Top 10 Best 400x Microscopes
for May 2023

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Microscopes are undoubtedly one of the most useful tools in the world of electronics and optics. They help us to closely inspect tiny objects and components that are barely visible to the naked eye. With advances in technology, microscopes have become more powerful, compact and versatile than ever before. One such type of microscope is the 400x microscope, which offers high magnification and is ideal for examining small electronic components, fibers, and even phone screens. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the top 10 best 400x microscopes related to electronics, binoculars, telescopes, and optics. We've taken into consideration factors such as magnification power, LED illumination, adaptability and portability, to ensure that you get the most out of your inspection needs.

400x microscopes are perfect for professionals who need to frequently inspect small components such as fiber terminations or phone screens. With magnification power ranging from 200x for multi-mode to 400x for single-mode, these microscopes offer accurate and detailed results. Being handheld and portable, they come in handy while on the job, making it easier to inspect objects on-the-go. Plus, these microscopes have LED illumination incorporated into the design, which ensures that there is plenty of light to see even the tiniest details.

One of the biggest advantages of a 400x microscope is the ability to adapt to multiple devices. Many of the models on this list come with adaptable options such as a phone adapter, which allows users to attach their phone and use it as a monitor. This feature makes it incredibly convenient while working in cramped spaces or while traveling. And, the detailed detection feature of these microscopes makes it easy to spot any faults, defects or contamination on your electronic or optical devices.

Overall, our selection of the top 10 best 400x microscopes offers a range of choices that cater to a variety of needs when it comes to inspection. Whether you're an electronics expert, a hobbyist or just looking for a reliable tool to closely examine your devices, these microscopes are sure to deliver detailed and clear results every time.

Handheld Optical Fiber Microscope, Inspection Mini 200X 400x Magnification 2.5mm Adaptor, Optical Fiber Microscope with White LED

Wal front Handheld Fiber Optical Microscope

by Wal front
What We like

Easy to use: This device is very effective, reliable, easy and safe to use.Momentary push button on/off switch. Long life, durable and reliable.Comes with a versatile adapter interface. Provides clear bright images and smooth focuses control.

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Product Features

  • Application: If you frequently terminating fiber and have received professional training, It is best tool for you. We recommend 200x magnification for multi-mode and 400x magnification for single-mode
  • Long use time: Approved by strict quality and safety standards ensures a long and trouble free life. Equipped with LED illumination and a lasering filter installed for eye protection.
  • Safe and reliable: A Fiber Microscope is used for inspecting fiber terminations. This utilizes white LED for coaxial illumination and provides the most befitting view of ferrule end face. It has good optical performance and integrated laser safety filters and produces excellent detail of scratches and contamination.
  • Accurate detection: For strict examination of polish quality, we strongly recommend to use this fiber microscope in all your inspections.Light is introduced into the optical track (axes) so that it comes out of the tip of the objective and strikes the sample perpendicular to the fiber end-face.
Jonard Tools FIM-400 Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope 400x with FC/SC/ST and LC Adapters

Jonard Tools FIM-400 Fiber Optic Inspection 400x Microscope with FC/SC/ST and LC Adapters

by Jonard Tools
What We like

POWERFUL MAGNIFICATION: Achromatic lens provides excellent imaging up to 400x magnification

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Product Features

  • WHAT'S IN IT: Fiber Inspection Microscope, 2. 5 mm (FC/SC/ST) adapter, 1. 5 mm (LC) adapter, User Manual, 3 AAA batteries, Nylon Carrying Case
  • UNIVERSAL USE: Includes 2. 5 mm (FC/SC/ST) and 1. 5 mm (LC) adapters for use on most fiber connectors
  • HIGH DURABILITY: Uses an LED light for longer battery life and has a rubber cover for protection
  • SAFETY FILTERS: Integrated laser filters help keep your eyes safe
Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope 400x LED Illumination Handheld Anti Slip Rubber SC/LC/FC Connection Fiber Cable Microscope Detector

