10 Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy
for March 2023

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They say a woman's body changes more than her actual body during pregnancy. We weren't lying when we said pregnancy was a crazy time. In addition to physical changes, many pregnant women also experience a decreased quality of sleep. To help combat this, many pregnant women turn to body pillows, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you find comfortable and supportive support.

Our bodies change throughout pregnancy, so we decided to test body pillows for size, shape, firmness and firmness, which is measured by weight. We also tested color fastness, which is tested by splattering test swatches with colored water, rubbing the swatches in wet or damp conditions and examining them for fading. The pillows should be able to withstand all of these conditions. Next, we scored the pillows for ease of use, including ease of setup, ease of washing and drying, and ease of use (i.e., whether the pillows are machine washable and dryer safe). Finally, we scored pillows for value, taking into consideration the purchase price, warranty and online reviews. Here are the 10 best body pillows for pregnancy:

INSEN Pregnancy Pillow,Maternity Body Pillow with Pillow Cover,C Shaped Body Pillow for Pregnant Women

INSEN Pregnancy Pillow

What We like

Best Maternity Pillow to Your Family- High density soft cotton adapts to your belly and back when you want to sleep, read, nurse, or watch TV. We use long silk cotton that it will stay smooth and fluffy inside the pillow provides comfort for side support.

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Product Features

  • Warmly Tips: Both outer and lining case have independent zipper for you conveniently to unpick and wash.
  • Relieve Pregnancy Body Pain. Our full body pregnancy pillow can help you into a quality sleep, reducing interruptions all night and helping relieve back pain, hips pain, and lower back pain.
  • Ergonomic Design - 58 x 28 x 7.8 in.C shaped body pillow design replaces other small pillows in your bed. This C shaped body pillow is comfort and following your body contour shaped that helping support your body such as back, belly, hips and knee.
  • All in One Pillow and Widely Use Pillow. Maternity body pillow creates cushion when you are sleeping, watching TV/ movie, reading, resting, playing games, and working at home. It cradles your body to reduce tossing and turning, providing you a quality sleep and keep your neck, shoulder, back and hip aligned during night. Also, pillow is foldable into multiple position to elevate your leg to improve blood circulation. Relieving pregnancy swelling is so important for pregnant women.
Meiz Pregnancy Pillow - U Shaped - Pregnancy Body Pillow - for Support Neck/Back/Legs with Body Pillow Cooling Jersey Cover, Green

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow

by Meiz
What We like

Suitable For Everyone -The unique design follows the shape of human body, which is an over-sized U-shape, and is long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body. Meiz pregnancy pillow is not only for pregnant mothers as pregnancy gifts, but also comfortable for everyone who is eager for a better sleep.

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Product Features

  • Deeply Sleep Every Night - Meiz u shaped body maternity pregnancy pillow is ideal for sciatica relief, relief of leg swelling and back pain, prevents pressure on the liver, prevents hypertension syndrome, eliminates tossing and turning; As well as helps support the head, back, belly, sides, knees, hip and feet. People may experience varying results.
  • Pregnancy Pillow Cooling - This pregnancy pillow with jersey cover is machine washable. The adjustable filling offers persistent full and durability and makes the pregnancy pillow firm but soft. You can take off and take on the jersey cover easily with the updated long zippers.
  • All In One Multifunctional Body Pillow - Meiz full body pillow is quite suitable for side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper. Creates a relax & comfortable position for sleeping, reading and watching TV etc. Great gift for family or friends.
  • Great gift to show your loved ones, family or friends that you really care about their relaxation and health with this amazing full body pregnancy pillow.
AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, U Shaped Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women and Sleeping, Gray

AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

by AngQi
What We like

Premium Material - Outer Cover: super soft cooling jersey body pillow cover come with double zipper for easy removal and machine washable; Inner cover: 100% polyester, which long-lasting resilience and durability; Filling: 100% PP Cotton giving you the sweetest sleep.

