Top 10 Best Amazon MIDI Keyboard Controllers
for June 2023

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Music production has come a long way, and with the introduction of MIDI technology, the process has been made even easier. MIDI keyboards are essential pieces of equipment for both beginners and professionals in music production. The perfect MIDI keyboard should have a quality interface, built-in software, assignable knobs & faders, easy-to-use features, and portability. Amazon has an array of these MIDI keyboard controllers that are perfect for music production, whether you're a beginner or a pro. With these controllers, you can compose, record, and mix music with ease.

The top 10 best Amazon MIDI Keyboard Controllers on this list include the 25-Key Gen 2 MPK Mini, Nektar Impact LX25+, Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII, Arturia MiniLab MkII, Novation Launchkey Mini, M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV, Alesis V61, Korg microKEY2, Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD, and the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25. Each of these controllers is uniquely designed to suit any music production need. They can all be connected to your computer via USB, and they come with MIDI software included for ease of use.

The assignable knobs & faders on these MIDI keyboard controllers allow you to tweak your sounds effortlessly, and the keys are velocity-sensitive, making it easy to achieve the right dynamics. This can be achieved effortlessly with the 8 Velocity sensitive backlit MPC drum pads, arpeggiator, and note repeat function, which are all available on some of these controllers. The inclusion of over 100 internal drum and instrument sounds means you can begin recording immediately, and the OLED Display on the 25-Key Gen 2 MPK Mini and the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25 makes it even easier to navigate your DAW.

Whether you're a seasoned music producer or a beginner, these Amazon MIDI Keyboard Controllers have everything you need to create the music you love. They are extremely portable, making them easy to carry around for gigs or when collaborating with other artists. Don't get left behind in the music production space; invest in one of the best MIDI Keyboard Controllers on this list to make your music come alive.

AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3 - MIDI Keyboard Controller with Built in Speaker and Sounds Plus Dynamic Keybed, MPC Pads and Software Suite

AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play MK3

by inMusic Brands Inc.
What We like

Melodics educational software download included with 60 free lessons and plug and play support for instruction on MIDI keyboards, pad controllers and e-drums

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Product Features

  • 25-Key Gen 2 MPK Mini dynamic keybed, OLED Display, 8 Velocity sensitive backlit MPC drum pads, arpeggiator and note repeat, plus 4 encoder knobs deliver a professional, versatile performance
  • Includes MPC Beats and MPC expansion packs plus software instruments Mini Grand, Hybrid and Velvet from AIR Music Tech for limitless creativity
  • Compact yet powerful standalone mini keyboard with built-in speaker and USB MIDI Controller capabilities for beat makers, songwriters and musicians
  • Over 100 internal drum and instrument sounds including acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads, pads and more
  • Take MPK Mini Play MK3 on the go and power up with batteries (not included), or connect to USB Mains Plug
Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 - 49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Velocity Sensitive Synth Action Keys, 8 Drum Pads, 9 Faders, 9 Knobs and Analog Lab V Software Included

Arturia KeyLab Essential 49

by Arturia
What We like

KeyLab Essential is built to make music accessible, to streamline the production process, and to help you find your sound as quickly and intuitively as possible. Remove all distractions and enjoy a responsive keyboard, tactile DAW commands, and swift preset browsing for a seamless music-making experience all in one.

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Product Features

  • Software Included: Analog Lab V with 2000 synth sounds, Ableton Live Lite, and UVI Grand Piano model D
  • Controllers: 1 clickable encoder, 9 encoders, 9 30mm faders, 6 transport switches, 4 command switches, 1 modulation wheel, 1 pitch bend wheel, 8 touch and pressure-sensitive pads
  • 49 key velocity sensitive keyboard with hybrid synth-piano feel
  • Perfect Analog Lab integration: Select sounds, browse presets, switch parts, smart-assigned controls. Standalone or plug-in operation: VST, VST3, AU, AAX. Over 7000 TAE powered preset sounds from Arturias award-winning V Collection.
Alesis V25 - 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Backlit Pads, 4 Assignable Knobs and Buttons, Professional Software Suite Included

Alesis V25

by inMusic Brands Inc.
What We like

Premium Software Included - Includes Ableton Live Lite, Xpand 2 virtual instrument software by Air Music Tech and MPC Beats

