10 Best Dinner Spoons
for May 2023

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When it comes to creating the perfect table setting for dinner parties, family gatherings or just everyday use, investing in a quality and stylish set of flatware is a must. One of the most important utensils for any table setting is the dinner spoon. Whether it's used for scooping soup, mixing a salad or enjoying a dessert, the right dinner spoon can elevate your dining experience. That's why we have compiled a list of the 10 best dinner spoons for your kitchen. Each spoon on our list is made of premium quality stainless steel, ensuring they are corrosion-resistant and durable, so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Our top picks of the best dinner spoons come in sets of 4, 6, and 12, so you can choose the one that fits your family's needs. Many of the spoons also feature an attractive silverware design that adds a touch of elegance to your table. We know that comfort is also an essential factor when it comes to dinner spoons, so we included options with ergonomic and easy-to-hold handles. The spoons have the perfect weight and size for enjoyable meals, thus adding functionality to their aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're looking for traditional or modern style spoons, our list covers all the bases. We have researched and tested each spoon on the list, so you can trust that they will meet your expectations. So, whether you're hosting a luxurious dinner party or just enjoying a bowl of soup with your family, you can contribute to a better dining experience with the best dinner spoons. With these spoons, you can elevate your table décor and provide your family with the ultimate dining experience.

New Star Foodservice 58345 Shell Pattern, 18/0 Stainless Steel, Dinner Spoon, 7.5-Inch, Set of 12

New Star Foodservice 58345 Shell Pattern

by New Star Foodservice Inc.
What We like

Made of 18/0 stainless steel, this table fork is designed with the finest materials and the highest standards in mind. It contains 18% chromium to promote an extremely durable final product that is both corrosion and stain resistant for years of service. The brightly-polished mirror finish lends a refined appearance, while the heavy weight construction keeps the piece balanced in patrons' hands for an exceptional dining experience.

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Product Features

  • Corrosion and stain resistant for years of service.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Always wash your Flatware in hot water and make sure you choose a cleaning agent free of abrasive or corrosive qualities that might damage your Flatware.
  • New Star Foodservice Flatware features a classic appearance that's both simple and practical. A smooth, shiny finish gives a professional look to this flatware, but the no-frills design is most at home in a casual environment. Size- Dinner Spoon, 7.5-Inch, Set of 12
  • Offering casual flatware for a new business, elegant porcelain dinnerware for an upscale restaurant, and even traditional glassware for a bar, New Star Foodservice Flatware is the name to trust for all of your tabletop needs. You wont have to sacrifice quality to meet your budget as they are determined to give you the best prices while still maintaining their excellent standards. New Star Foodservice provides quality kitchen supplies that you can rely on to get the job done.
Hammered Dinner Spoons Set of 8, Stainless Steel 7.5-inch Table Spoons 8-Piece, Mirror Polishing Flatware Silverware Cutlery Spoons, Dishwasher Safe

jujiajia Hammered Dinner Set Spoons of 8

What We like

SURFACE DESIGN - Modern design is high-end and gorgeous, hammered pattern handles of flatware are clear and three-dimensional, matches perfectly with many dinnerware.

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Product Features

  • SAFETY HEALTH - Hammered silverware dinner spoons constructed by high quality stainless steel, sturdy of thickness, healthy and durable for everyday use, dishwasher safe.
  • EXQUISITE CRAFT - Smooth edge with no rough spots, mirror polishing surface machining, anti rust and non toxic, medium weight and proper thickness comfortable in use.
  • VERSATILE USE - Cutlery table spoons set 8 pieces is ideal for family, hotel, kitchen; Perfect for daily use, party, camping, picnic, gathering, restaurant, wedding banquet etc.
  • DINNER SPOONS - Dinner soup spoons set of 8-piece. Total length 7.5-inch, perfect 8-piece services, great value set if you need extra gold serving spoons or table spoons.
Dinner Spoons Set, Elegant Life 6-Piece Ceramic Handle Stainless Steel Cutlery Spoons Set, Great Soup Spoons, Use for Home, Kitchen, or Restaurant, 8.3 Inches

Elegant Life Dinner Spoons Set

What We like

MULTIFUNCTION: A set of 6 dinner Spoons, ideal for Brunch,Curry,Seafood,Thick Soup, fish, chicken, pork and other foods. The perfect size is not only suitable for your whole family.