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Product Features

  • Comfortable Night Sleep - This u-pillow effectively helps support back, hips, knees, neck, and head to help ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more.
  • Multi-Function Body Support Pillow - The full pregnancy pillow is easily formed into multiple positions and is a great support for sleeping, reading in bed, watching TV, or just relaxing. Total Body Support and helping relieve back pain to get a better sleep, reducing interruptions throughout the night; Great for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Unique Design & Extra Filled - AngQi u shaped body pillow is extra filled to 6.6lbs(3kg) premium PP Cotton, Our pregnancy pillow lets you get a good night sleep throughout your pregnancy. It's uniquely designed to follow the natural shape of your body for full support. Making it an excellent pillow for pregnant women and just about anyone else!
ELNIDO QUEEN Pregnancy Body Pillows with Velvet Cover,U Shaped Full Long Maternity Pillow, Support for Back/Neck/Leg and Belly 55 inches Grey

ELNIDO QUEEN Pregnancy Body with Pillows Velvet Cover

What We like

EASY CARE AND MACHINE WASHABLE-100% soft polyester velvet cover,100% polyester adjustable filling with long-lasting resilience and durability,the machine washable cover allows you to clean it more easily.

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Product Features

  • MULTIPURPOSE PREGNANCY PILLOW-Adjustable skin-friedndly polyfill material adapts to your body posture, replaces standard pillows to create multi position as a pillow for sleeping, reading in bed, watching TV and other pillow application scenarios.
  • UNIQUE PRODUCT DESIGN- The U shaped pillow supports your body and make you have a good night of sleep throughout your gestation, It's uniquely designed to follow the natural shape of the pregnancy mom and help relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, eliminate tossing and turning, ME etc.
  • ERGONOMIC DIMENSION-This maternity pillow measures 55" inches long, 28" inches wide, making this the ideal contoured support body pillow for your back, neck, legs, hips,and belly all in one!
iCozyhome Maternity Pillow for Sleeping, Soft Pregnancy Body Pillow for Pregnant Women, Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow with Washable Cotton Cover, Support for Neck/Back/Blly/Leg (Pink&Grey)

iCozyhome Maternity Pillow for Sleeping

by MSY
What We like

SOFT PREGNANCY PILLOW Do you toss and turn at night and can't sleep easily? Our comfortable pregnancy pillow adopts ergonomic design principles, and its shape conforms to the natural curve of the human body, providing comfortable support for your head, shoulders, back, abdomen, hips, and legs. Effectively relieve joint pain, sciatica, gastric reflux, fibromyalgia, and say goodbye to every sleepless night!

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Product Features

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL PREGNANCY BACK SUPPORT PILLOW The pregnancy pillow can be used in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy to help you get comfortable support all night and easily enter deep sleep. When you want to read a book or watch TV, you can use it on the bed or on the sofa. Every moment gives you the most comfortable experience. After the baby is born, it can also be used as a nursing pillow and the railing of the crib.
  • MATERNITY PILLOW FOR SLEEPING Replace the extra pillows on the bed, a pregnancy support pillow can support the whole body, no longer have to worry about them moving around at night. Suitable for anyone who desires to improve their sleep.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIALFilling: 100% polyester hollow fiber, no additives, no fragrance, hypoallergenic. Cover: skin-friendly, soft and non-irritating cotton cover. Pillow for pregnant with removable and machine washable cover. Everyone can use it with confidence.
MOON PINE Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Full Body Pillow for Maternity and Nursing Support, Sleeping Pillow with Velour Cover for Pregnant Women (Dark Blue)

MOON PINE Pregnancy Pillow

What We like

PAIN RELIEF FOR BETTER SLEEP: Pregnancy pillow provides expecting mothers with effective support on head, neck, shoulder, back, belly, knees and legs, it props up your growing bump and lessens strain on muscles, reduces back pain and minimizes discomfort for a sound sleep.

