10 Best Bamboo Longboards
for June 2023

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When it comes to longboarding, the choice of the right board is paramount to enjoying a smooth ride. Longboards made from bamboo, with their combination of flexibility, durability and natural beauty, are a popular choice for riders of all ages and skill levels. Bamboo longboards are not only eco-friendly, but also provide an enjoyable riding experience that can’t be denied. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best bamboo longboards for sports and outdoors enthusiasts, skaters, skateboarders, and scooter lovers to choose from. These longboards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from mini cruisers to full-sized freestyle boards. Each board boasts an 8 layer laminate construction, with a hard maple core, and a beautifully stained bamboo top and bottom sealed with a sand grit finish, allowing the board to show off the distinct natural patterns of the bamboo.

Our selection includes diverse options for all age groups, including young boys who love to cruise around the neighborhood, and seasoned riders looking to perform freestyle tricks. The decks’ subtle W-concave lock the rider’s feet in place, allowing for comfortable cruising, while the cutout design around the wheels removes any possibility of nasty wheel bite when taking sharp turns. Our complete skateboards also come equipped with stable trucks that can handle a variety of riding styles. The Paris-style trucks have a 7-inch hanger and a kingpin angle of 50 degrees with bushings that are medium stiffness to add much-needed stability when cruising. With laser etched graphics, these boards are inspired by the beach and are designed for cruising and freestyle riding.

So, whether you’re a seasoned longboarder or just starting out, our list of the 10 best bamboo longboards has got you covered. Each board has been carefully selected by our team of experts to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and smooth riding experience. Don’t settle for less; try one of our bamboo longboards today and see why they continue to be a popular choice among sports and outdoors enthusiasts, skaters, skateboarders, and scooter lovers alike.

Hana Longboard Collection | Longboard Skateboards | Bamboo with Hard Maple Core | Cruising, Carving, Dancing, Freestyle (Cruiser)

Magneto Hana Collection Longboard

by Magneto
What We like

QUALITY WHEELS 70mm Shore 78A wheels means your board is designed from the ground up for an ideal dancing experience. These soft wheels allow for a smooth ride on a variety of different surfaces.

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Product Features

  • CRUISE AND FREESTYLE The deck is 9 inches wide, a little narrower than others in the collection, which improves its flexibility even more. The deck has a very subtle W-concave that is deep enough to lock your feet into but not too deep to be uncomfortable while cruising.
  • BEAUTIFUL DECK An 8 layer laminate with a hard maple core and a beautifully stained striped bamboo top and bottom sealed with a sand grit finish to show off the beauty of the bamboo. With laser etched graphics this board was inspired by the beach and designed for Cruising and Freestyle.
  • RIDE IN STYLE The 42" Hana Cruiser longboard was for cruising first but can also be used for some light free style and dancing. The cutout deck design removes any possibility for wheel bite while in the deepest of turns and carves. The 34 inch wheelbase makes the board super flexible and more stable relative to the rest of the collection.
  • STABLE TRUCKS Drop through Paris style trucks give the board a larger platform for riders to dance on. The trucks have a 7 inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees and bushings that are SHR (medium stiffness) to add stability.
Magneto Longboards - Bamboo & Fiberglass Drop Through Longboard Cruiser

Magneto Longboards

by Magneto
What We like

THE PERFECT SHAPE The bamboo deck is 42" by 9" which makes it perfect for fun carving and tight turns! The carver board features a shallow concave shape with a nice arched camber. The shallow concave makes for a comfortable ride under your feet while the chamber makes the board lively and incredibly responsive.

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Product Features

  • FLEXIBLE & STRONG The bamboo and fiberglass used in this deck make it really lively and fun for carving! The 3 plies of bamboo give the deck great flexibility while the fiberglass reinforces the deck to add strength and durability
  • ULTIMATE CRUISER The ultimate bamboo longboard for cruising around the neighborhood! This board is designed to be perfect for cruising and carving along the coast, in the neighborhood, or on campus! This board is one of our most popular for its smooth ride and ability to cruise and carve anywhere
  • SMOOTH & STABLE The longboard's deck features a drop through truck design for a lower center of gravity and smoother ride. It is designed for stability and performance and gives you the best of both worlds with our Paris Style drop through trucks.
  • QUALITY TRUCKS This board features Paris Style trucks with a 7 inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees. The bushings are SHR (medium stiffness) which adds to the carving experience.
Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser, Green Flora

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Skateboard Longboard Complete Cruiser

by Retrospec
What We like

Designed in the heart Of Los Angeles for a distinct Californian look and feel

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Product Features

  • Rugged and lightweight 7-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Durable 70x51mm 85a PU wheels with rock finish.
  • Reactive and smooth gliding reverse kingpin trucks with precision ABEC-7 Bearing, PU casted black bushing-90A.
  • 44-Inch artisan longboard made from sustainably sourced bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple.
DGWBT Bamboo Maple 41 inch Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Complete

DGWBT Bamboo Maple 41 inch Through Drop Longboard Skateboard Complete

What We like

Deck: special formula of bamboo and maple, drop through mount, W concave, hold up to 250 LBS, mild Flex Level, lively and durable.