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Product Features

  • 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive backlit pads for beat production and clip launching
  • MIDI Keyboard with 25 full-sized, velocity sensitive square-front keys, perfect for playing Virtual Instruments
  • Octave Up and Down buttons let you access the full keyboard range and Pitch and modulation wheels deliver expressive, creative control
  • 4 assignable knobs and 4 assignable buttons interface with your music software. Seamless, visual feedback via illuminated buttons and knobs
AKAI Professional MPK249 - USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 49 Semi Weighted Keys, Assignable MPC Controls, 16 Pads and Q-Links, Plug and Play

AKAI Professional MPK249

by inMusic Brands Inc.
What We like

The MPC Production Experience - Includes MPC Beats Software complete with the finest features and essential production tools from the Akai Professional MPC Series

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Product Features

  • Your Studio Centerpiece - Take command of your peripheral MIDI equipment courtesy of an onboard USB-MIDI interface with 5-pin MIDI input and output
  • Core MPC Tools - MPC mainstay controls included - MPC Note Repeat, arpeggiator, MPC Full Level, Tap Tempo and Time Division
  • Beat Making Essentials - 16 RGB-illuminated MPC-style pads each with 4 banks for 64 pads - the perfect solution for triggering samples, loops, one-shots, melodics and more
  • Assignable Control - 24 assignable Q-Link controllers comprising 8 control knobs, faders and switches engineered for hassle-free DAW / virtual instrument mapping
  • Pro Keyboard Performance - 49 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive full-size keys and a premium piano-style keybed for unprecedented response and natural feel
PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard/Pad Performance and Production Controller with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording Software

PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard/Pad Performance and Production Controller Studio with One Artist and Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording Software

by PreSonus
What We like

Powerful MIDI mode lets you control your favorite DAW or virtual instrument with ease

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Product Features

  • 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive, RGB LED pads in a unique, staggered layout; intuitive for keyboard players and step sequencer fans
  • Context-sensitive screen displays valuable parameter information, including CC assignments, swing, and much more
  • Constrain to Scale feature puts an end to wrong notes forever
  • Eight endless rotary encoders can be easily configured to control nearly any software parameter
  • A complete music production package featuring a hybrid MIDI keyboard/pad performance and production controller with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite both included
Behringer SWING 32-Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard with 64-Step Polyphonic Sequencing, Chord and Arpeggiator Modes

Behringer SWING 32-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 64-Step Polyphonic Sequencing

by Music Tribe
What We like

Highly reactive pitch and modulation touch strips for extreme performance and creativity

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Product Features

  • Chord Play mode with up to 16 notes for extensive loops and long-playing samples
  • 64-step sequencer featuring 8-note polyphony with rest, tie and legato note entry
  • Arpeggiator mode with 8 simultaneous notes per step and 8 styles
  • 32 compact-sized keys for expressive velocity and after-touch functionality
Roland A-49 Lightweight 49-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller, Black

Roland A-49 Lightweight MIDI 49-Key Keyboard Controller

by Roland
What We like

Pearl white and black finishes

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Product Features

  • Two knobs, two switches, and D-BEAM controller
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • USB bus powered; no AC adapter required
Nektar Impact LX88+ | USB MIDI Controller Keyboard with Nektar DAW Integration Dark Grey

Nektar Impact LX88+

by Nektar Technology Inc.
What We like

Includes Bigwig Studio 8-track DAW + sound content package

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Product Features

  • Mac, PC and iOS Compatible
  • Comprehensive MIDI functionailty. Compatible with all MIDI music software applications
  • Nektar DAW integration for most popular DAWs with Mixer and Instrument modes
  • High quality MIDI controller keyboard designed for performers and producers wanting tactile instrument control. 88 semi-weighted full-size synth-action velocity-sensitive keys, 8 back-lit hyper-sensitive drum pads, 9 faders, 8 knobs, 6 transport buttons, pitch bend, modulation + octave & transpose buttons + sustain pedal socket.
Studiologic SL88 Studio Lightweight Midi Controller with 88-Key Hammer Action Keyboard

Studiologic SL88 Studio Lightweight Midi with Controller 88-Key Hammer Action Keyboard

by American Music and Sound
What We like

Magnetic rail system works with Studio logic Magnetic Computer Plate and Magnetic Music Stand (each sold separately)

