Top 10 Daily Programmable Alarm Clocks
for December 2022

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If you're trying to multitask your way to a more successful day, then an alarm clock might be the missing puzzle piece. After all, the ideal alarm should wake you up without disrupting your partner, kids or pets. Of course, many alarm clocks on the market are loud, hard to use, and downright ugly. We've tested hundreds of alarm clocks over the years, and these are the models that consistently scored highest for ease of use, functionality and design, and have the best ratings from consumers.
MOOZ Reviews tests alarm clocks by rating performance, including the length of time it takes to set a wake time, how long it takes to wake up and the time the alarm stays on. We also look for ease of use, including ease of navigation, screen brightness and wake up sounds. The alarm clocks in our lab must be easy to use and includes features such as color displays, snooze buttons, and alarm clocks that are loud enough to wake you up without waking others in the house. Here are the best alarm clocks of 2022, according to MOOZ Reviews tests and best-sellers:

Screaming Meanie Forte Alarm Clock - Extra Large 9” Display, 6 Programmable Extra Loud Alarms, Memory Backup, Night Dimmer, Designed for Elderly, Impaired Vision and Free 7 Day Pill Box

Screaming Meanie Forte Alarm Clock

by Pacific Cornetta

This extra large alarm clock is the best for the elderly because it has the loudest, clearest alarm, and most important feature, a countdown function.

Screaming Meanie products have long been a favorite of my parents, and this alarm clock is one of their top picks (along with the 3400SXL). There are plenty of good alarm clocks for the elderly, but this one packs a few more features than others. The extra-large display is easy to see, and the 90-decibel alarm is easily heard from a room. The mute button is very sensitive, and it takes just a single tap to quiet the alarm. And it's one of the few alarm clocks featuring extra loud alarms, which came in handy when my mom needed to get up in the middle of the night. We like the 14-alarm countdown feature, which lets you know when the next alarm is going to sound, no matter how far off it is. While the alarm volume is adjustable, the clock itself is not, so anyone that's hard of hearing may need to adjust the volume on the TV or radio to get the alarm loud enough. The alarm features a simple display, but it does come with a night dimmer and adjustable brightness. It comes with a pill organizer that holds up to 40 pills. We like the pill box's color coding and the little tabs that are easy to read, though, as is, printer friendly labels aren't possible. The alarm clock came assembled, and it was easy to set up, though the instructions for setting up the pill organizer are somewhat vague.

Peakeep Battery Operated Cordless Digital Dual Alarm Clock, 7-6-5-day Programmable Alarm, Calendar, Indoor Temperature, Smart Sensor Light (Black)

Peakeep Battery Operated Cordless Dual Digital Alarm Clock

by Peakeep

This digital alarm clock features easy menu navigation, a snooze function that wakes you up gradually, a smart sensor, and a bright backlight.

The Peakeep Digital Dual Alarm Clock is a great combination of form and function, with a great display and lower price tag than most digital clocks. The digital numbers are easy to read, and it has a large display for the time, temperature, and date, along with weekday and weekend settings. It's also programmable for weekdays and weekends and has two alarms you can program independently. The night light is a nice touch, and unlike some other smart lights, this one doesn't flicker on and off while you're asleep. The remote is nice to have, but smart lights usually don't include one. But the biggest downside of this clock is its battery only lasts for about 3-4 days, so you'll always have to charge it. It's also a little bulky, so it won't fit on bedside tables.

Aitey Kids Alarm Clock, Digital Alarm Clock for Kids, Time/Temperature Display, Snooze Function, 3 Alarms, Optional Weekday Mode, USB Charging (Black)

Aitey Kids Alarm Clock

by Aitey

This clock works well, and it's highly customizable. You can choose to display time and temperature, and it has three alarm times. It has a convenient USB charging port, and it's small enough and light enough to carry with you just about anywhere.

Overall, the Aitey Kids Alarm Clock is a good budget and basic model for bedroom use. The backlight can be adjusted and there's a snooze function. However, the alarm buzzer doesn't vibrate, so it's a pretty useless feature if you actually want to use it when you're trying to get to sleep. It's also not really suitable for kids' rooms, as it's only suitable for adults. In addition, the USB cable that comes with it is short, so you'll likely have to buy a larger one to charge it, which costs money.