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Product Features

  • SEAMLESS CONNECTIONThe high quality stainless steel flatware set is seamlessly connected with the ceramic,fits perfect in your hand with maximum conform and heat conducted resistance.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALPractical and stylish,made of food grade high quality stainless steel, great durability and corrosion resistance, the rounded ceramic handle is perfectly combined with the elegant flower artwork.
  • CLASSICAL DESIGNFloral artwork printed ceramic handle,the design is so unique and vintage garden aesthetic. High shine finely polish surface has a mirror-like finish, bring out the true shine of the steel itself.
Dinner Spoon Set, Elegant Life 16-piece Tablespoons, Premium Food Grade 18/10 Stainless Steel Spoons, Stainless Steel Silverware Spoons, Mirror Finish & Dishwasher Safe, 8.2inch

Elegant Life Dinner Spoon Set

What We like

CLASSIC DESIGNThese dinner spoons are carefully designed to seamlessly add more elegance and class to your table. Silverware Spoon has a classic design allows for mix and match with your existing flatware to elevate everyday meals into a fine dining experience.

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Product Features

  • THE PROPER SIZEThe regular 8.2-inch size is the most common style in the family. Perfect for home daily use, formal events, parties, weddings, celebrations, restaurants and more.
  • DURABLE & HEALTHYThis stainless steel spoons is made of 18/10 high quality Boston stainless steel. The kitchen spoon set is also extremely robust. Durable and healthy for for daily use, Chromium and nickel improves the corrosion resistance and luster of the alloy, will not rust and is resistant to stains.
  • Service For 16Our Dinner Spoon Set contains 16 dinner spoons, more than 12 spoons, which can perfectly replace the spoons lost in daily life, which is essential for kitchens, restaurants and even bars. It is the best match for teatime and an indispensable tool for parties and gatherings.
Spoons, 8 pieces Stainless Steel Korean Spoons,8.5 Inch Soup Spoons,Long Handle Dinner Spoons,Rice Spoon,Table Spoon for Home, Kitchen or Restaurant


What We like

Dishwasher Safe: Easy to clean.Not distorted,not deformed. The stainless steel korean spoon will mix well with your existing flatware pieces,working ends are modern, functional, and comfortable. Note: After receiving the korean spoon, please wash it at first.

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Product Features

  • Wide Spoon Head: The width of rice spoon's head is 1.57".The wide spoon head can hold the food and ensure that the food does not fall. Sleek edges, no shaves, sutible for every adult and children.
  • Long Handle Soup Spoons: The length of spoon's handle is 6.46".The perfect heavy duty handle,sturdy and convenient for use.
  • Material:Set of 8 dinner spoons adopt durable high-quality stainless steel material and mirror polishing processing technique,Corrosion resistant, no rust.
  • Multi-purpose UseThese korean spoons are suitable for daily use, can be used In restaurants, food shops, catering halls. Not just for soups, but also cereal, stew, chili, ravioli, and desserts. The dinner spoons are wonderful tool for home, a decent gift for guests.
Oneida Vale Set of 6 Dinner Spoons

Oneida Vale Set of 6 Dinner Spoons

by Oneida
What We like

PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: 18/0 stainless-steel silverware is extra durable and provides rust protection. These dinner spoons will shine for dining and wash clean in the dishwasher worry free.

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Product Features

  • MODERN DESIGN: This spoon set's wide curves mimic the grandeur of an open valley. Unadorned and sloping, Vale offers all of the elegance of fine craftsmanship while maintaining the transcendence of nature.
  • INCLUDES: This Oneida silverware set contains (6) dinner spoons. The Vale line was designed for casual restaurants and everyday home meals.
  • TOP QUALITY: What distinguishes silverware to the touch? Finish and weight. These expertly crafted spoons are satin finished and heavy in the hand. The result? Perfection.
Dinner Spoon, MASSUGAR 16-piece 7.3

MASSUGAR Dinner Spoon

What We like

MODERN DESIGN: Simple appearance, Classic design and elegant enough to match all of your existing dinnerware or tableware. Elevate everyday meals into a fine dining experience. It is best for home, kitchen or restaurant.