Cruiser Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope 400x LED Illumination Handheld Slip Anti Rubber SC/LC/FC Connection Fiber Cable Microscope Detector

by Cruiser
What We like

Momentary or push button ON/OFF switch for light source

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Product Features

  • LED illuminationavailable in 400x magnification
  • Installed with Laser filter for eye protection
  • Clear bright images and smooth focus control
  • Universal 2.5mm and 1.25mm adapter interface including
GAIN EXPRESS Fiber Optical Cable Inspection Handheld Microscope Include 2.5mm Adaptor and 1.25mm Adaptor 400x Magnification

GAIN EXPRESS Fiber Optical Cable Inspection Handheld Microscope 2.5mm Include Adaptor and 1.25mm Adaptor 400x Magnification

by Gain Express Holdings Ltd
What We like

Adapter interface: Uses interchangeable, presented universal or dedicated adapters

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Product Features

  • Housing Material : Non-Slip Rubber
  • Safety Filter: Built-in
  • Controls: Momentary on/off switch / Fine Focus control wheel
  • Optical Magnification: 400x
Neovu 2021 Tipscope 400x Portable Mobile Phone Microscope Led Light Microscope No App Needed Pocket Microscope Handheld Microscope for Kids Portable Microscope for Phone Carrying Case 4 Slides

Neovu 2021 Tipscope 400x Portable Mobile Phone Microscope Led Light Microscope No App Needed Microscope Pocket Handheld Microscope for Kids Portable Microscope for Phone Carrying Case 4 Slides

by Neovu Electronics
What We like

Bonus. Carrying case. Convenient for storage, carrying and protection.4 professional prepared biological specimen slides including plant, insect and animal tissue. It is the STEM kids potable microscope and great education kits for kids 8-12.

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Product Features

  • Portable tiny scope. With your smartphone, it is a mini wifi digital microscope. It allows you to share amazing micro world any time. This cool tech gadgets is cordless and light (1.9 oz). The portable camera with 400x zoom is a pen camera size. This mini microscope is much more convenient than lab handheld digital microscopes.
  • Digital microscope. Great choice for professional purpose. It can server as coin microscope, jewelers loupe, health diagnosis/ear microscope, mechanical scope camera, soldering microscope, geology tools and more.
  • Compatibility. With the detachable clip, the magnetic mini lens can clip to most of cell phones, pads/tablets and computer camera. It also fits with front or rear camera. No need of sticker to the phone. The magnetic lens adaptor clip can serve as a phone/ipad camera connection kit. Great digital handheld microscope as iphone microscope or cell phone microscope. It can also be a digital microscope for ipad or computer microscope.
  • Ease-of-use. Wireless/portable microscope for phone. No need to install App. No need of sticker to cell phone. Magnetic optical microscope lens. Clip it on, turn on smartphone camera and play. No complicated operation. Not only a smartphone microscope for adults, but also a user-friendly pocket microscope for kids and hobbyists at all ages.
  • Multilayer lens coating. Antireflective, scratch resistant, anti-fog, UV.
Omano Microscope for Students 40x to 400x Full-Size Monocular Compound Professional Student Microscope for Science, Laboratory, Classroom, Biology, STEM and School Use

Omano Microscope for Students 40x to 400x Monocular Full-Size Compound Professional Student Microscope for Science

by Omano
What We like

Unbeatable Quality A 6-time Gold Aware winner for Best Online Microscope Retailer, Omano provides superior microscopes that offer premier optical clarity.

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Product Features

  • Industry-Leading Compound Microscope A triple lens system, quickly swap between 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification for personal or professional study.
  • Beginner or Professional Use Great for kids or adults these lab microscopes can be used at home, in a science classroom, or in a college setting learning about bacteria.
  • Portable, Tabletop Design Small enough to use in almost any setting, these full-size zoom microscopes make it easier to check scientific or educational slides with ease.
  • Precision Focus The coaxial coarse and fine focus controls make our microscope for kids and adults easier to use for any skill level to create crystal-clear details.
Mobile Phone Microscope, KKmoon Microscope 20X-400X Universal Portable Mobile Phone Microscope Magnifier Magnification Lens for Android for iOS

KKmoon Mobile Phone Microscope

by KKmoon
What We like

ApplicationPerfect for paper fiber, droplets, camphor leaf, cloth, rice weevil, mite, stamps, antiques, precision parts, etc.