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station/Phone Chargers with USB port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Tablets, ER100301

Emerson Radio Emerson SmartSet Alarm Radio Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

by Emerson

The alarm clock runs on a 7-day digital and FM radio alarm, allowing you to wake up to music or news. You can charge your smart phone or tablet through the USB port, and the alarm comes with a button cell battery that powers the clock if the main battery runs out of juice.

The Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio is the best alarm clock radio we have tested, and it has a few features that set it apart from the rest. It's the only model we tested that has FM radio, plus it has the highest-powered speaker of any clock radio we tested, with a sub-woofer for bass. The sound quality is far better than that of most clock radios. It has a stronger external antenna than most, and it's both splash and drop resistant. The an alarm that's loud enough to wake anyone in the house, and features multiple wake modes, including manual, weekly, and weekday-only. The SmartSet also has a charging outlet for your phone or tablet, and it has two USB ports to charge your phone while it's plugged in. The clock radio also comes with an FM antenna and adapter, which means you can plug in another radio and listen to it through the SmartSet as well. The SmartSet feels solid, and it's actually heavier than it looks, making it feel like a solid long-term investment. The only real downside is the price: the SmartSet is the most expensive clock radio we tested.

SVINZ Newest 5 Alarms Dementia Clock, Day Clock w/ Snooze Button, 2 Auto-Dim Options, Large 8

SVINZ Newest 5 Alarms Dementia Clock


The aging clock is large, easy to read, has helpful features, and came with extra batteries and a warranty. It accepts both standard batteries and a USB, so you can take it with you when you travel.

The SVINZ newest 5 alarms dementia clock, day clock, snooze button, auto dimming options and large display wall digital calendar alarm clock for vision impaired, elderly, memory loss, black, SDC008, was among the best alarm clocks for vision impaired and elderly we reviewed. This desk clock is a 12-month calendar clock with a snooze button, auto dimming options, a large 8-inch display wall digital calendar alarm clock. The SDC008 digital calendar alarm clocks offer auto dimming function and dims at 7:00PM (10cd/M2) and brightens up during the day at 7:00 AM (50cd/M2), also it provides the option to turn off the auto dimming function to keep the high brightness all the time, ideal for seniors and people with vision problems. There are two alarm settings, which can be set up 1 to 5 individual alarms which are very useful for seniors with daily meals or taking medications. The calendar function shows 12 months and 30 days when set to 12-hour format, with 15 days of the month displayed in bright blue. If the digital calendar alarm clock is setting to 24-hour format, it shows 31 days of the month in bright blue. The alarm settings can be activated by the touch button on the top of the clock. This alarm clock has a snooze button, which can be easily activated with a touch. The snooze button repeats times can be set 3 or 5 times. The sound quality of this alarm clock is good, and like the MoGo Pro, the Svinz clock can double as a Bluetooth speaker.

Robin, 2020 Version, Digital Day Clock 2.0 with Custom Alarms and Calendar Reminders, Alarm Clock with Extra Large Display Helps with Memory Loss, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Black


by Robin

This talking clock comes with a large display and adjustable volume, and allows customization of announcements, reminders, and alarms. It also comes in dozens of preloaded announcements and alarms, and will even wake you to your favorite song.

The Robin is a digital clock that can be used by both veterans and new-age folks for a variety of purposes. The Robin's major selling point is it's large and easy-to-read display, and its customizability. The alarm and calendar settings are easy to configure and can be set for events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, as well as for specific days and times. Users can choose from 20 built-in display themes, including Britain's National Flag motif and moon phases. The clock's screen is clear and easy to read, though we were disappointed that it did not show the time in Roman numerals, as many other digital clocks are able to do. The screen is also a bit small, and the clock is slightly on the heavy side, so we'd like to see a lighter, smaller version. But overall, the Robin is a great clock for seniors and caregivers looking to customize their daily routines with reminders, alarms, and calendar events.

MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

by MedCenter

The MedCenter talking alarm clock makes the reminder of taking medicine simple, and you'll immediately notice how much better quality your meds are without the anxiety and confusion.

The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock is an easy to operate device for getting your medicine at the right time. The alarm sounds through the built-in speaker and can be turned off by touching the snooze button. The Talking Alarm Clock is connected via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet so the alarm can be set without downloading an app. The push-to-talk feature also makes the device super easy for visually impaired people. It helps them learn what time of day it is without having to look at their phone.


K-STAR 9" Digital Alarm with Clock Large LED Display

by shenzhen kerchan star Technology Co., Ltd.

This digital alarm clock can be programmed for weekday and weekend use, and it features a USB port for charging phones and other small devices. It also displays the date and day of the week, in addition to the clock time and alarm time.

The Sunrise 9" digital alarm clock is one of the nicest-looking and easiest-to-use clocks in this price range. It's a good chancer at a good price. The clock has large, easy-to-read numbers, and it automatically dims the screen if it's too bright. Unfortunately, the brightness control is manual, and by default, the screen brightness defaults to 0%, making the clock hard to read. The main display will dim to 50% brightness when you turn on the alarm, but it doesn't dim when the room is dark. The clock's eight-tonal alarm sound is a bit tinny, and the clock's snooze function is frustrating, forcing you to hit a button to turn off the alarm instead of adjusting the alarm volume. Battery backup is a nice feature, but the clock's two USB ports don't support USB charging. The clock's primary function is to wake you up, and it does that with a loud alarm and a bright display. It also doubles as a portable charging station for your devices and a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Betus Digital Travel Alarm Clock - Foldable Calendar Temperature & Timer LCD Clock with Snooze Mode - Large Number Display, Battery Operated - Compact Desk Clock for All Ages (Silver)

Betus Digital Travel Alarm Clock

by Betus

The Betus digital alarm clock is a reliable desk clock especially if you're tired of using analog clocks. It's easy to read, has an alarm function, and looks great on your bedside table.

The Betus Digital Travel Alarm Clock is a great product if you travel a lot or are someone who needs to track multiple things at the same time. It has a very easy to use interface, and the display is easy to see in direct sunlight. It only has one button, which controls all of the functions, and a time/date indicator on the front. The set time button is large, making it easy to see in the dark, and the clock automatically switches between AM/PM. While listening to the alarm tone, you can snooze this button and the alarm will shut off after 15 minutes. The clock have an hour memory, so you can set an alarm and the clock will remember it until you change it. This is ideal for people who work shifts and need to keep track of both their on and off hours. The display also tells you the temperature outside, and you can set the temperature in degrees F or C, which can be very useful in the winter. There are also two buttons on back that you can use to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The clock uses a AAA battery, which is included, and you can turn off the light to save battery life.

【Upgraded】 Digital Alarm Clock, FM Radio, Dual USB Charging Ports, Temperature Detect, Dual Alarms with 7 Alarm Sounds, Snooze, 6-Level Brightness Dimmer, Batteries Operated, for Bedroom, Sleep Timer

JALL 【Upgraded】 Alarm Digital Clock


The upgraded digital alarm clock with alarm clock function, FM radio, dual USB charging ports, temperature detect, dual alarms with 7 alarm sounds, snooze, 6-level brightness dimmer, battery operated and snooze, for bedroom.

The GroveTime is an easy-to-use digital alarm clock that lets you wake up to a variety of radio stations, or to soothing nature sounds. It has USB charging ports and a battery backup, so it can function on its own for vacations. This clock also comes with an FM tuner, so you can tune into your favorite radio station. The GroveTime is small enough to fit on a nightstand or on a desk next to a bed. We were particularly fond of its night light, which is bright enough to light up a room without blinding you, and it uses a glowing white color that's not too warm or cold. The radio and alarm clock parts are well thought-out and easy to operate. We found the snooze function to be convenient, and the 6-level brightness level adjustment was useful, too. It comes with a snooze button, which we found worked just as well as a dedicated snooze button built into most alarm clocks. It's simple to use, and it's easy to set up and operate.


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