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Product Features

  • 3 default velocity curves and fixed curve with a programmable value; 6 editable user velocity curves
  • Compact, lightweight, extremely portable professional controller
  • 88-key hammer action TP/100LR keyboard with After touch
  • Razor-sharp color graphic LCD-TFT display with 320 x 240 resolution; 3 XY stick controllers for real-time control; powerful new software editor
M-Audio Hammer 88 - USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 88 Hammer Action Piano Style Keys Including A Studio Grade Recording Software Suite

M-Audio Hammer 88

by inMusic Brands Inc.
What We like

Pro Software Suite Included MPC Beats, Ableton Live Lite, Eighty Eight Ensemble, AIR Music Techs Velvet, Mini Grand, DB33, and Touch Loops

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Product Features

  • Perfect Feel, Ultimate Response - 88 fully-weighted, hammer-action velocity-sensitive keys deliver natural piano feel, faithfully replicating every subtle nuance of your performance
  • All The Right Connections - Expanded control options for Inputs for Sustain, Expression and Soft pedals included
  • Express Yourself - Conveniently located pitch bend, modulation, volume and octave controls for immersive, expressive performances
  • Plug & Play - Driverless class compliant and USB powered specification provides seamless USB-MIDI connection for playing virtual instruments, controlling recording software and more
  • Free Online Lessons - Includes FREE 3-month subscription to Skoove. The easiest way to learn piano with interactive piano lessons for beginners and advanced players

As a lover of music, technology, and history, I am excited to share the story of Amazon MIDI keyboard controllers. Let's take a journey through time and explore how we arrived at the incredible devices we use today.

In the early days of music production, everything was done analog. Musicians would play their instruments, and the sound would be captured on tape using large, cumbersome machines. As technology advanced in the 1980s, digital audio workstations (DAWs) emerged, allowing for the manipulation and creation of music using computers.

With the rise of DAWs came the need for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers. MIDI is a communication protocol that allows computers and other digital devices to control and interact with musical instruments. MIDI controllers typically take the form of keyboards, featuring piano keys and other controls like pads, knobs, and sliders.

The first MIDI keyboard controllers were simple devices, often used in conjunction with computers to play virtual instruments or trigger sounds. However, as the capabilities of DAWs expanded, so too did the demand for more complex and versatile MIDI controllers.

Enter Amazon. In 2010, the online retailer expanded into the musical instrument market, offering a range of products including MIDI keyboard controllers. The first Amazon MIDI keyboard controllers were basic, entry-level models, but it wasn't long before the company began to offer more advanced and feature-rich devices.

One of the most popular Amazon MIDI keyboard controllers is the MPK Mini, which was first released in 2011 by Akai Professional. The MPK Mini is a compact, 25-key controller that features a variety of pads, knobs, and buttons for programming and manipulating beats and sounds. It quickly became a favorite among musicians and producers, offering a portable and affordable option for creating music on-the-go.

In 2018, Akai released the MPK Mini MKII, which offered an improved keybed, redesigned pads, and new software features. The following year, Akai released the MPK Mini Play, a standalone mini keyboard with built-in sounds and a speaker for even greater mobility.

Amazon now offers a wide range of MIDI keyboard controllers from various brands, including Novation, M-Audio, and Arturia. These controllers come in a range of sizes and feature sets, allowing musicians and producers of any level to find the perfect device for their needs.

In conclusion, the history of Amazon MIDI keyboard controllers is a testament to the incredible advances in technology and the ever-evolving needs of musicians and producers. From basic entry-level devices to advanced, feature-rich controllers, Amazon has played a significant role in making a range of MIDI keyboards accessible and affordable to music makers all around the world. Who knows what the future holds for MIDI controllers, but one thing's for sure: Amazon will be there, offering the very best in musical technology.

1. 25-Key Gen 2 MPK Mini dynamic key bed - This is an important performance factor because it provides the user with a compact yet professional and versatile keyboard experience. The 25 keys are enough for most standard playing styles, and the dynamic key bed adds sensitivity and expressiveness to the playing experience. This is especially crucial for music recording production, where high-quality sound and accurate input are crucial.

2. OLED Display - This small feature enhances the user's experience significantly by providing important visual feedback. The display can show parameters, settings, and other essential details about the keyboard's operations. It is also useful for control and customization of drum pads, arpeggiators, and note repeats.

