 FT Range

Hisophia Anti Barking Control Device

by Hisophia
What We like

The ultrasonic bark controller uses high-frequency sound that works to reduce excessive bark of dogs within hearing range; suitable for dogs 3 months and older up to 50 feet range. Note: If the dog is deaf or hearing impaired, he may not react to the Bark Control Device.

PetSafe Indoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control - No Collar Needed - Up to 25 ft Range - Anti-Bark Pet Training System - Automatic with Manual Trainer Button

PetSafe Indoor Ultrasonic Bark Dog Control

by Radio Systems Corporation
What We like

VERSATILE - you can use either freestanding or hand-held. Microphone detects barking to prevent false corrections

DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar - Humane, No Shock Barking Collar - w/2 Vibration & Beep Modes - Small, Medium, Large Dogs Breeds - No Harm Training - Automatic Action Without Remote -Adjustable

DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

by DogRook
What We like

Extra parts - In addition to the automatic stop barking collar we have included USB cable, 2 types of plastic prongs, and 2 color covers. That allows you to customize non-shock bark collar and to give each of your dogs a unique design.


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