The 10 Best Smartwatches For Women - Stylish, Fashionable and More

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Choosing a smartwatch for women, you want to see not only a functional device but also a stylish accessory. MOOZ gives advice to buyers about how to choose a smartwatch for a woman.

Watch housing

Of course, as an accessory, women's smartwatch must have a modern and attractive design. There are two main materials that are used in the housings of these devices - metal and plastic. Water resistance is preferred, thanks to which it is possible to perform. If you choose a model with a touch screen, it should be covered with glass with oleophobic coating to better slide your fingers on it.

Health tracking and sports functions

If you want to monitor the state of your health, count the number of kilometers traveled and burned calories, it is better to pay attention to the models of women's smartwatches that know how to do it. Some of the models have thermometers and, even, can make an electrocardiogram of the heart.

Dial or Screen

If you are attracted by “classic," some manufacturers are ready to offer a smartwatch with a classic dial. Usually, they have a lot of working time. But, for example, to watch the weather or listen to music from them will not work. Technology on the display side. The best on the market are AMOLED matrices, which are installed in the flagship watches Samsung, Apple and Fitbit.


Another useful feature for sports and fitness lovers is GPS. You will not be guided by it, and this module will record the exact track of your workout or walk. Or, can measure the speed of your running.


It is unlikely that any of the ladies will want to constantly think and charge their watch because one smartphone is enough. Therefore, pay attention to the battery life on one charge. For example, Apple Watch will ask to “eat" electricity every day. And models - record holders can work for up to a month.

The wrist watch is not only a fashionable accessory but also a useful device that can help monitor health. MOOZ tells about the best women's smartwatches for women that can be bought in 2019.

Apple Watch Series 3

The most popular women's smartwatches in autumn got an update, but Series 3 remains relevant and, importantly, cheaper. Here and premium brand, and unique design without sharp corners, and choice of color solutions. The touch OLED display on the quality of the picture is not inferior to iPhone X. All kinds of sensors will perfectly track the physical active owner and accurately calculate the burned calories for the day. You can not take your phone for training, because Apple Watch has the ability to listen to music directly from them. Also, from this watch you can call.

Despite the fact that it is not a fitness tracker, the company also took care of the health of users, giving the opportunity to monitor the performance of physical activity and receive a number of data

A smartwatch is able to notify owners if their heart rate increases at least 3 times within 10 minutes while the user is seated. A high heart rate when you sit at a desk can indicate a state of the heart like a panic attack. It can warn a person about a disease.

Michael Kors Access Sofie

Spectacular metal case with rhinestones and stainless steel dial bracelet are the same classic of smart women watches. The screen here is a touch, made by the technology of organic LEDs or AMOLED. The watch can measure the pulse, the number of steps taken and the calories burned. And notifications from the phone will come to the watch itself. The Michael Kors Access Sofie isn't feature-rich, but it is a good choice for those looking for something that wouldn't look out of place when fine dining.

Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus is the successor of the 5S model with additional features and a slightly larger display size. And this is the most suitable women's sports smartwatch for those who lead a healthy lifestyle or seriously engage in sports. 5S Plus took the bottom position in our review of models for women since belong to a narrow-directional segment, namely, sports tracking. The design of the watch is designed taking into account the fact that this wearable device should be used during training, hiking, and various outdoor sports activities. Here you will find a lot of sports modes and many functions, 5 days of battery life, case size 42 mm and lightweight for the small wrist. There are various variants of colors of cases and bracelets.

To date, there are no sports watches comparable to Fenix, and thanks to new features such as built-in music and topographic maps in color, 5S Plus become a very decent and really smart model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) Rose Gold

The beautiful and elegant model of women's smartwatch is designed for a thin wrist. The design is also not pumped - stainless steel case with spraying, swivel bezel, and hypoallergenic silicone bracelet. Touch screen with a diagonal of 1.18 inches is made using technology Super AMOLED. The watch allows you to connect to devices on Android and iOS. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC interfaces provide the owner with all the wireless technology. Built-in, 4 GB memory, will allow you to listen to music from the clock during fitness and walking. By the way, the device still has moisture protection, thanks to which in the watch, you can take a shower.

A distinctive feature of the Galaxy Watch, as in the previous version of Gear, is the rotating bezel around the screen, which simplifies interaction with the touch screen of the device. This is a really cool way to work with content.

The heart rate sensor reads the pulse fairly accurately, and GPS will delight cyclists and outdoor runners with the ability to record tracks.

Battery life provides from 2 to 4 days of operation, although the time may vary depending on the settings and usage of the watch. Overall, we recommend that you seriously consider Samsung Galaxy Watch, especially if you want to invest in premium smartwatches that are equipped with numerous features.