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Product Features

  • COMFORTABLE FOR EVERYONE: Designed for pregnant women, but loved by any man or woman. Side sleepers, back or stomach sleepers will all benefit from this cozy pillow and enjoy the luxurious comfort of it.
  • ERGONOMIC FULL BODY PILLOW: This maternity pillow is uniquely designed as U shape to embrace your whole body to reduce tossing and turning. It replaces separate bed pillows and keeps you sleep on your side. Have a good rest tonight.
  • AIR CIRCULATION FABRIC: Velour pillowcase fabric with mesh holes provides superior air circulation, it's softer than Jersey and cooler than velvet, making it suitable to use all time. High quality 7D PP cotton filling keeps our pillow full and retains its firmness. Pillowcase is zippered for easy removal and cleaning.
  • ERSATILE & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Not only for sleeping, you can also create comfy positions for extra support on bed, sofa or couch for reading, watching TV or other relaxation. It works great as nursing pillow for postpartum women and helps as a post-surgery supportive cushion where necessary.
2 in1 Pregnancy Pillows, Chiro Designed Maternity Pillow with 100% Cotton Cover, Pregnancy Body Pillow & Pregnancy Wedge to Support Belly, Knees and Hips - Portable Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women

BelliPod 2 in1 Pregnancy Pillows, Chiro Designed Maternity Pillow with 100% Cotton Pregnancy Cover, Body Pillow & Pregnancy Wedge to Support Belly, Knees and Hips

by PDR Collections
What We like

UNBEATABLE, FULL BODY SUPPORT: Created by a Chiropractor, our patent pending design wedge pillow supports your belly and baby while the long pillow supports your knees and hips for a more comfortable sleep. The wedge has both soft and firm memory foam sides for your preference, and you can use your favorite neck pillow for ultimate comfort!

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Product Features

  • RELAXATION ANYWHERE YOU NEED IT: Whether youre on bed rest or still going on vacation, these pregnancy pillows are perfect to provide the support you need anywhere. Our memory foam body pillow is portable so that you can take it to the couch, or pack it in a car to take it on weekend getaways, ensuring you always get a good nights sleep.
  • ULTRA-SOFT AND LUXURIOUS: Achieve maximum rest and relaxation with these maternity pillows for sleeping, which have been carefully crafted with 100% jersey cotton that is luxuriously soft on the skin, and will minimize sweating. Both the wedge pillows and body pillows will never lose their shape, and the cover is removable and machine washable.
  • SHARED COMFORT: Chances are, you want to enjoy your pregnancy with another - and our body pillows for adults allow just that! Can also be used under your knees while sitting, this not so giant pillow allows your husband, significant other, or your other children to snuggle up against you for tons of affection.
  • ENJOY YOUR PREGNANCY: Theres nothing more amazing than carrying your own baby - but everyone knows that it can still be uncomfortable! Make your pregnancy just a little more comfortable with this BelliPod maternity pillow, which has been designed to provide full body support to reduce back and body pain, and help you sleep peacefully.
Kingta Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped Full Body Pillow with Washable Velvet Cover - 57 inches Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women - Support Head, Back, Shoulder, Hips, Legs and Belly (Gray)­

Kingta Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped Full Pillow Body with Washable Velvet Cover

What We like

MULTI FUNCTIONAL PREGNANCY PILLOWS- U shaped ergonomic design fits body curve. Help you into deep sleep easily. It can support you in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. You can position a soft u pillows for sleeping in a variety of ways. After the baby was born, it can be used as baby railing pillow. Besides, this pillow creates cushion when you are reading, watching TV, resting, playing games and working at home. So this pillow suits your all individual needs.

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Product Features

  • RELIEVE PAIN AND SOLVE YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS- This maternity pillow u shape can help relieve pain of sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, back pain, farewell tossing and turning, prevents pressure on the liver, eliminates tossing and turning. Adjustable fill material to find the most comfortable sleeping position and enjoy every evening.
  • ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY AND COMFORTABLE- Outer cover: 100% velvet cover, removable and machine washable, more soft and breathable. It doesn't tickle the body. We upgrade the zipper of the outer and inner cover, larger and more convenient. Filler: 100% hypoallergenic polyester hollow fiber. And the body pillow will not lose its shape and longer service life. This pregnancy pillows u shaped measures 55" long, 27" wide, and 7.8" high.
  • U SHAPE FULL BODY PREGNANCY PILLOW- Our comfortable u shaped pregnancy pillow can replace up 4 other pillows to support your head and neck to your back, belly, knees, leg and foot. Conform to the contoured body shaped design brings amazing comfortable experience for sleep.
  • PERFECT GIFTS- Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with this best pregnancy pillow, we will help you solve all your problems within 12 hours.
Mandzixin Pregnancy Pillow, Maternity Body Pillow with Velvet Separate Support Pillow and Removable Cover,Side Sleeping and Back Hips, Legs, Belly Support for Pregnant Women (Grey, U Shaped)