3. 8 Velocity-sensitive backlit MPC drum pads - These pads are vital to the keyboard's functionality, especially for beat makers and music producers. The pads are velocity-sensitive, meaning that they can detect the user's playing force and translate it into dynamic sounds. Additionally, the LED backlighting provides immediate visual feedback, making it easy for the performer to locate specific sounds and loops, especially in low light environments.

4. Arpeggiator and note repeat - An arpeggiator is an essential tool for music producers and songwriters who want to create intricate rhythmic patterns. It is a device that automatically plays a series of notes in rapid succession, resulting in a pattern of chords. Note repeats, on the other hand, are used to repeat a single note or chord pattern in quick succession. These features in MPK Mini Play MK3 make it easy for performers to create complex musical passages and beats.

5. 4 Encoder knobs - Knobs are a classic method for adjusting volume or other sound parameters, and this keyboard comes with four encoder knobs for this purpose. The knobs add an extra layer of customization, allowing the user to have direct control over the sound output. They can adjust the frequency and intensity of sounds on drums, leads, or chords quickly and efficiently.

6. Built-in speaker and USB MIDI Controller capabilities - These are essential performance features for musicians who want to play the keyboard on the move. The built-in speaker allows the user to play anytime and anywhere without having to rely on external hardware. The USB MIDI controller capabilities, on the other hand, make it possible to connect the keyboard to any other MIDI device, making it easy to share with other musicians.

7. Over 100 internal drum and instrument sounds - The keyboard comes with an extensive library of internal sounds that allow the performer to access a wide range of soundscapes. These sounds are varied and include classic acoustic instruments like pianos, and electric guitar for songwriting or leads, and synthetic pads for ambient textures. Having a diverse sound library makes the MPK Mini Play MK3 an excellent all-around keyboard for many different styles of music production.

8. MPC Beats and MPC expansion packs plus software instruments - These are powerful software tools that come bundled with MPK Mini Play MK3. They provide a vast range of beat-making capabilities, sound design options, and digital instruments that allow the user to explore limitless creativity. This is a significant advantage to the performer, as it provides the user with many tools to create and produce music immediately.

In conclusion, the MPK Mini Play MK3 is a versatile, powerful and compact keyboard that offers musicians and music producers many essential features, from the keyboard's dynamic key bed, drum pads, and encoder knobs to software instruments and connectivity options. The keyboard provides an excellent balance between portability and functionality, making it an ideal solution for musicians on the go who want to create music anywhere or for entry-level producers looking for a powerful yet affordable solution.

FAQ About amazon midi keyboard controllers

Question 1: Which MIDI controller is best?

Answer: The best MIDI controller depends on your specific needs and preferences. There are many options available on the market with different features and functionalities. Some of the most popular brands in the market are Akai, Novation, M-Audio, and Arturia.

Question 2: Which MIDI keyboard has the best keys?

Answer: This depends on personal preferences, but some of the best MIDI keyboards with high-quality keys include the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2, Roland A-88MKII, Arturia KeyLab MKII, and Korg SV2. These keyboards have weighted or semi-weighted keys that mimic the feel of a traditional piano keyboard.

Question 3: How do I choose a good MIDI keyboard?

Answer: When choosing a MIDI keyboard, consider your needs and what features you require. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a MIDI keyboard:

- Keyboard size: Choose a keyboard size based on your space and playing requirements. A full-size keyboard is suitable for playing traditional pianos, while smaller keyboards may be ideal for traveling or playing on the go.

- Key action: The key action determines how the keys respond when pressed. Choose a key action that suits your playing style and desired sound.

- Connectivity: Ensure that the keyboard has the proper connections to connect with your computer or laptop or other devices.

- Other features: Consider other features, such as drum pads, sliders, or software integration, that you require.

Question 4: How do I choose a MIDI keyboard controller?

Answer: When choosing a MIDI keyboard controller, consider the following factors:

- Number of keys: Choose the number of keys based on the type of music you play and your space requirements.

- Compatibility: Ensure that the controller is compatible with your preferred music production software.

- Key action: Choose a key action that suits your playing style and desired sound.

- Other features: Consider the additional features, such as drum pads, knobs, and sliders, that you require for your music production needs.

- Budget: Keep your budget in mind when selecting a MIDI keyboard controller as costs can vary widely.


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