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Product Features

  • Riding style: all-round curise, commuter, freeride,downhill,freestyle
  • Dimension: 41.0" length x 10" width x 4"height X 29.1" wheel-base
  • Trucks: 50 degree base - 180mm hanger, all-round and perfect any terrain trucks, stable and maneuverable
  • Wheels: DGWBT 70mm diameter - 53mm wide - 80A Super high Rebound,high roll speed,high traction.
OUDEW 41-Inch Cruiser Longboard, 8 Ply Artisan Bamboo and Maple Longboard , Professional Complete Skateboard Bamboo Longboard for Youth Adults Girls Boys Kids

OUDEW 41-Inch Cruiser Longboard

What We like

NO ASSEMBLY RRQUIRED - Just take it out of box and use it directly,save you the time and hassle of assembling,an ideal gift for festivals,birthdays, and graduations.

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Product Features

  • AUTHENTIC COMPONENTS - Genuine ABEC-7 speed bearings, PU casted bushing-95A, 7-inch aluminum trucks, This 41"" Artisan Bamboo Longboard, Better components = Better performance.
  • DARE TO COMPARE - Not all longboards are the same, OUDEW longboards are made with better materials and components if you are looking for a pro style longboard at a great price.
  • STURDY AND STABLE - 8 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple Deck,durable to withstand riders up to 330lbs,offers perfect balance between toughness and weight.
  • PURSUE DETAIL AND ART - Our41" Longboard is the perfect size constructed in a Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and beautiful artisan bamboo deck shaped to perform and the extra detail.
Hi-Na Hinaboard Mini Longboard Protable Skateboard Mini Cruiser Skateboard Mini Skateboard Bamboo Longboard Crusier Skateboard Short Skateboard DIY Skateboard (Aqua Cobble)

Hi-Na Hinaboard Mini Longboard Protable Skateboard Mini Cruiser Skateboard Mini Bamboo Skateboard Longboard Crusier Skateboard Short Skateboard DIY Skateboard (Aqua Cobble)

by Hinaboard
What We like

Lightweight and Portable DesignUnlike conventional longboards, this mini longboard is extremely portable thanks to its 19'' length and lightweight design(4.2LBS). Fits perfectly in your backpacks or lockers, and our mini cruiser skateboard is accepted by airlines as a carry-on item. We offer you one black nylon backpack as a gift to take the mini skateboard anywhere you want. The mini longboard is great for commute, school, work, and travel.both suit for adults and kids

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Product Features

  • Perfect Mini Cruiser SkateboardFeel free to ride this mini skateboard on any road, indoor or outdoor, like cement road, asphalt road, mountain road, or floors on square and subway station. Our mini cruiser skateboard is designed in California and displays a unique California style for you. What's more, we offer you a multi-use T-shape tool to tighten trucks and change out wheels.
  • The Handiest Mini SkateboardMini longboards are made of natural and sustainable bamboo for high strength and pliability. Customed PU wheels with precision ABEC-9 bearing of the mini skateboard are smooth and can spin well for a long time before another push. Alloy steel trucks with black baking finish/silver galvanized coat. Length of the mini skateboard: 19'', Width of the longboard: 9'', Wheelbase of the longboard: 12'', Wheels : 69mm 85ABearingABEC-9.
  • Unique Deck with Gold ScaleComparing with traditional mini skateboard, the deck of hinaboard mini cruiser skateboard is rounder and this mini cruiser skateboard has a larger deck. More stable ride on our mini skateboards and get an easier control over this mini cruiser skateboardan excellent gift for your kids or friends. The best mini cruiser skateboard you ever have.
  • Natural 7-Ply Bamboo Deck Our mini skateboards are made of furniture-level bamboo, which comes from high-quality bamboo product area in subtropics and has pure bamboo fiber. With smooth coating, the deck of the mini longboard can bear 300LBS weight and last for 10 years.
Bamboo Skateboards – Pintail Longboard Tiki Man 44