Amazfit Bip

One of the most affordable women's smartwatches on the market is the product of the Amazfit division of the Chinese company Xiaomi. This watch will appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle but do not want to overpay for the brand or unnecessary features. Indeed, Bip boasts the functionality needed in 2019 for smartwatches: GPS, smartphone notifications and a unique transflex display. On one charge the clock can work for up to 35 days, which is especially pleasant to the forgetful ladies. And also, Amazfit Bip works together with a convenient application MiFit, which is known by many fans of fitness bracelets.

They are often compared to the once most popular Pebble smartwatches. Despite the fact that the device has a number of missing features and capabilities, compared to, for example, Fitbit Ionic or Apple Watch Series 4, Amazfit Bip surpasses some important basic aspects of these models. And the most powerful argument in favor of the model is the long life of the battery: from 2 weeks to 45 days.

The Amazfit Bip Smartwatch uses a square-shaped transflex color display. The brighter the light, the better the content on the screen is visible. In bright sunlight, the clarity and brightness of the display are ideal. In the room, you can use the illumination by raising the brush. Externally, the device looks like an Apple Watch, although it is significantly inferior to the functionality and capabilities of “apple” watches. The case is very light and thin. There are 4 different colors of the case and straps, which can also be replaced by others.

With built-in GPS and heart rate sensors, they act as a fitness tracker to track workouts, providing all the fitness data you need. They also keep track of sleep. With Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, you will be able to receive notifications directly on the clock. Without a phone connection, Amazfit Bip is able to work autonomously, collecting activity statistics and offering a number of useful features.

Compared to the high-tech smartwatches we used to see today, Bip is basic. They are designed specifically for those users who do not want to pay for additional features included in the standard set of smartwatches, such as fashion graphics, NFC, music storage and stand-alone applications.

Fossil Women's Gen 4

Fossil's Gen 4 Venture HR is not elegant, but they look very harmoniously and elegantly on the woman's wrist. It is not just a beautiful accessory, but also a really smart device. Among the smart features that a smartwatch has to include touch screen, heart rate monitor, training summaries, automatic time zone, location tracking, and Customizable dials.

Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch is equipped with the Wear OS operating system from Google, which supports pre-installed applications and makes this device compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. In addition, NFC technology allows you to make payments using Google Pay. Email, incoming calls, text messages, and social media notifications are always on your wrist, so you don't miss important alerts while doing your business.

Luxury women's smartwatch Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR looks great thanks to its rose gold stainless steel bracelet and offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate both fashion and fitness.

Garmin vívomove HR

Women's smartwatch from the famous manufacturer of wearable electronics Garmin. The metal case goes well with the leather bracelet. Garmin Vivomove boasts a classic design and a hand dial. In addition to this, there is an OLED screen with a diagonal of 0.38 inches, which displays notifications and sensor data. By the way, these women's smartwatches can observe the level of stress of the hostess. They can work with devices on Android, iOS and Windows.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

The manufacturer himself calls TalkBand B3 a smart bracelet, but it can perfectly perform the role of smartwatches for women. After all, it so resembles a miniature watch - anodized metal and leather bracelet only emphasize this similarity. The device is able to monitor sleep phases, measure pulse, distance traveled and calculate the number of calories burned. All information is displayed on the touch OLED display. In addition, this smartwatch has a completely unique feature - they can work in the Bluetooth headset mode.

Fitbit Ionic Watch

Spectacular smartwatches from California manufacturer of fitness gadgets. And they can offer the buyer almost all the options of a modern wearable device. Large touch screen, covered with tempered glass; sensors - accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, light sensor, built-in heart rate meter. All this in a body ready to withstand shower and swimming. And Fitbit Ionic can store music collection.

The design of the watch has a square form factor, on the back of the case, there are three LEDs in addition to the optical pulse sensor. This addition deserves special attention. Unlike other fitness trackers using classic green light to measure heart rate, the range of LEDs of different colors in Ionic allows you to read heart beats more accurately, on a medical level. The 1.42-inch display has a resolution of 348 x 250 pixels and a maximum brightness of 100 nits.

These smartwatch is in the top range of the Fitbit product line and offers battery life that Apple Watch owners can only dream of.

SUUNTO Ambit3 Run

This model is suitable for girls who are on “you” with sports and fitness. Ambit3 Sport even hints about it by its name. Plastic case and bracelet made of hypoallergenic silicone set the tone in the appearance of this watch. There is a moisture protection standard, which will allow you to swim without removing the watch. The monochrome display will reliably transmit to the owner all notifications from the phone. GPS will record the exact track of jogging or evening walk. The package of delivery is also interesting. For example, the clock is a high-precision external heart rate meter. And as an accessory, the manufacturer offers to use a heart rate sensor when swimming.

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