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Product Features

  • PREMIUM FOOD GRADE TABLESPOONS: Our dessert spoons are made of high quality stainless steel which ensures your health, rust-resistant, heavy duty and durable, hard to bend. These dinner spoons are carefully weighted to be comfortable to hold.
  • 16 PCS DINNER SPOONS: Our stainless steel dinner spoons set contains 16 pcs tablespoons, more valueable than 12 pcs dinner spoons, which can perfectly replace the spoons lost in daily life.
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Multipurpose use for daily use/gathering/parties/camping/restaurant/hotel...If you have any problem with our dessert spoons, we would be happy to issue you a full refund or send you a replacement. Wish you enjoy a HEALTHY & GREEN LIFE with our products.
  • LUXURY MIRROR POLISH: Smooth mirror polish edge with no rough spot to hurt your mouth. Our silverware spoons will not dull and holds its sheen. Proper gauge thickness and weight to hold comfortably. Easily clean up.
Black Dinner Spoons, Kyraton 6 Pieces 8

Kyraton Black Dinner Spoons

by Kyraton
What We like

Made of premium high quality stainless steel, BPA free / lead free, Rust-resistant, sturdy and durable for years. High quality black titanium plating on the spoons. It is so beautiful and nice to be a ideal gift.

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Product Features

  • These dessert spoons have a nice weight and size to grip comfortably. Made of sturdy stainless steel to last a lifetime use.
  • Classic Design with smooth edge polish. Mirror finish on the surface looks shiny and beautiful.The black plating on the spoons make it much luxury and royalty.
  • Easy Clean and Dishwasher Safe
  • Set of 6 pieces dessert spoon 8": These stainless steel tea spoon pack of 6 pieces heavy duty and durable. Great for daily use, hotel, restaurant, special events.
6-Piece Dinner Spoons, Soup Spoons Set Deesert Spoons Table Spoon Flatware Stainless Steel Mirror Polishing 7.08-Inch (6pcs, silver square handle)

faderic 6-Piece Dinner Spoons

What We like

IDEAL GIFT CHOICE: Use this Stainless Steel Spoon Set Fit for high-end or everyday, match your kitchen to every occasion.

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Product Features

  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Our soup spoons have been carefully designed with a slim streamlined handle, which is light and easy to use.Inner fork is mirror finished and reflects the high-quality standards
  • INCLUDES: This Flatware Set contains 6 soup spoons.
  • SAFE CHOICES FOR YOUR FAMILY:Our soup spoons are made from high quality 18/0 stainless steel with extra thick ergonomics handle, durable high-polish finish, not rough and will never cut your hands and mouth.
6 Piece Dinner Spoons Set, 18/0 Stainless Steel Modern Hammered Flatware Bulk 7.96 inch Table Soup Spoons, Silverware Utensils Cutlery Spoon Only Service for 6, Dishwasher Safe, Mirror Finished

AlwaysU 6 Piece Dinner Spoons Set

by AlwaysU
What We like

Modern Hammered Design - These elegant dinner spoon features stylish hammered design on the front side of each square handles. Thanks to its firm construction and delicate curves, this cutlery dinner spoon promotes a professional feel and fits nicely in your hand. It looks more deluxe elegant and mix well with your existing dinnerware, or any other fork / knife / spoon

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Product Features

  • Sturdy, Durable and Elegant - Crafted in quality 18/0 stainless steel, which will make a delightful addition to any table. Being extremely durable, extra difficult to bend, and rust resistant makes this flatware dinner spoon the long-lasting flatware you need in your collection
  • Perfect Gift Choice - This weighted dinner spoon for silverware serving utensil set is loved by modern American families, it has an elegant modern design, perfect choice of gift for any holiday season such as Valentine, Thanks Giving, Wedding, Christmas etc
  • High Quality Dinner Spoons Set - Include 6 piece dinner spoons, length: 7.96 inch; It is very suitable for home use, restaurants, catering, parties and other occasions where additional service spoons or table spoons are needed

As a scientist with a love for history, I have always been fascinated by the evolution of human tools and utensils. One particular item that has piqued my interest is the dinner spoon - a seemingly simple and unassuming object that has played an important role in our daily lives for centuries.