Mandzixin Pregnancy Pillow

What We like

Maternity Pillow to Your Family: High density soft cotton adapts to your belly and back when you want to sleep, read, nurse, or watch TV. We use long silk cotton that it will stay smooth and fluffy inside the pillow provides comfort for side support.

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Product Features

  • Ergonomical Design: U-shaped design replaces need for multiple bed pillows, lets you get a good night of sleep throughout your pregnancy. And the pillow is long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body, helping support your back, hips, knees, neck and head.
  • Adjustable Filling: Both the outer and inner body pillow cover come with double zippers which allow you to adjust the filling to reach your own height. The adjustable filling offers persistent full and durability and makes the pregnancy pillow firm but soft.
  • Deeply Sleep With Body Pillow U Shaped - The body pillow may help expecting pregnant mothers and people who suffering from back pain and leg swelling, sciatica, fibromyalgia, hypertension syndrome, tossing and turning or after injury recovering. Effectively offers improved blood circulation all night long and releases your body pressure. People may experience varying results.
  • Excellent Quality Cover: pure satin; pregnancy body pillow filling: polyester, which offer long-lasting resilience and durability. The machine washable cotton pillowcase comes with double zipper for easy removal and cleaning.
Bedsure Pregnancy Body Pillow,Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women,H-Shaped Adjustable Pillow with Removable Washable Jersey Cover,Detachable Extension ,Standard Size 51x27x7.8 Inches,Grey

Bedsure Pregnancy Body Pillow

by bedshe
What We like

Intimate Ergonomic Design: H-shaped maternity pillow provides equal support for pregnant women's back, hips, knees, neck and head, effectively relieving pregnant womens fatigue. Body pillow makes it easier for pregnant women to breathe and helps relieve swollen ankles.

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Product Features

  • Separate Pillow & Adjustable Velcro: Maternity pillow has a separate small pillow and an adjustable Velcro belt, which can be divided into three parts independently. Adjustable Velcro allows you to freely adjust the distance between the left and right parts, which can meet the needs of pregnant women in different periods.
  • Detachable Cover & Easy to Maintain: Smooth zipper makes it easy to remove the cover. The cover is machine washable. A full body pillow can provide good sleep throughout pregnancy.
  • Body Pillow for Muti-Groups: 51x27x7.8" body pillow is not only suitable for pregnant women, but also for patients who recover after surgery, the elderly, and side sleepers. You can enjoy a leisurely nap in the sofa, bedroom, office with the body pillow.
  • H-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow: Unique H-shaped body pillow specially designed with no head pillow. Different pregnant women can choose pillows of suitable height according to their needs. A well-filled body pillow provides extra support for the spine, back and abdomen.

Top 10 Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy

Pregnant women need support during their pregnancy period. They also need a comfortable place to sleep. The wrong sleeping position can cause a lot of back pain and discomfort. A body pillow can ease the pain during sleeping and provide support. These pillows come in various sizes and have different features. You can buy the best body pillow for pregnancy from online stores or from physical stores. Here is a list of the top 10 body pillows for pregnancy.