Bamboo Skateboards – Pintail Longboard Man Tiki 44" x 9.5" Deck

by Bamboo Skateboards
What We like

Unique design

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Product Features

  • Earned 2012 skateboard of the year by major online skateboard magazine
  • Multiple independent longboard studies prove bamboo skateboards strength and bending flexibility beats out top competitors
  • Bamboo construction
  • Awesome ride
  • Best performing sustainable skateboard on the market - PERIOD
SKOCHO&Station Tabla Hawaii Freestyle Freeride PRO Bamboo Longboard Deck

SKOCHO&Station Tabla Hawaii Freestyle PRO Freeride Bamboo Longboard Deck

What We like

Deck size:38.5*9.35in

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Product Features

  • Freestyle and free ride ,deep concave
  • Ligth Weight and Flexbile well
  • Max load:120kg
  • Deck Material: 4ply bamboo with 2ply fiberglass
YKB Mini Longboard Skateboard Portable Bamboo Mini Cruiser Skateboards Ride with Precision Bearings and Rugged Wheels Suit for Boys Girls Youth(Blue)

YKB Mini Longboard Skateboard Portable Bamboo Mini Cruiser Skateboards Ride Precision with Bearings and Rugged Wheels Suit for Boys Girls Youth(Blue)

by YKB
What We like

[Best Gifts] Easy to carry around can fit in backpacks and lockers. Travel friendly: accepted by airlines as a carry-on. And you can carry it everywhere. Its a perfect gift for you and your friends.

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Product Features

  • [Smoother Bearing] Performance ABEC-11 bearings let wheels spin for a long time. Make it more stable and smoother.
  • [High-Quality Material] This mini skateboard made of Premium 7-Ply Board, YKB longboard skateboard decks are made with maple and bamboo to give them more strength, control, and balance for riders of all sizes and skill levels.
  • [Specification] Length: 19" | Width: 9" | Wheelbase: 11" | Trucks: Aluminum 7'' | Wheels: 69mm 85A | Bearings: ABEC-11.Weight limit: 330lb/150KG.
  • [Design] You will love a 19 longboard but in a mini longboard design, this skate deck helps you learn and hone your skill while giving you more stability. Great for Beginners and Experienced Skaters

Lmai skateboards LMAI 27" Bamboo Wood Complete Cruiser Skateboard Longboard (Black Fly)

by Mountain high outdoor LLC
What We like

Size: 27.5 inces x 8 inches. Assembled in Boulder Colorado.

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Product Features

  • Deck: 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Canadian Maple
  • Wheels: SHR PU 78A wheels, 62mmX51mm, LMAI "monster" series black frosted wheels
  • Bearings: LMAI stainless steel Bearings, zero noise fast-spinning
  • Trucks: 5.25 inch aluminum trucks and 80A ultra high rebound bushings

Buy the Best Bamboo Longboards On The Market - A Buying Guide

Bamboo longboards have quickly become one of the most popular choices for riders across the world. But where did this trend come from? Let's take a journey through the history of bamboo longboards.

In the early days of longboarding, riders had a limited selection - typically choosing between wooden or plastic boards. However, as the sport grew in popularity, riders began to look for ways to improve their boards' flexibility and durability.

That's where bamboo comes in. With its natural flexibility and strength, bamboo offered a unique option for longboarders. The first bamboo longboards started appearing in the early 2000s, with brands like Sector 9 and Loaded pioneering the trend.

As riders began to experiment with bamboo decks, they quickly fell in love with the material's performance. Bamboo offers a smoother ride than traditional maple decks, and its natural flex allows for tighter turns and greater control.

But there's more to bamboo longboards than just performance. The plant itself is a sustainable resource, growing quickly and with minimal impact on the environment. This has made bamboo a popular choice for eco-conscious riders who want to minimize their carbon footprint.

As the popularity of bamboo longboards grew, so too did the variety of styles and designs available. Today, riders can choose from a massive selection of bamboo longboards, each with its unique characteristics and performance features.

If you're looking for a durable, eco-friendly longboard with unbeatable performance, bamboo is undoubtedly the way to go. With its rich history and proven track record, it's no wonder that bamboo longboards are now a staple in the longboarding community.