Dinner spoons can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they were typically made of wood or bone. As metalworking techniques improved, spoons began to be crafted from silver and other precious metals, becoming symbols of wealth and status.

In medieval Europe, spoons were often passed down through families as heirlooms and were highly prized possessions. They were frequently decorated with intricate designs and were used not only for eating but also for stirring sauces and serving dishes.

During the Renaissance, extravagant table settings became popular among the upper classes, and spoons were no exception. Sets of matching spoons, along with forks and knives, were displayed on tables as a sign of opulence and refinement.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, spoons became more standardized and mass-produced, allowing for easier access for the middle and working classes. The Industrial Revolution brought about a shift towards more practical designs, with simpler and sturdier spoons becoming the norm.

Today, dinner spoons come in a wide variety of materials and designs, from traditional silver to sleek and modern stainless steel. They remain an essential part of everyday life, used for everything from eating to cooking and serving.

The humble dinner spoon may seem like a minor part of our daily routine, but its long and storied history is a testament to its importance and enduring usefulness. From ancient wood and bone to modern metal alloys, the dinner spoon has evolved alongside human civilization, and it will undoubtedly continue to do so for many years to come.

One key design choice for the New Star Foodservice Flatware is its classic appearance that is both simple and practical. This design choice may appeal to users who prefer a no-frills, versatile style that can work in both casual and professional settings. Additionally, the smooth, shiny finish of the flatware may give off a professional, polished look that can enhance the overall dining experience.

Another key design choice is the use of corrosion and stain-resistant materials, which can provide users with years of service and reduce the need for frequent replacements. The dishwasher-safe feature also adds convenience for users as they can easily clean the flatware without having to worry about damaging or ruining it.

Overall, the design choices made for the New Star Foodservice Flatware may benefit users by providing a durable, versatile, and easy-to-clean product that can enhance their dining experience.

FAQ About dinner spoons

Q: Is 18 10 flatware better than 18 0?

A: Yes, 18 10 flatware is better than 18 0 since it has a higher percentage of nickel and chromium, making it more rust and corrosion resistant. It also has a brighter shine compared to 18 0 flatware.

Q: Which is better 18 8 or 18 10 stainless steel?

A: 18 10 stainless steel is better than 18 8 since it has a higher percentage of nickel, making it more durable and resistant to corrosion. However, both are high-quality stainless steel grades used for flatware and either will work well in most applications.

Q: What type of silverware is the best?

A: The best type of silverware is subjective and dependent on personal preference. Some prefer a classic design while others prefer more modern and unique designs. The material used in the silverware is also important, with 18 10 stainless steel being a popular and durable option.

Q: What is the difference between 18 0 and 18 10 stainless steel?

A: The main difference between 18 0 and 18 10 stainless steel is the amount of nickel and chromium present in the alloy. 18 10 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel, while 18 0 stainless steel only contains 18% chromium. The additional nickel in 18 10 stainless steel makes it more durable, rust-resistant, and has a brighter shine compared to 18 0 stainless steel.

And more, if you're looking for flatware that's both practical and stylish, look no further than New Star Foodservice Flatware. This top-quality flatware is not only corrosion and stain-resistant but also dishwasher safe, making it the perfect choice for busy restaurants or even your own home kitchen. With a classic and timeless appearance, these utensils are a great addition to any dining experience, whether it's for an upscale restaurant or a casual backyard barbecue with family and friends. And if you need more inspiration, check out our blog posts on the 15 Best Flatware and Silverware Sets of 2023 (The 15 Best Flatware and Silverware Sets of 2023) and The 14 Best Flatware Sets for Any Style (The 14 Best Flatware Sets for Any Style) for more ideas on how to elevate your table setting. When you choose New Star Foodservice, you are investing in quality and affordability, without sacrificing style or functionality.


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