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Product Features

  • Micro photographyLightweight and portable, light to 3g, thin to 5mm, let you play micro photography anytime, anywhere.
  • Suitable for any modelsCompatible with Android and iOS and other smart phones, not limited to models.
  • 20-400X magnification2 um optical resolution, flat-field achromatic micro-objective lens. Approximately 20-400X magnification, 5mm diameter field of view, ultra high resolution.
  • With 12pcs stickersEquipped with 12pcs mini traceless adhesive stickers, each sticker can be reused for about 100 times, very economical and practical.
TINYSCOPE Mobile Microscope, 20 to 400x Magnification, Turn Your Cell Phone into a Portable Microscope in Seconds, with No Need for Batteries, Power Cords, or USB Cables, Safer Microscope for Kids!

TINYSCOPE Mobile Microscope

by Convergence Technology Co. Ltd.
What We like

[TINY, BUT POWERFUL] TINYSCOPE mobile microscope allows your mobile phone to magnify up to 400X. This super lightweight accessory turns your phone into a professional microscope.

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Product Features

  • [WIDE APPLICATION] TINYSCOPE can be used everywhere! Use it for lab work, STEM applications, jewelry appraisal, health diagnosis, art investigation, outdoor exploration etc. Imagine and enjoy the versatility of a genuine microscope when it becomes the size of your thumb.
  • [LAB ON THE GO] TINYSCOPE doesn't need batteries, power cords, or USB cables, safer microscope for students and kids, easy to use and once you figure out how to mount it on your phone it works great. The light diffuser uses the flash on your phone to provide clear and uniform illumination for observing objects. The details of the objects are displayed in high definition using the full screen of your phone.
  • [THE APP] Search and download "TINYSCOPE" in Google Play or App Store. Be sure to watch the quick use video at the bottom of this page before using.
  • [EASY TO SHARE] Explore the micro world and share your findings with friends with a click. Take photos and videos with the app of everything you see. Share them with friends on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube...
Nurugo Micro Smartphone Microscope (Silver) 400X Magnification Including Brackets for iPhone - Share Media with The Nurugo Application(Android & iOS) (Silver)

Nurugo Micro Smartphone Microscope (Silver) Magnification 400X Including Brackets for iPhone

by Nurugo
What We like

School Materials- Students can simply access for natural observation and experiment.

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Product Features

  • Enhance the smart feature with the special smartphone application- Nurugo box is the special app only for Nurugo, you can save and manage your data as well as take pictures and videos. In addition, you can share the photos and videos that are uploaded in the app via SNS.
  • Health Care Device-It can be used as a healthcare device that can analyze and manage your scalp and hair conditions. Focus in detail on any object and take pictures over a period to see the effects of your favorite skin or hair care product.
  • Available with up to 400X Magnification- A smartphone microscope that can take images and videos with high-magnification and high-resolution.
  • The Worlds Smallest Microscope For Smartphone- It is the smallest and lightest microscope that is convenient to carry and doesnt need any power, so you can use it anywhere with your smartphone.
Swift Compound Kids Microscope SW50 with 40X-400X Magnification, Beginner Monocular Microscope with Glass Optics, Coarse Focusing, Starter Kit Includes 31 Piece Accessories Kit with Prepared Slides

Swift Compound Kids Microscope with SW50 40X-400X Magnification

What We like

Introductory science-in-a-box! Comes with accessories kit including prepared and blank slides, specimen stain, tweezers, pipette, and more, so your young scientist can start experimenting right away

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Product Features

  • All-glass optics offer 40X, 100X, and 400X magnification.
  • Lightweight plastic build for maximum portability and sized for smaller hands
  • The perfect beginner microscope for younger elementary school-aged children to conduct their own at-home experiments
  • Easy for children to use, with a large plain stage, sturdy stage clips, and two types of illumination


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