What to look for when purchasing a body pillow during pregnancy

Purchasing a body pillow during pregnancy can be a fun experience. There are many different types of body pillows available, so it's essential that you do your research before purchasing one. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Size: Most body pillows are sized to fit pregnant women, although some are sized to fit both adults and children. The size you choose will depend on your personal preference, but it's generally recommended that you purchase a body pillow that is at least 30 inches long and 20 inches wide.
Material: Body pillows are usually made of foam or memory foam, although some are made out of other materials. Foam body pillows are generally less expensive, but they are more likely to retain body heat, making them uncomfortable to sleep in. Memory foam body pillows are more expensive, but they conform to your body shape, making them more comfortable to sleep in.
Shape: Body pillows are available in several different shapes, including wedge, donut, oval, and rectangle. Wedge body pillows are designed to improve sleeping posture, donut body pillows are designed to give support to your back and side, and oval body pillows are designed to provide support to your belly.
Shape: The shape of your body pillow can also play a big role in your comfort. The shape of the body pillow you choose should be comfortable for sleeping.
Material: Some body pillows are made out of materials that are more conducive to sleeping than others. For example, body pillows made out of memory foam are more comfortable to sleep in than body pillows made out of foam.
Comfort: The comfort of your body pillow should be another important factor to keep in mind. Body pillows should be comfortable to sleep in, but they should not be too firm.

What are the types of body pillows available?

Body pillows are one of the essential accessories that pregnant women need. They can help you sleep comfortably, and they can also help support your back and belly. The most common types of body pillows are:
Pillow: A pillow is often used for sleeping, and it can be used to support your body while lying in bed.
Shammy: A shammy is a soft cloth that is used to wrap around your body. It can be stuffed with cotton, and it usually has some kind of pattern on it.
Wrap: A wrap is a soft cloth that is used to wrap around your body. It can be stuffed with cotton, and it usually has some kind of pattern on it.
Fleece: A fleece is a soft fabric that is usually used to keep warm.
Full body: A full body pillow is a large pillow that can be used as a mattress. It can be used to support your back, belly, and legs.

What are the benefits of using body pillows during pregnancy?

Body pillows are a popular item among pregnant women. They are great for sleeping, resting, and sitting. They can provide comfort and support during pregnancy, and can help relieve aches and pains. They can also help pregnant women sleep through the night, reducing fatigue and discomfort. Body pillows are beneficial for all types of pregnancy. They can help to relieve back pain, cramping, and discomfort. They can support pregnant women's heads and backs, and prevent them from rolling around while sleeping. They can help with snoring and sleep apnea, by positioning pregnant women's heads and necks in the ideal sleeping position. They can also help relieve hip and pelvic pain during pregnancy, by supporting the hips and pelvis.

How to pick the right body pillow for pregnancy

Body pillows are great for pregnant women. They let pregnant women sleep comfortably in their beds, and during pregnancy, sleeping comfortably is important. But which body pillow is right for you? Body pillows come in many different sizes, shapes, and levels of firmness. Here are some things you should think about when choosing a body pillow for pregnancy:
Comfort: Choose a body pillow that provides enough support for your body. During the first trimester, pregnant women often experience lower back pain; body pillows can help to alleviate this pain. Style: Pregnancy pillows come in many different styles and shapes. Some pillows are oblong, while others are round. There are also a variety of firmness levels to choose from. Size: Body pillows come in many different shapes and sizes. Some pillows are quite large, while others are rather small. Some pillows are compact, while others take up more space.

What tips are handy for choosing the best body pillow during pregnancy?

Being pregnant can be a difficult experience, but finding the right body pillow can make it feel like a breeze. Body pillows offer comfort, support, and relief from pregnancy-related aches and pains, and they help pregnant women get a good night's rest, too. While shopping for a pregnancy body pillow, you should keep the following tips in mind:
Size and firmness: You'll need a body pillow that is the right size for your body. Most body pillows are between 20 and 24 inches by 20 to 24 inches. Make sure to choose a pillow that is big enough to support you comfortably. You should also consider choosing a pillow that is firm enough to support your body, but not so firm that it is uncomfortable.
Density: The body pillow you choose should be made out of high-quality memory foam, latex, or polyester. These materials provide comfort and support, while retaining their shape.
Filling: The body pillow you choose should feature high-quality filling, such as memory foam, latex, or polyester. Filling provides comfort and support, and it should retain its shape.
Durable: The body pillow you choose should be made out of high-quality material, such as memory foam, latex, or polyester. The pillow should retain its shape and should last you a long time.
Comfort: You will want your body pillow to be comfortable and supportive. It should be made from high-quality material, and it should be soft, yet firm enough to support your body.


I hope this article has helped you find the perfect body pillow for pregnancy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Also, please let me know which body pillow for pregnancy you decided on and how it's working out for you!

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