Top 10 Best Concrete Trowels
for June 2023

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If you’re looking for a versatile hand tool that is ideal for cement and concrete finishing, then you need to consider the top 10 best concrete trowels. These tools are a must-have for construction workers, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve smooth and polished surfaces in their projects. The best concrete trowels come with soft and curved blades, ergonomic handles, and excellent grip designs that make them comfortable to use for an extended period. Whether you're laying concrete floors, building walls, or resurfacing a driveway, having the right concrete trowel can make a significant difference in the quality of the finished product.

You'll find a wide range of concrete trowels available in the market, but before investing, ensure you choose the right tool for your needs. Most concrete trowels are designed with stainless steel craftsmanship that makes the tools resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring that they are durable and reliable. Additionally, the size and shape of these trowels make them suitable for pulling, laying materials, or cleaning out excess from buckets.

When picking your ideal concrete trowel look for features such as an ergonomic handle that would reduce hand fatigue, a soft blade that enables a smooth finish, and a well-designed grip that ensures no slippage as you use the tool. By choosing a trowel with these features, you’ll be guaranteed great results in your project.

So, whether you’re working with cement, plaster or concrete, a trusty trowel is an essential hand tool. With this list of top 10 best concrete trowels, you'll save yourself time and money by investing in tools that can make your work unique and professional. So, let's dive in!

Handy 120 Bucket Trowel | Soft Grip Handle | Tile, Brick, Concrete, Plaster | Ergonomic Hanging Shape, Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel | Heavy-Duty Home or Construction Use - by MASTA Tools

MASTA Professional tools Handy Bucket 120 Trowel

by MASTA Professional tools

Ergonomic, Versatile Design Lightweight and easier to manage, the smart 4.75 design makes it better for tough jobs thanks to enhanced control and stability.

The Handy 120 bucket trowel is an all-around bucket clearing tool. Its long, slender shape makes it great for not only clearing out buckets after laying concrete, but also for removing excess grout from tile joints. The soft bucket scraper also works well for scraping down plaster walls, which we found easier and quicker than using a flat knife or putty knife. The handle is comfortable to hold, and the trowel head is heavy enough to not skid on wet or smooth concrete or tiles. The trowel also folds up securely for easy storage. The Handy 120's handle is lighter than our other pick, the 140, so it's a little easier to use for longer periods, but it can feel awkward to use when laying large batches of concrete.

Concrete Finishing Trowel 14 X 4

Marshalltown Concrete Finishing Trowel 14 4" X With Soft Grip Handle

by Marshalltown

Soft grip handle for increased comfort

The Concrete Finishing Trowel from Clifford Tools is a well-made and durable tool with a generous 14-inch blade. The blade is cast from aluminum, and it's securely riveted to a tempered, polished steel handle. The trowel has a deep, flat cutting edge for spreading and finishing concrete, and the square shank is designed to keep the blade from turning as you spread it. The soft-grip handle provides a comfortable, secure grip, and this trowel comes with a handy storage bag. The handle has a square design to keep your hand from turning as you work, and this square design makes contact with a 4-inch slab of concrete more controlled than a flat trowel, which is more susceptible to slipping. All in all, the Concrete Finishing Trowel from Clifford Tools is a well-made and durable tool with a generous 14-inch blade.

Concrete Finishing Trowel 12 X 4

Marshalltown Concrete Finishing Trowel 12 4" X With Soft Grip Handle

by Marshalltown

Soft grip handle for increased comfort

The 12 x 4-inch Concrete Finishing Trowel from Stanley is heavy, durable, and well built, with a cast aluminum mounting and tempered, polished steel blade. It has a good, comfortable, non-slip grip, and its wide surface makes finishing concrete fast, easy, and even. The blade is sharp enough to cut tiles and drywall, and the cast aluminum mounting securely rivets to the tempered steel blade. A square shank prevents the trowel from turning in the user's hands, so it's comfortable to use. The handle is long enough to reach to high shelves and tiled ceiling corners, and it's long enough to accommodate a two-handed grip. The trowel is forged from one piece of steel, so it's sturdier than trowels made of several parts, and it's durable enough to handle years of use. The trowel's chamfered edge helps it cut smoothly, and the 12 x 4-inch size is ideal for most concrete projects. Overall, the Stanley Concrete Finishing Trowel is a sturdy, comfortable, well built tool that's well suited for almost all concrete projects.