Key Decision Making Factors:

1. Deck Flexibility

2. Deck Width

3. Wheelbase Length

4. Deck Concave

5. Board Design and Aesthetics

6. Cutout Design

7. Truck Size and Stability

8. Bushings Stiffness

1. Deck Flexibility: The flexibility of a skateboard deck determines how it feels beneath your feet and how well it absorbs shocks and vibrations. A flexible deck is ideal for cruising as it provides a smoother ride on rough terrains. The Hana Cruiser Longboard from Atom Longboards has a 9-inch wide deck made of 8 layers of laminated hard maple core and beautiful stained striped bamboo top and bottom, which makes it versatile enough to handle skateboarding styles ranging from cruising to freestyle. The Hana Cruiser Longboard has a flexible deck, and riders will appreciate how easy it is to control.

2. Deck Width: The width of a skateboard deck is another essential factor that determines how stable the rider feels when skating or cruising. A narrower deck is more flexible than a wider deck, as it provides more mobility for tricks and more grip, while a broader deck provides more stability. The Hana Cruiser Longboard from Atom Longboards has a 9-inch wide deck, which makes it more flexible for cruising and other skating styles. Riders can easily move their feet around the deck and execute turns and carves without feeling restricted or unsteady.

3. Wheelbase Length: The wheelbase length of a skateboard deck is the distance between the front and back trucks. A shorter wheelbase provides more maneuverability, while a longer wheelbase provides more stability. The Hana Cruiser Longboard has a 34-inch wheelbase that is longer than other boards in the Atom Longboards collection. This longer wheelbase provides greater stability which is ideal for cruising around the city or on your college campus.

4. Deck Concave: The Hana Cruiser Longboard has a subtle W-concave design that is deep enough to lock your feet in when cruising without sacrificing comfort. The W-concave form allows for greater control and a more natural feel when riding this board. The deeper concave provides greater control while taking sharp turns or carving, making it easier to balance and maintain stability.

5. Board Design and Aesthetics: The design and aesthetics of the board can be very important to some riders who care about the appearance of their longboard. The Hana Cruiser Longboard is beautifully stained with a striped bamboo top and bottom, which is eye-catching and projects a natural and organic essence. The graphics on the board were laser-etched onto the wood, and it was inspired by the beach and designed for cruising and freestyle. The Hana Cruiser Longboard is an excellent example of how a longboard can be both beautiful and functional.

6. Cutout Design: The Hana Cruiser Longboard has a cutout design that removes any possibility of wheel bite while taking sharp turns or carving. This design feature allows for greater mobility to make more aggressive moves. Wheel bite occurs when the wheel rubs against the deck, causing the board to halt suddenly, often causing the skater to fall off. The cutout design ensures that this does not happen.

7. Truck Size and Stability: The Hana Cruiser Longboard comes equipped with Drop through Paris style trucks that give the board a larger platform for riders to dance on. The trucks have a 7-inch hanger and a kingpin angle of 50 degrees, providing the perfect balance of stability and maneuverability. The truck size influences how the rider controls and maneuvers the board. Paris-style trucks are suitable for cruising and freestyle, making them ideal for the Hana Cruiser Longboard.

8. Bushings Stiffness: The hardness of the bushings on a skateboard truck affects the tightness and responsiveness of the board. Bushings come in different hardness levels, ranging from soft to hard. The Hana Cruiser Longboard has bushings that are formulated with SHR medium stiffness to add stability and responsiveness without sacrificing flexibility. The bushings stiffness is perfect for cruising around the city or campus while providing great control and stability on rough terrain.

FAQ About bamboo longboards

Q: Are bamboo longboards better?

A: Bamboo longboards have some advantages over traditional wooden longboards. Bamboo is a stronger and more durable material, which can make for a longer-lasting board. It also has a beautiful natural look and is eco-friendly. Additionally, bamboo has a slightly flexier feel than regular wood, which some riders prefer.

Q: What is the number one longboard brand?

A: The answer to this question is subjective, as everyone has different preferences for longboard brands. However, some of the most popular longboard brands include Sector 9, Loaded, Arbor, and Landyachtz.

Q: What type of longboard is most stable?

A: For maximum stability, we recommend a longboard with a low center of gravity and a long wheelbase. Drop-through decks are a good option because they sit lower to the ground, which makes for a more stable ride. Longboards with wider decks and larger wheels can also provide more stability.

Q: How much weight can a 7 ply bamboo longboard hold?

A: The weight capacity of a longboard depends on many factors, including the length and width of the board, the trucks, and the wheels. However, 7 ply bamboo longboards are generally very strong and can hold up to 250 pounds or more. It's always best to check with the manufacturer to ensure your specific board can support your weight.


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