Edward Tools Finishing Trowel for Cement and Concrete 12” x 4” - Tempered Carbon Steel - Lightweight alloy mounting - Ergonomic soft rubber handle for less fatigue

Edward Tools Finishing Trowel for and Cement Concrete 12” x 4”

by Edward Tools

Ergonomic soft rubber handle is more comfortable and grippy for less hand fatigue

The Edward Tools Finishing Trowel for Cement and Concrete 12” x 4” is a great-value trowel that's especially suited for pros who spend all day working with trowels. It's lightweight, with a sturdy alloy mounting, and it features an ergonomic, soft rubber handle. The trowel is 12 by 4 inches, which we've found to be the standard size for most pros, and it's made of tempered carbon steel, which gives it a super-smooth, durable finish. The handle has a comfortable, ergonomic shape, and it's covered with a soft, grippy rubber. The head is tapered, so it's easy to control, and it tapers down at the end, so it's comfortable to hold and won't dig into your knuckles. The finish on the trowel is extra-smooth, thanks to the tempered carbon steel. The trowel comes fully assembled, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pointing hand trowel with wood handle tool flat surface 6inch x 3inch for gardening, tile, building, rust resistant, brick laying, concrete, masonry, cement finish, archaeology

Pointing hand trowel with wood handle tool surface flat 6inch x 3inch for gardening


Durable and comfortable designed with a wooded handle

The pointing hand trowel is more expensive than our picks for masonry and masonry, but we recommend it for that exact reason. This trowel is specially designed to work with mortar, cement, plaster, or concrete. It has a heavy-duty blade that stays sharp, and it has a long wooden handle that stays comfortable in the hand. It's quite versatile, too: It has a small flat blade that works well for scraping and digging, and a long straight blade that works well for mixing and packing. The blade has a long, straight edge that works well for finishing, and it also has a convenient hole for hanging on a wall. The blade is rust-resistant, so it won't stain or damage your concrete, and it's easy to clean. The pointed end of the trowel has a pointed tip that's useful for scraping and digging in tight spots, and the wooden handle is comfortable in the hand. This trowel is heavier and more solid than most, so it's more sturdily built, and it will last longer.

Concrete Finishing Trowel 14 X 3 Curved Handle

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line Concrete Finishing 14 Trowel X 3 Curved Handle

by Marshalltown The Premier Line

Made From The Highest Quality Materials

Stark 196cc Walk-Behind Power Trowel Gas Engine Concrete Cement Surface Smooth Gasoline Motor w/Handle

Stark USA Stark 196cc Walk-Behind Power Trowel Gas Concrete Engine Cement Surface Smooth Gasoline Motor w/Handle

by Stark USA

Safety stopper located on handle grip allows for easy emergency shutdown. Durable worm reduction gear. Ring stationary guard for safety and protection

The Stark 196cc Walk-Behind Power Trowel Gas Engine Concrete Cement Surface Smooth Gasoline Motor w/Handle is arguably the best walk-behind power trowel on the market, and it's well worth the upgrade from your basic, single-blade concrete finishing machine. It's more powerful than our 2nd-place pick, and it improves on our previous pick by featuring four blades instead of just two, which make it faster and easier to smooth out even moderately rough concrete. It's also more manageable than larger walk-behind power trowels, which makes it easier to maneuver around corners and into tight spaces. It's also lighter than most walk-behind power trowels, so it weighs less and is easier to maneuver. It has a 196cc engine, which provides plenty of power. The top handle has a comfortable curve, and it can be adjusted to any height. It's powered by a 5.5 horse power motor, which gives it plenty of power. The motor is also designed to run cooler and quieter than other walk-behind power trowels, so you can work for longer without getting tired. The engine is backed by a three-year warranty.

Magnesium Hand Float 18

The Quasar Concrete Magnesium Hand Float 18" x 3-1/8 up pair with a 16"x4" fully Rounded Finishing Trowel

by Marshalltown

100+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Since 1905 Marshalltown from USA has been delivering the highest quality of products. We can assure that these tools are manufactured with superior quality and they are completely designed to meet the exacting needs and wearability expected by the Professional Tradesman as well as any DIY project.

The magnesium hand float (ash) by Marshalltown is one of our favorite tools to use when dealing with concrete. It's lightweight, yet durable enough to handle even the most abusive job sites. The float is made of magnesium, which is both far lighter and stronger that magnesium oxide, which is commonly used in other hand floats. The magnesium float is well balanced (and has a handle that is angled perfectly at 20 degrees for maximum comfort), and it's long enough for most concrete jobs. The float is designed to be used with a steel trowel, and we recommend using a straight blade for best results. The float is available in two sizes, 18" and 16", and we recommend the 18" float for most of our projects. The 16" float is a bit shorter, and is ideal for smaller projects. The float is easy to clean, and we even use it to smooth our garage floor (we use our 16" float, but hammer the 18" float into the concrete to smooth out larger areas). The float is also affordable, and (as with all Marshalltown products) comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Concrete Finishing Trowel 20 X 4 Round Front Curved Handle

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line Concrete Finishing Trowel X 20 4 Round Front Curved Handle

by Marshalltown The Premier Line

Made From The Highest Quality Materials

Concrete Finishing Trowel 16 X 4 Rounded Curved Handle

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line Concrete Finishing 16 Trowel X 4 Rounded Curved Handle

by Marshalltown The Premier Line

Made From The Highest Quality Materials

The Best Trowels for Working with Concrete

Concrete trowels have been an essential tool for masons and construction workers for many centuries. In fact, evidence of trowel-like tools has been found in ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Early Origins

The earliest form of trowel was likely made from wood, bone or even shell. These primitive tools were used to spread mud or plaster onto walls, and were also used by plasterers to smooth out the surfaces of finished walls. This simple design was used for thousands of years, until the Industrial Revolution brought new materials and manufacturing processes.

The Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial Revolution, the production of trowels evolved significantly. Trowels were mass-produced using cast iron molds, which allowed for greater efficiency in the construction industry. However, these early trowels were heavy and difficult to use, causing workers to experience hand and wrist fatigue.

The Modern Trowel

The 20th century brought about further advancements in trowel design. Today, trowels are typically made from steel or stainless steel, materials that are more durable and easier to maintain. Modern trowels feature ergonomic handles that reduce hand fatigue and improve grip, ensuring that workers can complete construction projects quickly and efficiently.

Specialized Trowels

In addition to the standard concrete trowel, there are many specialized trowels available for different applications. Brick trowels, for example, are designed with a long, narrow blade that is perfect for laying bricks or stone. Margin trowels are used for spreading mortar in tight spaces, while corner trowels are perfect for smoothing out corners.


The history of concrete trowels is a fascinating one, and the design and manufacturing of these essential tools continue to evolve to this day. Whether you're a mason, construction worker or do-it-yourselfer, a good quality trowel is essential for achieving professional-grade results.

The key design choices that have been made in creating the Handy 120 bucket trowel are its size, shape, and material. The size and shape of the trowel is specifically designed to make bucket clearing faster and easier while also allowing it to be used for pulling and laying materials or cleaning out bucket excess when finished.

The steel craftsmanship of the trowel is also a strategic design choice, as it is superior to other materials like iron since it is rust and corrosion-resistant. This ensures that the trowel can be used for a long period of time without the risk of it damaging tiles, ceramics, or surfaces if left behind.

These design choices have a significant impact on the user as they make their work easier, more efficient, and effective. The size and shape of the trowel allow users to save time and energy when clearing buckets, laying materials or cleaning out excess materials, which helps reduce fatigue and increases productivity. Additionally, the steel craftsmanship ensures the trowel lasts longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements which can save money in the long run.

Overall, the design choices made in creating the Handy 120 bucket trowel effectively serve the user's needs by making their work faster, easier, and more efficient, providing a better user experience than other trowels which may not have been designed with as much attention to detail.

FAQ About concrete trowels

Q: What is the best trowel for concrete?

A: The best type of trowel for concrete depends on the intended use. A finishing trowel is typically used for smoothing and leveling concrete surfaces while concrete groovers are ideal for cutting joints and creating ridges. A margin trowel is good for applying small amounts of concrete in tight spaces.

Q: What type of trowel is best?

A: The best type of trowel depends on the application. Brick trowels are ideal for laying bricks and other masonry work while pointing trowels are best suited for filling in gaps between bricks. For plastering and other surface leveling jobs, a hawk and trowel set is often used.

Q: What is the best finishing trowel?

A: The best finishing trowel is typically made of high-quality stainless steel with a well-balanced weight for easy maneuvering. Marshalltown and Rose Golden are well-regarded brands for finishing trowels.

Q: Is a power trowel better than a hand trowel?

A: A power trowel is better suited for large-scale concrete surfaces while a hand trowel is better suited for smaller, more detailed applications. Power trowels can achieve a smoother, more even finish on larger surfaces, but hand trowels provide greater control and precision.

Q: What type of trowel is used to give concrete a smooth finish?

A: A finishing trowel is typically used to provide a smooth finish to concrete. It has a flat, rectangular blade that is designed to be pushed and pulled across the surface of the concrete to level and smooth it out. Finishing trowels come in various sizes and materials, so it is important to choose the right one for your specific project.

And more, if you're a bricklayer or flooring specialist, you need to add the Handy 120 bucket trowel to your toolbox. With its innovative design, it makes bucket clearing a breeze, while also being versatile enough for pulling and laying materials. Plus, the stainless steel craftsmanship ensures rust and corrosion resistance, making it a top choice for masonry hand trowels. Speaking of which, you can check out the Best Rated - Finishing Trowels - Concrete Trowels for a list of the best finishing trowels, or head over to Top 10 Best Concrete Masonry Hand Trowels - FindThisBest to find the top 10 concrete and masonry hand trowels. Don't settle for subpar tools - upgrade to the Handy 120 bucket trowel and take your craftsmanship to the next level!

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